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The perfect outfit in which you can meet the new 2018

What is the best color to meet New 2018

Choosing the right outfit for the New Year’s Eve is a very important issue for the fair sex. All the girls want to look attractive on this gala evening and catch the admiring glances of the male half of the population.

In this material we will tell you in what color to celebrate the New 2018 and which outfit is most suitable for this festive event.

The perfect outfit in which you can meet the new 2018

How to dress on New Year’s Eve

In the previous 2017, the year of the Red Fiery Rooster was dominated by dresses and costumes in rich colors. In comparison with them, the color variant of the Yellow Earth Dog looks like a rather dull and banal one.

But designers tell you not to get upset: after all, in the color palette of 2018, not only yellow shades will be present, there are still a large number of pleasant surprises for people who appreciate the extravagant style of dressing.

Therefore, it’s time to be puzzled by the colors in which to meet the New 2018th year for different Zodiacal constellations to lure luck with well-being? This issue is solved jointly by designers with astrologers.

And about how to win over the mistress of the coming year, you can learn more.

General recommendations

The dog is distinguished by a positive and playful kind, it does not pay its attention to the material aspect of life, putting sincerity and kindness to the first position. Therefore, the main recommendation that should be adhered to — do not think about spending a lot of money on creating a New Year’s image, because in this case monetary units do not play a big role.

But the man’s tailing friend does not feel indifferent to how to celebrate the New Year, so it is important to abandon too simple and tasteless dresses.

A clever dog gives preference to attractive things. At the same time it is important that the outfits are as free as possible, do not limit the process of movement, are distinguished by comfort and elegance.

Buying fabric for attire is to stay on the soft and flowing materials of natural origin. It is important that the garments are as comfortable and comfortable as possible: get ready for unexpected incidents and unusual adventures, because the Dog is just crazy about them!

Hit of the season: earthy shades and romantic pastel

The dog is more likely to appreciate the dresses in yellow, green or brown. It is allowed to choose different variations — light narcissus, saturated lemon-yellow, muffled marsh, conspicuous emerald, soft coffee and dark chocolate.

In addition to these, you can also purchase outfits in the following versions of shade:

  • powdered;
  • peach;
  • cream;
  • vanilla;
  • mint;
  • delicate coral;
  • delicate pink;
  • sky blue;
  • tender-lilac;
  • a shade of cappuccino.

Precious gloss

A real royal option would be to buy an iridescent outfit with the addition of a metallic hue. In this case, the selection is yours: it can be a luxurious dress with a copper skirt flared down, a tunic decorated with bronze sequins, and a silver-gray jumpsuit flowing down — you can show your fantasy to the maximum.

Golden dresses made of silk, satin or lace will look perfect.

The perfect outfit in which you can meet the new 2018

Noble wine shades

Of course, it is difficult to imagine the absence of alcoholic beverages on the New Year’s table. However, creating a festive atmosphere is real and with the help of beautiful dresses in the popular tones of Bordeaux or champagne.

It is worth taking a closer look at the surprisingly good novelties — velvet or chiffon dresses that have a cognac hue.

Timeless classics

Not bad also on the eve of the New Year to stay on the seasoned classic version of dresses.

It is recommended to buy a dress in black, blue, green and purple.

At the same time, it is recommended to add striking options to the clothes of dark colors, for example, an unusual shawl, belt or handbag.

Fashionable print with details.

The patroness of the coming year The dog will also like a cheerful safari or a walk in the spring meadow, so you can not be limited to plain colors in clothes.

The hunting instinct of the animal will be awakened if you put on a dress with a jungle or wild fauna. And to ensure carefree fun, stop at plant, flower or abstract colors.

Also, the dog will definitely appreciate if you choose for yourself a contrast, geometric or oriental theme. And to make your image more individual you can take advantage of stylish accessories.

It is necessary to dwell on a few, but spectacular additions: iridescent glove belt, luxuriously decorated clutch, beige-colored shoes.

As a finishing touch, use the amber and gold jewelery, make up in sand tones and distribute the powder on the open parts of the body.

