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True yawn in time and days of the week for girls and women

A yawn in time and days of the week — what does an unexpected yawning mean?

The yawn is one of the easiest options for divination in the near future. In order to accurately know the meaning of omens, it is important to pay attention to such details as the day of the week when a person yawned, the time of day and the number of yawns.

According to the superstitions of many nations of the world, truthful prediction is only if yawning happens unconsciously, a person feels awake and is in a state of complete physical well-being.

A love yawn for girls will help to know the future.

Times of Day

What is expected?

In the immediate environment of the girl there is a young man who constantly thinks about her. It is possible that tender feelings will be mutual.

Help a friend in a difficult situation. Do not refuse to offer to help, so that you will not be left with anything.

A young man who likes a girl also has tender feelings for her. However, he does not dare to take the first step, as he is afraid of failure. The girl should take the initiative

Party invitation with friends. The holiday will be great

True yawn in time and days of the week for girls and women

You can find out the future if the person paid attention not only to the day of the week, but also to the exact time when he yawned.

A cheater for women in time (by the hour) and by day will help to learn about the events that will occur in the near future.




The girl’s feelings are mutual, but the young man is shy to talk about them

Should behave more modestly

To a new romantic acquaintance with a decent guy

Soon a friend will ask for help. He should not refuse. In this case, this man will rescue a girl in a difficult moment

To a slight indisposition and loss of strength

The girl will be able to conquer all their beautiful views

To meet with family or friends from afar, which will leave only pleasant memories

To achieve the goal. The girl’s perseverance will be rewarded

To deception by the fair-haired man

For a passionate kiss and a strong hug

The feelings of the girl are mutual

To conflict with a man older than a woman

To meet an old friend

Nice young man dreams of meeting a girl

A woman learns about the tender feelings for her several men. She will have to make a difficult choice.

The man to whom the girl is sympathetic, will offer her friendship

To meet a promising man

Should change the situation and relax in the company of friends or visit relatives

The girl’s neighbor is not indifferent to her

Feelings of the woman are not mutual

Three applicants compete for their attention.

To tears of happiness or disappointment

The girl will have a dream about who loves her very much

It is worth taking a vacation and relaxing. Otherwise, health problems can not be avoided.




For the wedding with your sweetheart

It’s time to implement your wildest ideas.

This day must be devoted to rest.

To fulfill the cherished desire, which must have time to think while yawning

To vain expectations

Soon the girl will fall in love with a decent young man.

Do not tell anyone your secrets

The feelings of the girl are mutual

To the proposal of the hand and heart

No need to doubt yourself. Should move to more action.

You need to keep your mouth shut and not tell anyone about your relationship.

To fulfill the cherished desire

Someone thinks about a girl

To mutual sympathy

To Tiff with a Sweetheart

Attractive partner waiting for solitude with a girl

To fleeting flirt

Your emotions must be controlled. This will help avoid conflict.

Woman like a nice man

For real feelings there are no barriers neither in age nor in distance

Soon, the woman is waiting for a break in relations that will bring relief instead of pain.

To unresponsive feelings

To vain expectations

  1. 1. In the next house there lives a man who dreams of a girl at night.
  2. 2. To achieve the goal




Should pay more attention to personal life, not career

We must try not to give in to manipulation.

Awakening will be enjoyable and provide a good mood for the whole day.

Girl’s parents need support

To gain personal happiness

Do not chase immediately after two hares

First love will be happy

The girl gets into a love triangle

Girl dreams of a secret admirer

To fulfill wish within 7 days

To the beginning of the light band

To receive joyful news

To a quarrel with a loved one

To receive a marriage proposal

Big trouble

To meet a promising and serious-minded man

Soon it will be necessary to help a friend in a difficult situation.

A pleasant surprise should be expected within a few days.

Today we should expect a busy evening

To meet an interesting guy in the company of friends

By breaking a relationship with a loved one

The day will be filled with pleasant events.




