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The love horoscope of Andrei Malakhov: Is there really no love?

The love horoscope of Andrei Malakhov: Is there really no love?

TV presenter Andrei Malakhov for a long time joined the ranks of bachelors. He has now been the husband of Natalia Shkuleva, editor of fashion magazine for more than two years. Details of their family life in recent years, more and more began to appear in the media.

According to some sources, everything is quiet and smooth in their family. However, many call their marriage fictitious. Rumor has it that Malakhov covers his unconventional orientation with his wedding ring.

Less and less, Natalya was seen with Andrew. And he himself constantly appears in the company of his old friend, the publisher of the newspaper, Sergey Rybakov. Most recently, they even flew together to Europe, where they spent almost a whole week.

The astrologers tried to open the veil of privacy secrets of Andrei Malakhov.

In the natal chart of the birth of a TV journalist, his desire to find a family is clearly visible. However, this desire is most likely forced. This is indicated by many aspects.

The sun in his horoscope is in the tenth house, which means that the main priority in his life is still his career. And he needs a family in order to provide the rear. As a true Capricorn, Andrei strives for recognition, fame and respect, therefore his family values ​​are still in the background.

What is happening on the front of love and in relations with his wife, Andrei Malakhov? The love horoscope of Capricorn is always very ambiguous. If we consider the date of birth of the TV presenter, then it is quite likely that the union of Malakhov and Natalia Shkuleva may indeed be fictitious.

This is indicated by many aspects in the horoscope of both Andrew and Natalia. But the worst thing is that the astrological house, responsible for family values ​​and the continuation of the family in the TV presenter’s natal map, is struck by Uranus. This suggests that Andrei brings no joy to family life, which once again confirms the fiction of his relationship with Natalia.

Natalia Shkuleva was born under the constellation Gemini. The woman of this zodiac sign plays a dominant role in the relationship with the opposite sex. The compatibility of Gemini and Capricorn is problematic. In this pair in the first place will be more partnerships than love and affection.

They perfectly complement each other, this gives both Andrew and Natalia confidence and stability. The only thing that can interfere with their relationship is a different understanding of freedom and independence.

Until the couple does not recognize what is happening in their personal lives. More recently, Malakhov said that he and Natalia decided to adopt a child. The journalists’ questions about why they did not want to give birth to their own baby, Malakhov answered with jokes.

According to him, they give too much time and effort to work to have their own children.

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