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Tourmaline stone — properties and who suits

Tourmaline stone is a mineral that affects the human energy

Tourmaline stone is truly unique, because it contains a charge of electricity, plus the mineral ionizes the air. The gem has an unrealistically beautiful color, it is the only representative of the mineral kingdom, which may look like a slice of ripe watermelon.

Tourmaline has a certain healing and magical power, I will tell you more about it later in the article.

Tourmaline stone - properties and who suits

Excursion into the history of the stone

Healers in ancient Rome, Byzantium and Russia (14th century) were also aware of the magic power of tourmaline crystals. In the 17th century, the mineral was in Europe, where it immediately became very popular.

But how did this happen?

The spread of the stone throughout the world contributed to the sailors from Holland. They discovered tourmaline on the island of Ceylon, from where they brought them to the European continent.

Subsequently, a real “war” was fought for tourmaline crystals, and as a result, the treasures of Ceylon were plundered by greedy merchants.

The name of the stone «tourmali» in translation from the local language means «gem that attracts ashes» or in another version of the translation «mystical multi-colored mineral.»

Tourmalines were revered in the ancient world, they wanted to have the rulers of different states. So the old legend says that the Queen Cleopatra presented Caesar with a stone, very reminiscent of a bunch of grapes.

He was called “Ruby Caesar”.

After the death of the Roman emperor, the mineral moved to different states until it came to the King of Sweden Gustav VIII in the 18th century. The latter presented the discovery to the Empress of the Russian Empire, Catherine II.

It is noteworthy that the original «Grape bunch» was considered a great ruby. It was only by the 19th century that it turned out that in a truly gem the Burmese rose tourmaline is acting.

Today, the stone is stored in the Diamond Fund of the Russian Federation.

Tourmaline stone - properties and who suits

Place of Birth

The main batch of tourmalines on the world market is supplied by Brazil and Sri Lanka. In addition, the mineral is also mined on the island of Madagascar, in the southern regions of Africa, in the North of America, in the People’s Republic of China and Afghanistan.

As for Russia, today the Ural deposits are depleted. Stone can be mined only in the deposits of Transbaikalia and on the Kola Peninsula.

Color versions

Tourmalines are found in nature in these colors:

  • Paraiba. The mineral is called so from its deposit (eastern part of Brazil, the state of the same name). It is one of the rarest and most elite varieties of tourmaline. The color range of stone varies from emerald green to blue shades.
  • Black Tourmaline (Sherly). They contain an increased amount of iron. Such stones are estimated by jewelers not too expensive.
  • Watermelon Tourmaline. Their name allowed them to get a very unusual color, in which they are really similar to a large berry. On the stones of this type there is a clear transition from red to white, and then to green. And colors can differ both sharp, and smooth transitions. Watermelon tourmalines are polychrome minerals.
  • Verdelita — green stones. They can be confused with emeralds, which is very good for dishonest sellers. However, it is easy to distinguish a fake from the original: to do this, you need to slightly rub the gem, tourmalines will start to heat up, unlike non-natural stones.
  • Pink gems (rubellites). In their color versions vary from rose to shade of bright ruby. Moreover, the value of crystals increases expediently their saturation.
  • Sibirit — Such minerals are characterized by a spectacular dark cherry shade (in some cases, even purple). Their locations are the middle part of the Russian Federation and the Ural Mountains.
  • The archoites — deprived of any color. They belong to a very elite precious crystals. They are found exclusively on Elba Island, there are no other deposits in the world.
  • Dravity — stones with a pale yellow, brown or brown color. The cost of dravites in the jewelry world is also quite high.
  • Indigolite — tourmaline blue. Another of the variations of the mineral is very rare, which is why it is unrealistically valuable. Indigolites may have a greenish or black tint. In different sources, they are differently called Brazilian sapphires.

In addition, there are also tsylaisites (yellow tourmalines), chameleonites (by name it becomes clear that the gem changes its color, based on the illumination), chrome tourmalines (emerald yellow stones). Basically, the color and transparency of tourmaline is influenced by its chemical composition, in which a certain metal prevails.

Healing properties of tourmaline stone

The uniqueness of these semi-precious stones lies in the fact that their physical characteristics at the same time have a healing effect.

Even by the famous physicists of the Curie family, it was established that electrical radiation from a gem is equivalent to the same radiation emitted from people.

physical characteristics

The abilities of natural tourmalines act in the same way as drugs in various areas of life:

  • Have a warming effect. Ground to the state of powder, the crystal has a warming effect.
  • Ionization effect. Polarization of the gem is observed, as well as air ionization. Due to the influence of negatively charged ions, a person recovers faster after diseases or surgical interventions.
  • Infrared radiation. The stone radiates the rays of the infrared spectrum, which, when reaching the pathological places in the body, begin to restore the cells.

Interesting fact. The size of the crystals does not affect their healing effect.

And even the opposite — miniature pebbles will have a more powerful effect than large ones.

Tourmaline stone - properties and who suits

Features of treatment by color

The healing power possessed by a tourmaline is influenced by its color or variety:

  • green gems — have a positive effect on the state of the immune system, improve blood circulation, inhibit the aging process, successfully cope with pathologies of the heart, liver and kidneys;
  • blue crystals — make an excellent support for immunity, help to cope with hormonal disruptions;
  • tourmaline paraiba — it is more useful for the male half of the population, as it has a positive effect on the reproductive function;
  • pink, red minerals — skin pathologies and pulmonary diseases are treated;
  • yellow — act as a sedative, normalize the emotional sphere;
  • black — to get rid of the pathology, you should attach a gem of black shade over the affected area.

