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Vasilisa Volodina’s female horoscope for the week of November 21-27

Vasilisa Volodina’s female horoscope for the week of November 21-27

Astrologer, psychologist and TV presenter Vasilisa Volodina is known for her accurate astro predictions. The female horoscope will help to strengthen the charm and properly build the week for the ladies.

It has been scientifically proven that women are more meteo-dependent than men. November 21 begins a week of magnetic storms, the peak of which will be in the middle of this time period. Try to carefully monitor your well-being and moral condition.

Aries this week should carefully monitor what and to whom you are talking. Do not trust personal secrets to people in whom you are not sure: this can have negative consequences. At the end of the week you can get important news that will be a complete surprise.

Weekend is better to spend at home, planning the next week.

Taurus in the period from November 22 to 24 must listen to the advice of loved ones and not dismiss their help. Remember that only native people know you well enough to understand in time that you are going in the wrong direction. Weekend plans may change at the last moment.

Do not worry and do not worry: from this they will not become less saturated.

A twins horoscope promises a favorable week in business matters. They will listen to your opinion if you are convincing and can provide reliable facts confirming your point of view. In a relationship with your loved one, try to avoid being categorical and not demand much from him.

Mutual care and understanding will affect your relationship better than reproaches and stubbornness.

For Rakov, the week promises to be calm: anxieties and domestic concerns will take a back seat and you will have time to rest and your needs. Try to start the morning correctly, and then you will have a good mood all day. Closer to November 25, a pleasant unexpected meeting is possible, which will bring you new ideas.

Weekend is better to spend in the company of relatives or close friends.

Liones may have emotional outbursts this week that need to be controlled. Remember that you will always have time to express to the person everything that you think about him, but it is not necessary to do this “on emotions”. No one is immune from the risk of making a mistake, accusing the innocent, and spoiling relations with dear people.

Try to look at everything more positively, and then everything will quickly return to normal.

Virgo this November week can bring new acquaintances and hobbies. Try not to miss your chance to chat with interesting people and make new friends. Households and household problems will be felt in the second half of the week, but they can be quickly resolved almost without your participation.

Weekend is better to spend on a trip.

Weights will have to devote the lion’s share of this week’s time to their work. In relations with colleagues, there may be some tension, which will pass as far as fulfilling the tasks that have piled on. Do not forget that your family and relatives will always be happy to help and support you. Feel free to ask for help and leave time to be alone with yourself.

Weekend is better to spend at home.

Week from November 21 to November 27 of the year may be rich in travel. Try to get the most out of your road experience. New acquaintances at work will be able to bring you tangible benefits if you take the risk and take part in a small, but interesting adventure.

In domestic matters, you can ask your girlfriends for advice and thank them for their help with their emotional gatherings on the weekends.

Ladies-Sagittarius Stars are advised to devote most of the week to the care of living space: get rid of old unnecessary things, do general cleaning, conduct an audit of supplies. The house will thank you comfort and peace after the working day. Pay attention to your dreams from Thursday to Friday: they can carry an important message.

At the weekend it is better to stay at home.

In accordance with the female horoscope, Capricorns week can bring disappointment in a relationship with a close friend. Do not despair and look at the situation from a different angle: perhaps it will become clear details that will fundamentally change your opinion about this situation. Do not burden yourself with household chores and spend more time outdoors.

Weekends can be spent outside the city.

Aquarius at the very beginning of the week should soberly assess their strength and understand what they really want. Act on this understanding, and everything will be fine. Bringing thoughts in order will help the occupation of household affairs and a frank conversation about your doubts with your loved one.

Weekends can be spent with friends.

Fishes need to be more careful with electrical devices on the 25th. All week, try to closely monitor the health of their households: perhaps they need your help. Weekend is better to devote yourself: a massage or an evening in silence will restore you and help you gain strength.

To learn more about each day of this week, astrological forecast by Natalia Pravdina will help you. We wish you a good week, smile more often and do not forget to press buttons and

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