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The love horoscope of Zhanna Friske: the singer is getting married

The love horoscope of Zhanna Friske: the singer is getting married

Zhanna told the press that she was ready for marriage and would soon marry the father of her child, Dmitry Shepelev. At the moment, Jeanne Friske with her son Plato is in Miami. It was there that in early April, Jeanne gave birth to her first child.

When will the wedding take place and what does the love horoscope say about a year about a couple of Shepelev-Friske?

Relatives of the singer said that Dmitry Shepelev made an offer to the mother of her child, and now the couple have already started planning their wedding. Only now Friske is not in a hurry to return from Miami to Russia. Initially, she planned to spend weeks in the pen of America to recover from childbirth, but lingered there for several months. It is rumored that Zhanna Friske is not yet ready to appear before the Russian journalists after the birth, as she recovered greatly.

In Miami, she is trying hard to lose those extra pounds gained during pregnancy. Dmitry Shepelev, if possible, comes to his beloved to see his little son and future wife.

The news that Shepelev made an offer to Zhanna Friske surprised the public a little. After all, before the birth Dmitry and Zhanna were not going to marry. Shepelev himself even in a conversation with journalists made it clear that he was not going to change his lifestyle because of the birth of a child.

More recently, he said that he did not want to be torn between his career and his family. The young TV host claimed that he was not going to change his rhythm of life, and so far everything was fine with him. But now it can be said with confidence that Dmitry woke his fatherly feelings and, despite everything, he is ready to devote himself to the family.

The very same Friske generally thought that she needed to leave the stage in order to devote all her time to raising a child. The singer claims that now she has practically lost interest in show business, since her family is in the first place.

According to some sources, the couple planned to arrange an elegant party in Miami, before which there will be a romantic wedding ceremony on the beach. After that, they planned a no less magnificent celebration in Moscow, where all the celebrities of show business would be invited.

Recall that Zhanna Friske gave birth to her first child on April 7 in a Miami clinic, where the daughter of Russian pop music King Philip Kirkorov, Alla Victoria, was also born. Childbirth cost the singer about 50 thousand dollars. At the moment, Jeanne is preparing for the upcoming wedding and brings her figure back to normal.

The date of the wedding lovers have not yet called. But according to rumors, it will take place very soon.

The astrologers decided to find out what was waiting for Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepeleva in family life and made a free love horoscope for them. By the sign of the zodiac, Jeanne is Cancer, and Dmitry is Aquarius. If we talk about the love compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac in marriage, then such a union is quite possible, but it will be very difficult to maintain relationships.

Cancer woman loves home comfort and is ready to devote her life to her family. Aquarius-man, on the contrary, loves freedom and will not tolerate if something becomes an obstacle to his usual way of life. Such a marriage is good when the husband and wife are not so often seen with each other. Save relationships and create a happy family Raku and Aquarius can only be with full confidence in each other.

Cancers should not severely restrict the freedom of Aquarius, and they, in turn, should understand that the family also needs to pay attention.

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