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The most accurate horoscope of Capricorn in May 2018

Astrological prediction for Capricorn on May 2018

Due to his restrained character and optimistic mood, Capricorn always looks calm and cool. No difficulties will make him lose his composure and retreat from his intended goals.

Horoscope Capricorn in May 2018 advises more often to show their emotions and feelings, especially when communicating with a loved one. Let those around you finally see how sentimental and emotional you are.

The most accurate horoscope of Capricorn in May 2018

General astrological forecast

In May 2018, cardinal changes in personal life will occur. Lonely Capricorns will begin an active search for the second half, some of them will lead several novels at once.

Just do not forget that such love games can lead to sad consequences. It is better to determine the choice of one partner and all the time and attention to devote only to him.

To build a serious relationship, you have to overcome selfishness and love of freedom, as well as show loyalty and pliability.

Capricorns, who already have the second half, suddenly even for themselves realize that they want to transfer relations to a new level. Someone will decide to live together with a partner, and someone at all on the marriage. Such a responsible act can not cause respect, but still it is worth it once again to think carefully.

In addition, in May 2018, the stars advise more to pursue a career and strengthen the financial situation.

The professional sphere at the end of spring will be very rich and active, but Capricorn will almost not be scared. On the contrary, he will enjoy his importance and the employment of his favorite thing.

In May, you can count on the full support of influential people. In addition, they will receive profitable business proposals that will increase financial income and improve professionalism.

The most accurate horoscope of Capricorn in May 2018

Health horoscope

In May, the physical health of Capricorns will be excellent, but the nervous system may fail. Excessive stress at work and inadequate rest will not pass without a trace — psychosis, irritability, and insomnia may occur.

In the end, due to overworking of the body, depression will manifest itself, which will not be easy to cope with. Stars are advised not to ignore the alarming symptoms, but seek immediate help from a doctor.

To prevent the development of mental disorders, stars advise Capricorns to learn how to cope with stress. There is no need to resort to potent sedative medications — it is better to replace them with herbal teas with a sedative effect. It is more often to walk in the fresh air, and not in noisy places, but in calmer places, for example, in a park or in a forest.

Communicating with positive people will also have a positive effect on the psyche, so you should not refuse to spend time in a cheerful friendly company, even if you have accumulated a lot of work.

So that in the midst of May you don’t have to go to the hospital, Capricorns should take care of their own health. First of all, you need to strengthen the immune system by taking vitamins, performing physical exercises and healthy sleep. It is necessary to draw up the daily routine and correct the diet.

In May, the horoscope advises especially carefully monitor the shelf life of consumed products, because The risk of food poisoning is high this month.

The most accurate horoscope of Capricorn in May 2018

Horoscope career and finance

At the beginning of May, various difficulties will begin to arise in the professional sphere, and this could be both production problems and nagging of the authorities, as well as lack of self-confidence. It may seem to Capricorns that the whole world is set against them, and there is nowhere to wait for help, but all these difficulties are given to them for a reason.

No need to dwell on failures and spare yourself — it is important to concentrate all your energy and direct it towards achieving your goals.

Already in mid-May, the head will replace anger with mercy, since notice Capricorn’s efforts, and decides to encourage for the work done. In addition, he will trust him more complex and responsible projects, for the implementation of which relies increased payment.

Having proved their professionalism and perseverance, the representatives of this zodiac sign can count on promotion and getting an increase in salary.

For those who are thinking of changing their place of work, the horoscope does not recommend rushing to make such an important decision in May. This month is more suitable for completing old affairs and building plans for the future. Also at this time, you can make new business contacts, which will soon come in handy for the implementation of their own large-scale plans.

With regard to finance, economical and practical Capricorns by the end of the month will be able to accumulate a large amount of money, part of which is to invest in their own business or invest in promising projects.

The most accurate horoscope of Capricorn in May 2018

Horoscope family and relationships

In May, Capricorn will be surrounded by crowds of fans, which will certainly amuse his vanity. Despite the innate restraint and skepticism, the heart of the representatives of this zodiacal sign will “thaw” from beautiful words and flattery in its address.

Because of such unusual behavior Capricorns risk falling in love with an unworthy person who brings only disappointment and trouble. In order not to become deceived, the stars advise to trust their intuition more and check their elects for honesty.

In May, many Capricorns will want external transformations, with women having the most pronounced desire. Visits to a hairdresser, cosmetology and stylist’s office will help to change not only externally, but also internally.

Representatives of this zodiac sign will become more confident, because start to notice admiring glances of others.

Family Capricorn in a relationship will have complete idyll if they do not ignore the needs of a loved one. You do not need to devote all the time to work, because it can negatively affect relationships with the household.

Some Capricorns in May 2018 will learn that they will soon become parents. For such an event it is necessary to carefully prepare — to solve the housing problem, and also to start actively working to improve the financial situation.

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