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Tiger and Snake Compatibility

Compatibility of the Tiger and the Snake — why they break up

Compatibility of the Tiger and the Snake tends to zero. Both partners have opposing characters, they look at life differently, so it will be rather difficult to achieve mutual understanding in such a pair.

Only strong feelings will help to preserve love and harmony in the union.

Tiger Man and Snake Woman

When they meet, they fall in love with each other almost instantly. A very emotional, passionate, dizzying romance, full of romance and sincere feelings.

But the idyll does not last long because of the difference in the characters of the partners.

Tiger and Snake Compatibility

What are the features of such a union:

  1. Partners quickly fall in love and at first tend to spend as much time together as possible. But gradually the romantic fervor fades away: they understand that there is little in common between them, and there is practically no mutual understanding. For this reason, partings are frequent, and marriages between the Tigris and the Snake are rare.
  2. If they decide to start a family, then you only have to dream about a quiet life. This union is full of contradictions, quarrels, conflicts. Between them there is no understanding, from this all the problems.
  3. A man likes to be the center of attention. He has many female friends, he loves noisy companies and active entertainment. His darling will never be satisfied with this state of affairs. She is extremely jealous, often loses her temper, sees in every woman a rival.
  4. Over time, the reproaches of the second half will begin to annoy the Tiger and he will increasingly lose his temper. In a relationship there will come a series of constant quarrels and scandals.
  5. The man-tiger sees the meaning of life in achieving goals and self-realization. He is constantly in search of his vocation and favorite things. In this, the chosen one supports him, she respects his strength and never tries to bend the partner to her.

If the Snake has enough experience in relationships, it has already become mature and wise, it will be able to create a strong rear, comfortable and cozy atmosphere at home, in which a man will always want to return. In this case, he will appreciate her efforts and will do everything possible for the general comfort and well-being.

Snake Man and Tiger Woman

Such a pair is much more likely to build harmonious and happy relationships, filled with mutual respect, support and love.

Tiger and Snake Compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. «Tigress» — a true woman. She is moderately soft, flexible, quite feminine and wise. Able to give the man leadership in a pair, creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere at home, in which it is pleasant to be both.
  2. She is looking for a really strong man, in which she will be one hundred percent sure. Consent to enter into marriage will give only if strong feelings for the partner. For her, love is above all, she will never agree to a union of convenience or other benefits.

And it is the Snake man that is able to satisfy all her needs, fall in love with herself, energize and protect against all the problems of the outside world. He will be responsible for the material security of the family, will convince the chosen one of his reliability and loyalty.

Friendly compatibility

Despite the strong sensual attraction, Tiger and Snake may not create a love relationship, but remain friends. But it is unlikely to be a true friendship.

Their communication is more like a smooth friendly relationship without too much familiarity. Partners will not open their souls to each other and will never trust one hundred percent.

Tiger and Snake Compatibility

The reason for this attitude is in the diversity of interests. Snakes and Tigers have very little in common, they spend their free time differently, they look at life.

If the Tiger is an active nature, for which it is important that events around boil, and life play with bright colors and beat with a key, then Snake is inactive, appreciates calm and measuredness.

In his spare time, the snake can engage in creative work or farming, the Tiger jumps from the bungee, or go to conquer the mountains. Therefore, they will rarely “make friends”, only occasionally meeting over a cup of coffee, gossiping about common acquaintances.

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Compatible in bed

Despite the difference in character, the temperaments of the partners are very similar. Therefore, the bed is the most comfortable place for both, where there is no place for conflicts and contradictions. Often, the Tiger and the Serpent converge precisely for free relations, without obligations and attachments.

And diverge when one of them falls in love with someone more suitable for the family.

After the first night spent together, both may have the illusion that they are perfect for each other. But in fact, passion alone is not enough for a full-fledged relationship.

Over time, they understand this, and either remain lovers or part, remaining in equal friendly relations.

During closeness, they are always comfortable and pleasant with each other. Therefore, sex often becomes a means of reconciliation after quarrels, but in reality, of course, it does not solve relationship problems.

Work and business

Business compatibility between the signs of the Tiger and the Snake is also considered unfavorable. They are unable to successfully conduct business together and find a common language.

Because of this, they are unlikely to achieve much, they are bad business partners. If they work in one place, then it is better not to take on common projects.

The ideas of the Tiger seem ridiculous to the Snake, she will never take him seriously, considering it an amusing idle talk. If they work together, then dissatisfaction with each other will constantly grow, so they avoid working together.

If this couple does undertake to establish any business, then it will be doomed to failure. Tiger with the Snake most of the time will begin to sort things out, and not work.

Effective cooperation will fail.

We summarize: a pair of Tigers and Snakes is incompatible in all spheres of life. They will not be able to make friends and work together, and build a happy and harmonious relationship can only under the condition of great love.

Therefore, in real life, such pairs are extremely rare.

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