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Tiger Compatibility

Tiger Compatibility in Relationships

Compatibility Tigers calculate quite difficult. With my clients, we always analyze the situation individually in order to analyze relations as precisely as possible and find solutions to problems.

In the article, I share common characteristics that will help you better understand your relationship, understand your partner and make the union more harmonious.

Tiger Woman: characteristic

Such a girl is usually very successful, and in affairs she is always lucky. But at the same time she does not turn into a “man in a skirt”, but reaches her goals, thanks to her beauty and femininity.

Tiger Compatibility

She is accustomed to enjoy great attention from the opposite sex, so she chooses a life partner carefully. He must be really special to please her.

Not every man can win her position. Many do not even try, fearing the powerful and strong character of a female Tiger.

Because of this, she is often lonely and gets married rather late, at a mature and conscious age.

She is able to achieve success in any field of activity, is endowed with a great sense of purpose. But does not tolerate monotony, so often changes jobs.

Tiger Man: characteristic

This man is very attractive in the eyes of women around him. They are delighted with his gallantry, nobility and beautiful courtship.

In addition, he is a very active and energetic nature, never happens to be boring with him.

He is kind, always ready to help in a difficult situation, even to a complete stranger. Enthusiast and leader, able to lead people, inspire and motivate.

Tiger Compatibility

Together with a woman born under the same sign, he mirrors her. On the one hand, it attracts partners, they immediately feel soul mates in each other.

On the other hand, frequent conflicts may occur.

Compatibility in love

Two Tigers rarely start a relationship quickly. After dating, they most often become just friends, support friendship, communicate in accordance with common interests.

But time passes, and between them truly deep and sincere feelings can arise.

Tiger Compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. The partners have the same outlook on life, often the goals coincide. They are looking in the same direction, understanding each other perfectly.
  2. Light on the rise, they can fully capture and carry away the idea, which they immediately begin to implement, using all the possibilities they have.
  3. The love that exists between them is not just a feeling. This is a powerful engine forward, inspiration, which helps to become even more successful, realized. One by one they are strong, and together they develop and become even stronger.
  4. Relationships are often very harmonious. Partners seek to agree in any problem situation. Therefore, conflicts and quarrels between them are rare. Always support each other, help in business, always ready to listen and give sensible advice.

It is very important for them to live life to the fullest, to get new impressions and to experience vivid emotions. Therefore, they travel a lot, they have a huge circle of friends and a lot of interests.

Because of this, they are never bored, live rich and interesting.

Marriage and family

Before the official marriage, it is impossible to find fault with Tigers’ relations — everything is going very harmoniously and happily. But after the wedding, everything can change dramatically.

Marriage compatibility will be very unpredictable. They can both become a model of the ideal love union, and thoroughly ruin each other’s life by constantly scandals and sorting out relationships.

If you don’t work on relationships, they can turn into a true nightmare. Therefore, Tigers should sensitively keep track of all problematic moments and get rid of them if they want to save their love.

What are the problematic points:

  • Both do not like to engage in everyday life, so they will try in every way to shift the responsibility for domestic affairs to a partner. It is desirable, nevertheless, to distribute duties equally, so that no one will be offended.
  • Maybe not everything is smooth with money. Both gadgets love luxury and beautiful life. Because of this, they can lower the entire salary for a week, and then count the remaining month for a penny. It is worth learning how to properly plan a budget so that relationships do not suffer due to financial problems.

But the Tigers have a strong side — this is their openness. They never keep silent, always speak about their feelings, complaints and offenses.

This is what often helps to quickly solve problems arising in a relationship without turning them into a snowball.

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No less important is that the family for the Tigers always come first. Their home is a fortress, a reliable rear, where they will not allow outsiders to go.

They will defend their happiness with all their might. They can become a real team, create a strong alliance that no one can destroy.

And their children are usually very educated, purposeful and penetrative, thanks to the pedagogical skills of their parents, they grow into bright personalities.

What are the advantages of Tiger relationships:

  • They look at life the same way, they have a lot of common interests. These are people who are always on the same wavelength. But it is advisable not to dive completely into each other, but also to remember about your own interests and personal space.
  • Perfect sexual compatibility. It helps to eliminate adultery, because they do not need to look to meet their needs on the side.

And what are the disadvantages:

  • Eternal competition. Tigers are true leaders who constantly compete and strive to prove that they are in charge. It is desirable that at least a woman overcome this quality and learn to give in, become softer and weaker.
  • Jealousy. Although there are no grounds for suspicion, they will be constantly jealous of each other. Must learn to trust.

We summarize: compatibility of Tigers gives them every chance to build harmonious and happy relationships. But it is necessary to work through all the problematic moments in order to save love and stay together forever.

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