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The love horoscope Lady Gaga: wedding soon

The love horoscope Lady Gaga: wedding soon

The scandalous singer Lady Gaga announced that she plans to marry soon. The singer’s choice was actor Taylor Kinney, best known for the popular TV series The Vampire Diaries. The couple met about two years and finally decided to legalize their relationship.

The details of the imminent wedding Gaga became known from her close friend Starlight.

So, after two years of serious relationship, Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney decided to get married. They met at the shooting of the clip Gaga, in which Taylor took part. Although this inseparable couple does not like to advertise their relationships, they are often seen together on secular parties, on vacation, and just on the street.

As stated by the girlfriend of Lady Gaga, with the wedding they have already decided everything. As it became known shocking Gaga wanted to celebrate modestly the day of their marriage. The celebration will take place in Pennsylvania, in the small town of Lancaster. This place was not chosen by chance.

First, it’s Taylor Kinney’s hometown. Secondly, it is so small a city that neither journalists, nor paparazzi, nor Gaga and Kinney fans can prevent the wedding procession.

At the wedding will attend only the closest relatives and friends of the couple. It was not clear to many fans why outrageous Gaga suddenly wanted a modest wedding. Everyone was waiting for something unusual and extraordinary from her, but the singer did not even want to invite journalists to the ceremony.

Close friends of Lady Gaga explained this by the fact that in life a girl is a completely different person. All the shocking, unusual costumes and bright makeup — it’s just a screen image that she has to maintain. In reality, it is all different.

So it is not at all surprising that Lady Gaga did not want to advertise such a personal event as a wedding.

While Lady Gaga bathes in glory and surprises the public, her pious has already begun some preparations for the wedding. It turns out that Taylor Kinney has already chosen his costume. According to some sources, it is quite classic, which can not be said about the outfits of Lady Gaga.

Although information about the dress in which she goes under the crown, has not yet been reported.

Astrologers are confident that the wedding of Lady Gaga with Taylor Kinney will be a very important event in her life. For her, a free love horoscope was compiled, in which her future life with her husband was described in detail. As it turned out, the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac is very successful.

On the horoscope of Lady Gaga — Pisces, Taylor — Cancer. Their horoscope of compatibility by date of birth indicates that mutual understanding and support will always reign in their pair. Both of them are natures creative and it is interesting for them to spend time with each other. However, according to astrologers, in their pair there can be serious conflicts that will be associated with their different views on their future life together.

Judging by the love horoscope, in a couple there will be a conflict due to the fact that Taylor wants children, but his spouse will be completely unprepared for this. While in the first place in both the career, so it will be very difficult to solve the issue of having a baby.

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