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Tiger and Dragon Compatibility

Compatible Tiger and Dragon in love

Compatibility of the Tiger and the Dragon is one of the most entertaining in the eastern horoscope. Both partners are very bright personalities, extraordinary and unpredictable.

Can two leaders get along and create a happy relationship? Let’s try to figure it out.

Tiger Man and Dragon Woman

Such a pair can be very harmonious. Both partners are fairly balanced, they have common interests, they look at life in one direction.

They strive to develop creatively, spiritually, intellectually and physically. Both have great potential, so even one by one they are able to succeed.

And, having united, and at all will demolish all barriers on the way.

Tiger and Dragon Compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. The first to fall in love is a man-tiger. He is completely under the spell of a talented, beautiful, charismatic girl who clearly knows what she wants from life and relationships. A man sees in her the very only chosen one with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life.
  2. This girl knows how to inspire and guide a man through life, so next to her he is always full of energy and achieves great success. She is able to inspire him for real feats. Sometimes he himself wonders how so much strength is in him with this woman.
  3. But the man does not sew too badly — he also helps and guides the chosen one, thanks to which she easily finds her favorite business and develops, becomes a successful and sought-after specialist.
  4. There is always a lot of fun in this relationship, they are bright, dynamic, full of emotions and love. It is very easy and comfortable for partners together, there are practically no special problems and large quarrels.
  5. Both also natures rather eccentric. You never know what to expect from them. They can be a real disaster for others, but they will never bring each other harm.

In order for a relationship to go beyond the scope of entertainment, it is important for a man to make it clear to the chosen one that he wants not only a joint pastime, but also a family and children. That he will have to teach her to keep home, to arouse the craving for household.

Dragon Man and Tiger Woman

This variant of the union is more complicated and unpredictable than the previous one. Consider what can happen in the relationship between partners.

Tiger and Dragon Compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. The girl is completely indifferent to the typical female duties. She is unlikely to become a zealous hostess, she does not like domestic affairs. She prefers to engage in themselves and their interests. If she does not fall in love to such an extent that she can reconsider her views, there is practically no chance of staying with the Dragon Man.
  2. A woman likes to have fun in noisy companies, she loves bars, clubs, travels. A man prefers a quiet family vacation. He wants to see next to him a quiet and wise woman who will keep the hearth, will create at home an atmosphere in which he wants to return after a busy day at work.
  3. Therefore, the responsibility for the fate of the relationship lies primarily with the woman. More precisely, it all depends on her desire to become more flexible, wise, caring, leave entertainment and devote time to the elect, family and children.
  4. If she is able to meet the needs of her partner, in return he will give her all his love, surround her with tremendous care and support. She doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Most likely, the couple will become harmonious and will survive for a long time only if the woman has already “walked up” sufficiently and is ready for the family.

Union cons

This couple can constantly quarrel and sort out the relationship as long as someone alone does not give up the leadership and obey. But it is unlikely that one of the partners will easily meet, therefore there will definitely be a “difficult” period in the relationship.

From its outcome depends on whether they will remain together.

Tiger and Dragon Compatibility

What are the problematic points of their relationship:

  • Both individuals are rather stubborn. They do not want to compromise and make concessions. Therefore, it is very important for partners to become more flexible and wise. It is hardly possible in his youth, but for more experienced, mature people it will be much easier to build harmonious relationships.
  • Surprisingly, the desire of both to become a leader in relations does not interfere at all. But excessive honesty, paradoxically, is very harmful. Sometimes it is worth keeping silent, fail to say a word, even lie, in order not to offend your lover. But in this pair the partners are utterly straightforward, which is why both are suffering.
  • In addition, both Tiger and Dragon are incredibly emotional personalities. They will not restrain feelings, expressing to the chosen one everything that boils on the soul. Stormy quarrels usually end in bed, leaving problems unsolved.

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Sexual compatibility

Both partners are very temperamental, they have high libido, so the sex life promises to be bright and rich. A man will never disappoint the chosen one, he is energetic, passionate, «always ready.»

And a woman brings a bit of novelty into sexual relationships — she is not averse to trying sex-probe toys, taking part in role-playing games, or even experimenting somehow.

The man is madly in love with such an approach, he is completely satisfied with the intimate life, therefore, if the relations are comfortable elsewhere, he will never change. Bright sex helps partners to put up soon after the scandals and remove the negative in difficult for the relationship periods, so they are easier to survive.

But in general, it is extremely desirable for them, having calmed down and made peace in bed, yet sort out the problem that caused the quarrel. Talk and find out everything to finally close the question and not be offended at each other in the future.

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