Recommendation. If you are engaged in the choice of colors and accessories for the meeting of the coming New Year, give up all that is associated with the cat’s worst enemy — the cat:

  • various drawings of the cat family;
  • tiger and leopard print;
  • hoops and hats decorated with cat ears.

Also, the dog can be angry if he sees that in the pre-Christmas theme there are options for jewelry associated with collars — chains, necklaces, chokers, and so on.

Selection of a dress according to the sign of the zodiac

In order to draw happiness into your life as much as possible with luck, you should combine the wishes of the Yellow Earth Dog with the advice of Feng Shui and horoscope. Fortunately, the opportunities for choice are fairly large — the dog is unpretentious and benevolent, so it positively relates to most of the color palette.

Of course, the favorites of 2018 are yellow with brown colors, which are symbols of warmth, joy, well-being and fertility.

Cash return is expected from yellow and lilac flowers. And if you want to get a promotion, choose black, blue and blue.

Favorable learning is provided by orange-colored outfits, and the beginning of radical changes in life and the quick elimination of various life difficulties — a white shade of clothing.

The effect will be enhanced if several shades are combined at the same time. For example, in a brown-yellow product, you can rather become more successful, and due to black, blue and silver color variations, you will attract excellent work with high wages in your life, and red and white flowers will contribute to family well-being.

Also, be sure to take into account your zodiac sign in the process of selecting a dress for the New Year celebration — after all, after coaxing a faithful and friendly doggie, you will quickly catch your luck by the tail.

  • Fire Aries — can choose for themselves a rich red color in the form of a romantic silk dress, blouse or suit. An additional element will be the addition to the image of an air shawl.
  • It is important for diligent Taurus to establish a friendly relationship with the Dog, wearing massive gold accessories or jewelry options with an amber insert.
  • In the coming year, the twins can prepare for the meeting of their second half or the establishment of already existing relations. Buying a pair of jewelry will make them happier.
  • Cancers in the future 12 months waiting for romance with adventure, so for them the most appropriate decision would be the choice of an elegant dress and carnival mask, decorated with shiny pebbles and feathers.
  • Unlike ordinary cats, the majestic Leo maintains a good relationship with the Dog. The girls of the sign are recommended to emphasize their importance with the help of a chic tiara or high-heeled shoes.
  • Rational Virgins in the New Year celebration should be changed to their traditional classical style and dwell on a beige romantic or bright eye-catching dress and unusual accessories — a belt, a scarf, and massive costume jewelry.
  • Scales — should focus on the blue-green color and charming fur additions — boa, boas, original bracelets and pompoms for a bag or shoes.
  • Charismatic Scorpios need a sexy and unusual outfit. Finish the look perfectly with stylish high-heeled shoes.
  • Elegant suits with a dress made in a pastel palette and a small stylish hat with a veil, as well as a rounded handbag are suitable for ladies-Sagittarius.
  • Capricorns should celebrate the New Year in colorful outfits decorated with a color pattern. The image must be completed with flashy decorations.
  • Aquarius should stop at the unusual version of the dress, decorated with bright details — a collar-resistant and bare back, skirt to the floor and a high slit in seasoned main shades with the presence of bright additions. Alternatively, you can buy dresses decorated with beads or cast in lurex and rhinestones.
  • Representatives of the Pisces sign will be able to please the Dog if they put on an elegant dress in the color of sea water or shortbread, decorated with sequins. Some unusual shoes will do for him.

In the process of choosing a festive attire, one should not forget about the peculiarities of the patroness of the coming year. The dog is inherent friendliness and restlessness, it can not tolerate loneliness and therefore you can not particularly think about how to meet the approaching New Year — of course, you need for this cheerful company, as well as a whole list of recreational activities.

It is important that the dress for the New Year fits perfectly on you and does not restrict movement.

The perfect outfit in which you can meet the new 2018

Under strict prohibition are too much attention to themselves or vulgar styles, harmful to the body of synthetics or too bright neon tones.

Give your preference to soft and natural fabrics, radiant or traditional shades, seasoned cut, elegant, restrained or creative models. The main criterion — clothing should be as comfortable and beautiful as possible.

Now you know in which dress to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Finally, we advise you to watch an interesting thematic video:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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