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Travel horoscope: which country suits you by the Sign of the Zodiac

Travel horoscope: which country suits you by the Sign of the Zodiac

Many of us often had thoughts that the country where we live is not the best place for astrology reasons. Indeed: astrologers have figured out which country would be ideal for your Zodiac.

This choice should be associated not only with your weaknesses and vices, but also with your strengths, because you need to find the very place where you can open your own potential by 100 percent. There is no doubt that it is better for someone to live in Antarctica, away from everyone, but in the real world this is impossible for obvious reasons.

The best country for Aries is a country of opportunities and countless ways for self-realization: for example, the USA. Aries, by and large, no matter where to live — even on the moon. The main thing is that there was an opportunity for career growth and the opportunity to find more freebies.

They do not want to work hard at the factory, so they need a country without developed industry and with soft laws. North Korea is not on this list, definitely.

Taurus wants comfort, which, in principle, is also possible everywhere. Representatives of this Sign can be arranged by the country in which they were born, but if there is an opportunity to move to the sea or to the mountains, then they will not miss it. The main thing is that there will be no problems with money, and then how the card will fall and where the mood will lead. Taurus is good wherever they run from anywhere.

They need calm and peace.

The country most suitable for Twins is the wonderland from the book about Alice’s adventures. The twins need money (but do not need work), endless free time and nice people around who will understand their jokes and endure attacks, while carrying them on their hands. If we abstract from the world of the fictional, then in the real world for Gemini there is probably no ideal country. Only maybe the United Arab Emirates or Norway, where you can not work and live on benefits forever.

But for this, unfortunately, there must be born. So this option also disappears.

Cancers do not need any other country except the one in which they were born. You can hardly find more patriots than Raki. They like their country, so they don’t need to move. The crayfish are tied to the family, so if the family lives on an uninhabited island, they will not go anywhere from there.

Even if the island goes under the water, they will find an opportunity to take root in these conditions.

Give the lions the most beautiful countries in the world — they will leave their native country, even if there is no particular reason. Of course, the Lions are not the most avid travelers, but if they have a chance to live some time in one place and then change their home to another, then they will take advantage of this absolutely sure, so be sure. All the most beautiful and richest countries are suitable for this Sign because there are luxury and opportunities.

Virgo is suitable for many different countries, but the main selection criterion for them is peace. Quiet countries are not so much, but getting into them is not so easy. This creates big problems for the Dev.

In principle, they can take root almost everywhere. However, they have one very negative trait for the traveler: they constantly need to be pushed to travel, so only those Virgos who are married or married are not sitting still. Virgos love solitude, so they have a way to the north or a desert island.

Scales — these are still lovers to ride, but they still always remain patriots of their country. Scales can go live somewhere else, but it will be too long. They love the change of scenery, so Libra likes long-term business trips.

They are looking for a country to travel or move scrupulously — it must be beautiful, inspiring.

Scorpios love to travel to exotic countries, but only as a short guest. Far from home, they prefer not to leave and not to leave, because their personal belongings, people and work are pulling them towards them. These workaholics travel, but extremely quickly and concisely. One day for each country — we stopped, looked, left.

More they just do not need.

These people are travelers with a capital letter. They love hiking, long trips. Many of them live traveling, learning new cultures. Sagittarius will suit the country where you can find any entertainment.

They need not only beauty, but also the opportunity to properly relax, unwind. This list will include many countries, so it makes no sense to choose any one. If it had been the will of Streltsov, they would have lived on the road all their lives.

Capricorn and home are comfortable, so they rarely travel. Of course, the Universe cannot make everyone the same, so Capricorns can have the courage and strength to take a break from work and business. For these purposes, perfect cottage, parental home or something like that.

In short, these are the most «non-traveling» signs of the zodiac.

Aquarius is eager to take everything from the trip at once — to get to know new people, to get acquainted with a new culture and to try some thrill. These people do not have a specific goal in their journey. The ideal country for traveling to Aquarius will be some Tibet, although in Russia there are many places where you can get ready to go to search for inspiration, as well as aesthetic pleasure.

Fish love romantic countries. They travel to France, Italy, and even Pisces love Japan. The ideal country to travel to Pisces is a country of romance or with a phenomenally different culture from us.

Fish are still travelers, so the far end with a mild climate and the ocean can come to them.

Do not forget about the 5 main signs of travelers that will help you keep your luck on a long journey, vacation or business trip. Do not create a framework for yourself — live a full life, regardless of what country you are in and what your living conditions are. In any place you can find something for everyone.

The place does not paint you, but you paint the place where you are. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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