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The most favorable days for a wedding in 2019

Favorable days for a wedding in 2019

Even ardent skeptics, when determining the date of their future wedding, pay attention to the forecasts of astrologers, as well as various folk beliefs and omens. Indeed, in this case, family welfare is put at stake, which all people dream of finding and preserving.

Astrology experts carefully analyzed each of the 12 months of 2019 and in this article are ready to reveal to you favorable days for a wedding in 2019.

The most favorable days for a wedding in 2019

Overview of auspicious days for a wedding celebration in 2019

In general, January 2019 is a favorable month for marriage. Of course, provided that you avoid critical numbers.

So astrological predictions claim that the biggest danger for marriage lies in the first half of the month, in which only 3 days (the eleventh, twelfth and fifteenth numbers) are acceptable for this event. Experts also noticed that many couples who got married in the first month of the year, provided themselves with this very large offspring.

So as auspicious days for a wedding in January, the following numbers can be mentioned: eleventh, twelfth, fifteenth, sixteenth, eighteenth, twenty-first, twenty-third, twenty-sixth and twenty-eighth.

In this case, it is necessary to wait a little with the wedding celebration in the period from the first to the tenth of January, as well as the thirteenth, the fourteenth, the nineteenth and from the twenty-ninth to the thirty-first.

The second half of February (more precisely, some days) are suitable for celebrating the wedding. Couples can live a long and happy life.

But astrologers are in a hurry to warn that people who marry not out of love, but for example, for reasons of calculation, or forcibly, will be greatly disappointed and will face trouble. Such marriage unions will last no more than 3 years.

As positive days for marriage in February 2019, we can name: the seventeenth, eighteenth, twentieth, twenty-fourth, twenty-fifth and twenty-seventh numbers.

In this case, the period from the first to the middle of the month will come out from inappropriate numbers for the marriage.

If you ask any Orthodox clergyman, he will explain to you that March is absolutely not suitable for a wedding, and even more so for a wedding. This is due to the fact that the whole of the first spring month lasts.

And folk signs say that people who have entered into marriage in this period will suffer from an unhappy fate. With this action, the rock will apply not only to family life, but also to other areas.

Many priests are still allowed to marry in March, but in this case it is necessary to listen to the strict restrictions on the solemn or official part of this event.

Of the positive days for the wedding in March, not one. And all the numbers in this month are unfavorable.

As for the first half of the month, it is absolutely not suitable for a wedding celebration, but also as for a wedding ceremony, because the time of Great Lent is still going on. But since April 17, marriage registration is allowed, and thanks to the special energy of this spring month, the union will be filled with harmony, he will not be threatened with a divorce.

Good days for a wedding in April will be: the seventeenth, eighteenth, twenty-first, twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth numbers.

And from negative days you can call the period from the first to the sixteenth, plus the twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh.

Astrologers say that May is ideal for entering into a marriage union. The church also does not interfere with the wedding celebration in May, except on the 25th day, in which the Ascension of Jesus is celebrated.

As suitable days in May such numbers can be mentioned: the third, sixth, eleventh, twentieth, twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth.

In this case, the ban will apply to the marriage of the first, fifth, eighth, twelfth, fifteenth, twenty-second, twenty-third, twenty-fifth, twenty-seventh and thirty-first.

The most favorable days for a wedding in 2019

Almost the whole of June is unsuccessful in order to organize a wedding, since the Apostolic Fast begins on the 4th and goes up to the first decade of July. Therefore, the only auspicious days in order to bind their feelings with marriage will be the numbers from 1 to 3 June.

Married newlyweds will always be together, and their love every day will become more and more.

Of the unfavorable days for marriage in June is the entire period from 4 to 30 numbers.

This month has been divided almost in half in such a way that 16 days are positive for marriage, and the remaining 15 are extremely unfavorable for this.

Therefore, if you dream of a happy marriage, let the wedding date fall on the fourteenth, the period from the sixteenth to the twenty-ninth, as well as on the thirty-first of July.

As for the unsuitable days for the wedding, they will be the period from the first to the eleventh of July, the twelfth, the thirteenth, the twenty-seventh and the thirtieth.

Astrology experts advise that only those in love who have been able to test their feelings for each other for at least one year are advised to formally enter into marriage bonds this month. Augustus is characterized by super-power and highly controversial energy, which strongly influences the love sphere.

Of the positive days for marriage in August, you can call the period from the first to the eighth, plus the twelfth and thirty-first. In this case, the ninth, eleventh, and the period from the fourteenth to the twenty-eighth are unfavorable.

In September

Many superstitions, predictions of astrologers, popular beliefs, the lunar calendar and various signs indicate that September is a very suitable month to formalize your relationship. In this case, the most positive will be such numbers: the first, second, seventh, tenth, fourteenth, sixteenth, as well as the period from the twentieth to the twenty-sixth and September twenty-ninth.

It is necessary to delay the conclusion of marriage on the eleventh, twenty-first, twenty-third and twenty-seventh of September.

Month october

People married in October will be a bright tandem based on feelings of love and mutual respect. Astrology experts say that half of the people who entered into marriage in October lived a long and happy life together in the future.

At the same time in October, absolutely all days are suitable for marriage, with the exception of only one day — the fourteenth, when celebrating the Intercession.

The most favorable days for a wedding in 2019

People who have decided to confirm their love in the registry office in November, waiting for stability in relationships, ardent feelings, the absence of major problems, as well as constant understanding. You can get married on any day of the month with the exception of the last three, marking the beginning of the Advent.

Marry in December according to the church and astrologers is not prohibited. But according to popular belief and numerology, it is worth refusing to enter into marriage this month. After all, bad weather often reigns throughout December, and it is believed that negative weather conditions on the wedding day will be a harbinger of troubled life for the newlyweds, which will be filled with various conflicts.

Therefore, we do not advise you to marry in this first winter month of the year.

It was the wedding calendar for 2019. Now you know about which of the months (and days) in 2019 you can bond your feelings with your beloved, and which ones should be abandoned.

We wish you a happy family life, devoid of quarrels and problems and filled with extremely positive emotions!

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