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Tiger and Horse Compatibility

Compatibility of the Tiger and the Horse according to the eastern horoscope

Compatibility of the Tiger and the Horse is at a fairly high level. Partners fit together like two halves of one whole.

Of course, things are not always smooth in relationships, but in such a union, all problems are on the shoulder.

Man-Tiger and Woman-Horse

These partners instantly find many common interests, there are always points of contact between them. Therefore, they feel a soul mate in each other.

It seems to them that they met the very second half with which they can spend the rest of their lives.

Tiger and Horse Compatibility

What is characteristic of this type of union:

  1. The man is wise enough to be loyal to the whims of the second volov. He not only notices her shortcomings, but also appreciates everything she does for him. In response to the efforts of women, he will do everything possible to make her happy and smiling.
  2. He is very purposeful, sees the goal and does not notice the obstacles, always finds a way out of difficult situations. Due to this character, a Tiger-man achieves success in any business that he undertakes. It is he who will be responsible for the material well-being of the family, without forcing a woman to make an equivalent contribution to the overall budget.
  3. In the girl-horse he is attracted by the incredible tenderness, femininity and caress. She knows how to listen, sincerely loves and understands the chosen one from half a word. She seems to him the best, he never compares it with other women, realizing that in his hands turned out to be a real treasure.
  4. A woman is very wise, she accepts a man as he is, with all his faults. She seldom gets annoyed and nervous over trifles, is not at all jealous and does not see herself as rivals. And because it is confident in the chosen one as well.
  5. It will create a homely, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for both. The man has no doubt that it is she who is ideal for a family, he wants to always be there and have children from her.
  6. Both individuals are active, prefer to spend time in nature, go hiking, play sports and any other similar pastime. Prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  7. From the side of this couple seems perfect, they are jealous of many. And not for nothing — the union will exist for a very long time, the Tiger and the Horse can happily live together until old age in love and harmony.
  8. Both romantics, so the wedding will try to make an unforgettable. Lovely surprises will constantly be arranged for each other, they seek to please and surprise their partner constantly.
  9. After a few years of family life, feelings can get a little shaky. Because of this, the chance of male adultery increases. But if he goes to the side, he will appreciate even more strongly his chosen one, exhausted by repentance and guilt.

In general, this union can be called ideal. Both strive to build harmonious relationships and care for each other.

Male Horse and Female Tiger

A man will be for his darling attentive and reliable partner. At the very beginning of communication, he will be nice to care for, seeking, by all means, to achieve the location of the chosen one.

Tiger and Horse Compatibility

What is typical for such a pair:

  1. A man values ​​loyalty above all else, so treason for him will become a collapse of relationships. Perhaps he had already been burned earlier, so at first he does not trust the woman too much.
  2. But over time, when he gets used to her and begins to trust, he will accept his beloved with all the flaws, it will be easy to forgive small whims and will try to do everything for common happiness and well-being.
  3. But a woman in such a union behaves quite selfishly. She realizes that the feelings of the chosen one are very strong, so she can neglect them, putting her own interests above all else. It is important not to play in the capricious princess, otherwise the man will get tired and decide to leave.
  4. In this case, the girl is pretty smart, she is confident and hardworking. Careerist, can work for days, but at the same time at home there will be an ideal order. Without attention there will be neither husband nor children.
  5. It is very important for a man to keep up with the achievements of the chosen one so that she can respect him. If he turns out to be strong enough and purposeful person, the union will last for a long time, be harmonious, happy and full of love.

The woman is rather impulsive, in the hearts she can decide to leave. But the man has enough wisdom and strength to keep the relationship.

It is important for him to understand that personal freedom and independence are very important for the chosen one. He needs to reduce control and pressure, then the relationship will be calm and trusting.

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Union cons

Despite good compatibility, quarrels may arise from time to time between partners.

Tiger and Horse Compatibility

What are the causes of conflicts in a pair of Tigers and Horses:

  • Tiger’s selfish nature can be a stumbling block. He should temper his egoism and more often think about the partner, and not only about himself. It is important to understand that a relationship is a joint work of both, no need to drag the blanket over yourself all the time.
  • A horse can go too far with control and pressure, limiting the freedom of a partner. She should recognize his right to freedom and independence, not violate personal space and not neglect its borders.
  • Both natures are dreamy, a little divorced from real life. This can cause material problems. Partners should think about the future, and not live only one day.
  • The tiger is capable of treason, and the Horse appreciates loyalty above all. If the intrigue on the side is revealed, nothing can save the relationship.
  • The cause of problems after years of relationships may be the separation of partners from each other. The period in which they practically cease to communicate is inevitable. It is important to realize this in time and solve the problem in order to save love and continue building it.

As for business and friendship, in these areas Tiger and Horse are practically incompatible.

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