The figure of the girl will not leave indifferent the guy from the neighbor’s house

The girl will drive your beloved boy crazy

In the morning will have a prophetic dream

Do not apply bright makeup

Need to be more economical

For a nice kiss

The day will be filled with pleasant surprises.

To an unexpected gift

Girl friends are waiting to hear from her.

Lover thinks of a girl

Beloved man is not ready for responsibility

To night walk with friends

To love at first sight

Divination promises happiness

To pleasant communication in the company of good friends

Have a nice weekend

To unwarranted hopes and disappointment in a beloved man

Soon the girl will receive wise advice from a respected person

Woman’s feelings are mutual

To the fulfillment of the cherished dream

Beloved man has only friendly feelings for a girl

Do not get depressed. Pull yourself together and move on.

Favorite guy will soon pay attention to the girl

To meet a nice person




To great luck

It should be completed as soon as possible

You must agree to a date

New friends will show themselves as liars and hypocrites

In the immediate environment of the girl there are envious who will not succeed in spoiling her reputation.

By meeting with a loved one after a long separation

It should be kinder to get the same in return.

The second half does not like one of the traits of character or appearance. You need to honestly talk about it.

The outcome of an important meeting depends on the girl’s words and actions.

Woman’s feelings are mutual

To the scandal with parents

The girl finds out about the secret that her friends are hiding.

Unpleasant acquaintance

Weekend will be successful

As a sign of reconciliation, the girl will receive a gift

To minor troubles

Lover has serious intentions

To hot kisses

To receive good news

Should trust your intuition more

Someone dreams of a girl

To a new romantic acquaintance

To receive a proposal to get married

To meet an interesting and promising man




Should be more compliant in the relationship

Do not forget about respecting yourself in a relationship with the opposite sex

To receive unexpected news from a friend

To get rid of a bad mood, you need to communicate more with relatives.

The morning will be good and bring good news.

To positive changes in life

Good day ahead

Should be careful on the road

For a pleasant stay

Should change your hobby

Need to revise your self-esteem

A secret admirer will begin to collect information about the girl

Should be more optimistic

A liked young man also has sympathy.

Woman has become the meaning of life of a beloved man

Beloved boy is proud of the achievements of his sweetheart

Someone constantly thinks about the girl

Soon, ill-wishers will gain confidence

To vain experiences

To the good news

It should be made clear to the beloved that for a girl is acceptable in a relationship

To the appearance of a rival

It should be less in the clouds and really look at things

Woman falls into the love triangle




Need to sleep before a busy day

To commit a rash act

In a girl in love with her neighbor

Do not hide your feelings

Soon it will be possible to avoid the danger

To meet a romantic guy

Do not worry about the feelings of a loved man

Much happiness and luck

The girl is waiting for a meeting with an old friend

To meet an interesting man

To vain anxiety and unrest

To the betrayal of friends

A new image will appeal to others

To love at first sight

For a harmonious relationship with your loved one

It is necessary to pay attention to the men interested in through social networks.

For a date invitation in the evening

Diligence will help in the implementation of the planned event

Woman’s feelings are mutual

Should look to the future with optimism

To win the lottery or luck in business

To mutual love

To parting with your favorite boyfriend

To intrigues in personal life

If a person has yawned many times and was able to count the number of yawns, then this can help to more accurately interpret the meaning of omens.

Number of yawns

Interpretation of omens

To an unexpected meeting

For a romantic date

Receive good news from afar

By breaking a relationship with a loved one

To the appearance of a secret admirer

Yawning promises a quarrel with its second half

To the manifestation of jealousy on the part of a loved one

To the beginning of a new romantic relationship

To establish a personal life

For a short separation from your loved one

To betrayal and betrayal betrayed

To the scandal with a beloved man or friend

To meet a man who will be the best friend

For a long separation or breakup

To the appearance of envious and gossip

To improve relationships with your beloved man

To reconciliation with a longtime foe

To an unexpected gift

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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