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Vasilisa Volodina compiled a horoscope for the lifetime of the signs of the zodiac

Vasilisa Volodina compiled a horoscope for the lifetime of the signs of the zodiac

The astrologer Vasilisa Volodina determined the relationship between the life expectancy of people and their belonging to a particular sign. As it turned out, those born under certain constellations will live much longer than the rest. Which of the zodiac signs are long-lived, and how to find your secret to longevity and youth and told Vasilisa Volodina.

Taurus live the longest. Women live 79 years, and men — 89. Infectious diseases and obesity are especially dangerous for them.

To maintain health, people of this sign need proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

Long-livers can be called and Capricorns. Men of this sign live to 77 years, and women to 80. Representatives of this sign have good health and, according to Vasilisa Volodina, can live even longer if they are more attentive to their health.

They should focus on the emotional state, and also try to avoid injuries to muscles and joints.

Virgin also belong to the number of long-livers. The average life expectancy for men of this sign is 76 years. Women live to 80 years.

People of this constellation can be called the healthiest of the entire zodiac horoscope.

Aries can live a very long time: women — up to 78, men — up to 79. Representatives of this sign can often boast of good health. However, despite this, they should pay attention to the signals of their body.

Mental disorders and physical overvoltages are especially dangerous for Aries.

Twins-men live an average of 78 years, and women live to the age of 85. Nervous disorders and pulmonary diseases can prevent their health and longevity.

Crayfish live on average up to 75 years — both men and women. Representatives of this sign should avoid stressful situations and not neglect sports activities in order to strengthen their immunity in adulthood.

Average life Lviv is 74 years old, both in men and women. Representatives of this sign can accumulate a bunch of diseases during their lives, but their main medicine is vitality and optimism.

Libra-men can live to 73 years, and women — to 77. People of this constellation, as a rule, have weak immunity. In order to preserve his health, Vasilisa Volodina recommends Libra to always keep his body warm and dry.

Fish-men live to the age of 71, and women to 75. They must be protected from colds and emotional stress.

Aquarius live on average up to 71 years. This applies to both men and women. Representatives of this sign must be protected from digestive problems and avoid stressful situations.

Sagittarius can live to be 68 years old (men) and 72 years old (women). They should be more attentive to their own well-being, both physical and emotional. Sagittarius susceptible to injury, rheumatism and nervosa.

The least allowed to live Scorpions. Men of this sign live up to 68 years, and women only up to 63. Representatives of this sign may face accidents, as well as serious diseases.

And everything would be fine if the Scorpios would monitor their health and listen to the instructions of the doctors.

Totally trusting this horoscope Vasilisa Volodina does not recommend. After all, life expectancy also depends on many other factors. But some tips on preserving your health and longevity take note is still worth it.

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