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Vasilisa Volodina’s women’s horoscope for the week of September 19-25

Vasilisa Volodina’s female horoscope for the week of September 19-25

Vasilisa Volodina compiles very accurate horoscopes that have already helped many of her fans succeed. Get a forecast for your Zodiac sign and find out what awaits you in the coming days.

In the first place will come the relationship. Couples who are just beginning to meet, feelings will manifest themselves very strongly, as if growing. In family Aries there may be some disagreement, both with the spouse and with the children. But do not worry: the way out of difficult situations will be prompted by a love horoscope.

Even if you probably know that you are right, do not exert pressure: they themselves will understand and gain important experience.

Stars advise you to be engaged in an accomplishment of both a workplace, and at home. Your health may even depend on it: the external order will affect the functioning of your body. In the relationship with people you probably will not have problems, which means you will avoid unnecessary stress.

The week promises to be eventful. Love intrigues await all the representatives of the Sign Gemini, so those who have already met their love, it is advisable to be more careful and not make your lover once again jealous. In the work relation, unplanned business trips and travels may appear.

For women Cancers this week is successful if they want to change something in their careers. Consider employers’ offers: maybe you will find an option that will be very successful for you. In the relationship with your loved one, interference may occur: someone from your environment is probably not happy with your happiness.

Communication with people will take a lot of time this week. It is very possible that someone will disappoint you. But there will be those who in the future may become a loyal friend and helper.

The astrologer recommends that you do not plan trips this week: there may be complications during the move.

Money issues are most likely to be taken by women born under the Sign of Virgo. Probably a lot of different costs, so it is not advisable to borrow or lend. After all, it is better to have something in reserve.

Do not think that you are waiting for some problems: at the weekend you can relax very well if you decide in advance how you want to do it.

Any difficult situation, if it arises, you will be able to fix it yourself. If in doubt, ask the opinions of relatives and friends: perhaps it will push you to the right decision. An active workflow will allow you to bring thoughts and feelings in order, which will help avoid conflicts, and to know for sure what to undertake today, refer to the daily lunar calendar.

Now is the time to prove yourself and insist on what you want from your work. Career growth awaits you, so consider how you want to succeed. You will receive information that you did not expect, and they may upset you.

But do not worry: there are no hopeless situations.

For this week, it is advisable to pay attention to those representatives of the Sign Sagittarius, who are currently studying at the university or undergoing refresher courses. Information will be digested very easily and quickly. Therefore, increase the load on the brain.

You will successfully spend the weekend, being in the company of girlfriends or a loved one.

Distribute your load correctly: you are a person and you can be tired. Do not take to work in excess of the norm. Now it can badly affect your nerves and health in general.

Especially since you will need strength for relationships with your beloved and household chores.

Do not miss the moment if you need to talk with your loved one about something important. This week it is possible to solve everything quickly and painlessly. It is very possible that you will be asked for some kind of service.

Do not be afraid to help a person: it will definitely return to you.

The cold begins, so the Stars recommend to prepare yourself for the autumn-winter period, so temper your body. Women Pisces expect surprises, while not necessarily unpleasant. It is desirable for lonely representatives of this Zodiac sign to pay attention to male acquaintances: you may be in love with someone.

Do not forget that the lunar phases are changing and there are important things that need to be done in time on the decreasing Moon, which can be observed right now. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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