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The most accurate horoscope of Leo in August 2018

Astrological forecast for Leo in August 2018

During the summer, Lev worked hard, so in August it was time to take a good rest. Fortunately, the financial situation allows you to go not only to the country, but also on a long journey.

But you should not go alone — you should take a loved one or close friends with you. Horoscope Leo in August 2018 promises a lot of positive emotions and pleasant surprises.

The most accurate horoscope of Leo in August 2018

General astrological forecast

At the end of the summer, Leo will never be bored once, because something interesting and funny will constantly happen around him. In the first half of August, representatives of this zodiacal sign will work hard, deserving the respect of colleagues and bosses.

They will be full of energy and decisiveness, so they can easily cope with several large projects at the same time, for which they will receive a solid premium at the end of the month.

Thanks to charisma, charisma and self-confidence, the Lions are always in the limelight. Fans vied with each other to try to win him over, give him presents and showered him with compliments.

But they are in no hurry to make a choice, because looking for the perfect person for themselves. In August, many single Lions will finally meet their fate in the face of a new acquaintance.

But to build a happy relationship, they will have to settle down and give all their attention to a single person.

In the second half of August 2018, the Lions will deal with domestic issues. Someone starts repairing, and someone even decides to redevelop the apartment. Of course, at first glance, the task seems to be rather complicated and time consuming, but you can handle it even faster than you think.

As for finances, you don’t have to worry about them, because Leo was worried about his well-being.

The most accurate horoscope of Leo in August 2018

Health horoscope

Serious health problems in Lviv is not expected, but, nevertheless, you should not let your guard down. If alarming symptoms occur, it is important not to ignore them, but to be examined.

After all, any disease is much easier to heal in the early stages. Despite the fact that the street is hot, you should not abuse cold drinks and ice cream.

Also it is necessary to refrain from swimming in cool waters, especially in the evening.

For Leo, an important role in life is played by the work on which he spends most of the time. Of course, from a financial point of view, this is good, but overwork can have a negative effect on health.

If you often feel tired or sleepy, then you should reduce the load and allow more time for rest. In addition, it does not hurt to go for a relaxing massage, otherwise the nervous tension will soon manifest itself in the form of emotional outbursts.

Many Lions in August 2018 will begin to struggle with bad habits, and for the most part it concerns the use of alcohol. Due to the enormous strength of will, the representatives of this zodiac sign will be able to cope with their problem, but at first someone may need the help of a specialist. Also, do not forget that autumn is about to come, and during this period the body will need a lot of vitamins to withstand seasonal diseases.

Therefore, at the end of the month it is necessary to engage in strengthening the immune system.

The most accurate horoscope of Leo in August 2018

Horoscope career and finance

In August 2018, Leos should not take up new projects, it is better to tighten the old «tails». It is also better not to think about changing jobs, even if a tempting offer of cooperation is made.

When signing important documents and contracts, you should carefully familiarize yourself with their contents, because You can be drawn into the fraud. During this period it is better not to trust unfamiliar people, especially if they promise the «golden mountains».

The financial situation in August will be quite good, because besides the main earnings, during the month, Leo is expected to receive money from various sources. Relatives will provide financial assistance to someone, debts will be returned to someone, and others will receive an inheritance.

In addition, at the end of summer, fortune will be on the side of Lviv, so the horoscope recommends purchasing a lottery ticket or taking part in a competition where valuable prizes are played.

Suddenly fallen wealth can cloud the minds of the representatives of this zodiac sign, and they will lower a large amount of completely unnecessary things. Stars are advised to be prudent and refrain from spontaneous purchases.

Part of the money should be invested in a profitable project or used to start a business of its own.

The most accurate horoscope of Leo in August 2018

Horoscope family and relationships

In the personal life of Lviv, something interesting and intriguing always happens, but in August 2018 we can expect even more surprises. Lonely representatives of the sign will increase the number of fans, so making the choice will be even more difficult. Some admirers will “go to all-in”, and will start calling not for a date, but straight down the aisle.

In order not to offend them and not to hurt them with refusal, it is worth showing tact and restraint.

In the second half of August, a fateful meeting with a man who immediately captivates their minds will take place among lonely Lions. To win the favor of this person, you have to show all your charm and charm.

Just do not need to force things, because first you need to know each other better, and not dive into the «pool of passion» with your head.

In Lviv, a couple, the relationship will resemble a «roller coaster». Perhaps the reason for this is your temperament or the love of the second half.

In any case, the horoscope advises to treat all the vicissitudes occurring with humor, and not to give free rein to emotions, because during this period, even the slightest misunderstanding can turn into a scandal. But family lions in relations will reign mutual understanding.

Many couples realize that it is time to refresh their feelings, and decide to go on a romantic trip.

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