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Tiger and Monkey Compatibility

Compatibility of the Tiger and the Monkey — a union full of contradictions

Compatibility of the Tiger and the Monkey according to the eastern horoscope is considered rather ambiguous. The partners are similar and reflect each other, therefore their relationship is mirror, which is not always favorable.

We will see if this pair has a chance to survive for a long time.

Tiger Man and Monkey Woman

The strong nature of the Monkey woman can do a disservice in this relationship. If she fails to become softer and more feminine, learn to give leadership to a man, the union will never be happy and harmonious.

Tiger and Monkey Compatibility

What do astrologers say about such a pair:

  1. Only strong love will help them stay together and not part. This is a union of two eternal rivals who look at life in different directions and do not understand each other at all.
  2. The woman in this pair is very practical and rational. She will never be one hundred percent sincere. Dissolve in the chosen one and love him just like that, for what he is, she will not. That is why there is practically no emotional compatibility in a pair.
  3. A man will always lack passion and emotion. Gradually, he realizes that his chosen one is very calculating and cold. But at first, in the heat of love and romantic dreams, he will close his eyes to this and will not notice the shortcomings of the second half.
  4. It is the man who will strive with all his strength to maintain the relationship, because his feelings are much stronger. He will encourage the chosen one in everything, help her in any undertakings and stand on her side in conflicts. But dissatisfaction from the lack of return will accumulate and grow, which in the end may lead to the collapse of the relationship.
  5. A woman behaves with Tiger very boldly and stubbornly. It is she who provokes conflicts and takes the chosen one out of herself. Respect is completely absent, it will strongly emphasize its superiority and show its strong, irreconcilable character in all its glory.
  6. If a man turns out to be quite experienced, in time he will show the chosen one who is really the main one. If he gains the upper hand and manages to defend her borders, the girl will finally respect him and truly love her. The main thing is that at this moment his feelings do not end.
  7. Another possible alignment. When the Monkey realizes that its partner has outsmarted, it can start revenge, in every possible way pointing the man to «his place». If this happens, he will break the relationship, despite strong feelings.
  8. Only the female wisdom and desire of the Monkey to change will help save love and build happy, harmonious relationships. True, her habit of daring, cheating and deceiving is nevertheless ineradicable.
  9. A man can create the appearance that the initiative remains for the chosen one, this will also help to keep psychological comfort in a pair. For example, he may give her full power in all matters relating to raising children or distributing funds from the family budget.
  10. Save the relationship can a child, but provided that he is welcome and long-awaited. The kid will shift the focus of attention to himself, and the couple will not have a desire to sort things out, they will calm down the ardor and become calmer. They can be ideal parents.

There should be no problems in the material sphere. Both are able and love to make money, make an equal contribution to the family budget.

And since the basic needs will be satisfied, then the spiritual development of both will not matter.

Monkey Man and Tiger Woman

These partners need to learn to give way to each other, to meet halfway in conflict situations. Only the ability to reach a compromise will save these relations in the inevitable period of crisis.

Tiger and Monkey Compatibility

What is characteristic of this type of union:

  1. In the first period of love relations will be filled with vivid emotions and sensual experiences. That man will open for the chosen one a new, interesting world, rejoicing in her happiness and constant surprise.
  2. This is a pair of travelers, gambling people who live interesting and rich. The emotion of a woman who discovers a completely new life is especially acute for her. In the heat of delight, she may miss the moment when the chosen one cools and loses interest in her.
  3. A family in such a union is an eternal rivalry and opposition. Everyone will defend their main place, show that he puts more effort and effort for general well-being.
  4. A woman can make concessions only if a man is far superior to her strength of character. Then she will surrender to the mercy of the winner and become a good hostess, a keeper of the hearth.
  5. In order to maintain harmony and love, both of them just need to learn to give in and look for compromises during quarrels. It is also important to spend time together more often after the birth of children, not to move away, but on the contrary, try to get close.

If both are sufficiently in love and interested in each other, they will be able to settle all differences and create almost perfect relationships. But this will happen, most likely, only after years of lapping.

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Union cons

The tiger will start to get tired of the relationship within a few months after they start. The constant change of situation and the contrast of emotions will tire him out, he simply does not keep up with the active and overly life-loving Monkey.

Tiger and Monkey Compatibility

If they do not marry until the moment it happens, they will most likely part. And the Monkey will not grieve for a long time, but will quickly find a replacement for the chosen one.

The tiger will still worry for a long time and try to understand the reasons for the gap.

Sexual compatibility

The passion between partners flashes almost instantly and overshadows the mind. Both of them are incredibly sensitive, endowed with a bright, fiery temperament.

Therefore, they receive great pleasure from intimacy, which they have not experienced before with other partners.

For the Monkey, sex is also a means of manipulating the Tiger, which it will constantly use.

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