Of particular benefit from the healing properties of tourmalines are people who are forced to live or work in places geopathogenic zones (fractures of the earth’s crust).


The fact that the stone has a positive effect on the human body has been established scientifically. However, not everyone can turn to him for help. In particular, there are a number of contraindications:

  • the period of pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • the presence of thyroid disease;
  • fever;
  • blood loss, stroke;
  • Childhood is under twelve years old.

In addition, with great caution, the gem should be used by people who are prone to allergies and those who use pacemakers.

Mystical abilities of gem

In addition to healing, tourmaline also has great magic power. Namely:

  1. Esotericists are confident that the stone will save its owner from any manifestations of evil: evil spirits, bad entities, as well as bad thoughts and actions. It will contribute to the elimination of negative karmic programs, will fill its owner with positive emotions, will begin to actively attract good luck in his life.
  2. It also awakens in a person creative abilities, increases concentration of attention, helps to find the right path in life and inspires to discover everything new.
  3. More tourmalines are used in the process of committing various mystical acts. No wonder they decorate the clothes of clergy and church symbols. There is an opinion that a gem distinguishes falsehood from truth, therefore confessors use it, immediately understanding the sincerity of a person.
  4. The Chinese and Hindus believe that the gem develops such qualities as purposefulness, determination in achieving the goals set, increases self-confidence. Separately, note the positive effect of the stone on the male potency.
  5. If you systematically wear tourmaline jewelry, there will be a harmonization of all energy centers, Yin and Yang energy balance will come. Plus, you can get rid of the feeling of inner exhaustion, nervous tension, harmonize all areas of your life.

But you can not always use the power of the crystal. Otherwise, it will begin to have a detrimental effect on the human psyche.

Also in magic, the influence of a gem depends on its color palette:

  • Red and pink stones — they normalize the biofield, improve family relationships, attract a large and sincere feeling to a person’s life, restore faded love and have a positive effect on the work of the sexual chakra.

Tourmaline stone - properties and who suits

Those who are still alone can, under the influence of tourmaline, look at the world in a new way, cope with inertia and start a new, interesting life.

  • Gems green shade — wearing jewelry with such versions of stones protects a person from evil (especially people of creativity), helps to embody non-standard ideas in life and makes them more popular among others.
  • Minerals lacking any color, give peace of mind, allow you to achieve vital harmony, purify the sphere of consciousness from negative thought-images.
  • Blue shade — allow you to establish contact with higher powers, such crystals are used when performing meditative practices.
  • Black tourmalines — they do not give their energy to the owners, but they provoke the creation of a special protective field, which reliably protects from various negatives. True, some of the magicians say that the long wearing of Sherls is fraught with the attraction of the notorious «black band».

Interesting information. Minerals need to be fed from time to time, for which they are kept under the sun’s rays.

And if you wear products with it all the time — clean it under running water.

Astrological compatibility

Next, we will deal with the peculiarities of the interaction of tourmaline with regards to each particular constellation. Please note that the color of the pebble is of great importance.

It is believed that with the proper selection of colors, almost every zodiac sign will be able to wear tourmaline.

And this is how it affects all constellations:

  • on Aries. It is better for representatives of the Fire element to dwell on green minerals that help to cope with aggression, hot temper, direct the flow of energy in the right direction;
  • on Taurus and Gemini. Astrologers advise these signs not to use tourmaline jewelry;
  • on Cancer — the water constellation from time to time is allowed to wear blue and blue gems. They contribute to increased sensuality and insight, however, they risk making Cancer’s life less harmonious;
  • on Leo — Kings of the Zodiac tourmaline amulets fit just perfectly. They increase confidence in themselves, increase their passion for victory, and make it easier to achieve their goals. With regards to shades Leo more suitable pink or red minerals;
  • on dev — this constellation tourmaline does not bring special benefits, you can not count on it;
  • on Libra — the dual sign should opt for pale pink or light green tones. With the help of such crystals, Libra will eliminate its eternal oscillations, become more confident, will begin to make the right decisions;
  • on Scorpios — the most acceptable for him minerals — black Sherls, but they should be worn on the fingers. Such stones will allow Scorpio to become the “master of human souls”, strengthen the intuition and ability to foresee the future. In addition, relieve stress, nervous overstrain, fatigue;
  • on Streltsov — this sign tourmaline fit very well. They facilitate the embodiment in the life of various creative ideas, the disclosure of its purpose, provide a harmonious relationship with family;
  • on Capricorns — terrestrial constellation will also benefit from tourmaline. Thus, the gem will eliminate increased anxiety, suspiciousness and fears. It will contribute to material enrichment, fill with energy. In this case, the most successful will be brown and yellow pebbles in a frame of gold;
  • on Aquarius — the most non-standard-minded constellation in the whole Zodiac should choose for itself stones of blue and aquamarine shades. Thanks to their energy, the solution of creative problems is facilitated, communication with people is made easier, especially with their closest environment;
  • on Pisces — but Pisces tourmaline will be dangerous, most of all dark or black gems. With them, Pisces risks being in the other world, will become withdrawn and will be engaged exclusively in their spiritual self-digging.

Now you know the properties of the stone tourmaline, who suits.

Finally, watch a video about the amazing effect of the mineral on a person’s aura:

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