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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week of August 21-27

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week of August 21-27

Every day for us is a new test, new heights and new falls. With all this, there is a high probability that everything will remain stable. In the end, it all depends on you.

Pavel Globa reports that in the period from August 21 to August 27, something unique awaits us all. Not everyone will succeed in all areas of life, but, as the Woman’s Day portal tells, everyone has a chance. To do this, you just need to be able to find particles of positive in this endless series of minutes and seconds.

The most auspicious day for Aries this week is Monday. You will find many new, interesting and unusual on this day. Force yourself to look at the root of each problem, assessing your chances for a quick solution.

Thursday will be the most dangerous day when all your fears can come out.

At work, use all your ingenuity, intuition, solving problems not the way you used to. The astrologer calls for you the main sphere of life for you. In love, you are lucky very much, so do not try to hide from her. Do not miss your chance, make compliments to the second half, flirt, confess feelings.

Adventures will not be superfluous.

On Monday, you should be most careful about everything. A negative background will be very stable and powerful on this day. Then everything will change dramatically, as on Tuesday and Wednesday there will be fewer problems due to good mood and enthusiasm.

Do not obstruct yourself — go in and out of your own ego.

In family and love affairs, Taurus, in the opinion of Pavel Globa, may not have the best of times because of possible conflicts in the family and in a love relationship. Romantic dates are better postponed to the next week. All you need now is peace and solitude.

Go shopping alone because these seven days are perfect for spending money.

August 21, 24 and 25 will be the most successful days for you, because the energy of the planets and stars will be creative. Physically, the body will be all right, so the motivation will not leave you, and the mood will be good most of the time. Physical illnesses will not worsen.

At work there is a great time for meetings, for verbal agreements, for joint affairs. In love, it is worthwhile to slightly stop the rapidly developing relationship, since they can simply burn out. To keep everything in place, try not to rush things.

If you have been in a relationship or in marriage for a long time, then give your loved one a little bit of freedom.

August 24 will be the most dangerous day of the week for Rakov. On Thursday, try to follow all changes at work and in business and be aware of all cases. So that fatigue does not suddenly come to you, try to eat right.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, exclude strongly fried products.

As for love and work, then everything will be simple on the one hand, and not so on the other. The fact is that you have to show maximum diplomacy. If suddenly you are overtaken by some problems in communicating with people, then try to talk with these people directly about some kind of conflict or confusion between you.

Yes, it is not easy, but this week you will have to pull yourself together and begin to control your destiny.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be the best days for work and for love. On Sunday, luck will turn away from you, so dedicate the last day of this week to rest. At the beginning of the week, try not to overload your body physically and emotionally.

Otherwise. You will have big problems with your mood and sleep.

If you want to succeed at work, in business and financial affairs in general, you will have to get involved as much as possible in the process. Of course, nothing will happen in these seven days. Only the maximum interest and dedication can become your lucky talismans.

In love, the situation is similar. Inaction will lead to problems in the relationship.

August 27, Sunday, will be for you the most positive day of the week. On Monday and Tuesday, the energy background of the planets and stars will be minimal. This suggests that the first two days will be very unstable and unfavorable for you. On Sunday, the positive effect of space objects will be maximized.

This means that you need to bloom by the end of the week.

These seven days will be well suited for privacy and for joint travel. Change the situation if you feel stagnant in the relationship. This is normal, there is nothing wrong with that — you just need a shake.

If it is difficult for you now, then do not look for causes in the past — look for ways to solve problems in the future. The same applies to problems at work, since business activity will also be disastrous.

Monday is a hard day, but not for you. August 21 will be the most favorable day of the week for Libra, according to the expert. On August 24, the destructive energy of the Universe will reach its peak value, and then will decline again.

In the middle of the week, avoid a heavy load on the legs.

In work, business, and business, your biggest enemy will be stereotypes and bias. Cowardice, too, will not bring good. Now it is better for Libra to offer the most radical solutions possible, because you need to make an impression, supporting your image of a bright personality. In love, everything will constantly change.

Get ready for big ups and downs.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be the most favorable days for Scorpios this week. On August 22 and 23, Pavel Globa advises you to find time to relax and recuperate. Now you just can not get sick and experience any discomfort due to health, because it will have very bad consequences.

In work and business, the astrologer recommends maximum concentration, caution and prudence. Do not risk in vain and do not get involved in financial adventures. Gambling will not bring to good, exactly as the complete indifference to money. Do not lend to anyone and do not borrow money.

Beware of major expenses. Follow the signs of money.

In business and money matters, the astrologer advises you not to back up under any circumstances today. Follow your new ideas and don’t be afraid to experiment. Develop and try to relentlessly look for sources of income.

For those who work in a team with a pronounced hierarchy, there is good news that the bosses will be more supportive to you.

In love, you will be lucky even more. August 24 and 25 are waiting for you the most favorable days for weddings, for love confessions and romantic meetings. Not only those who are in search of love will be lucky, but also those who have been married or in relationships for a long time.

A fire and a desire to surprise will appear between you again.

Selfishness is your main enemy this week. August 24th is best avoided. Give yourself to your favorite people and friends, helping them in everything.

If you demand more attention to yourself, then the people around you can begin to act in the opposite direction. In the affairs of amorous willow relations with people in general, you will need loyalty. Do not be too demanding.

There may be bursts of jealousy on your part, so extinguish that feeling in yourself.

In work and finance it is time to pay debts. The 22nd and 23rd numbers will be the two most positive days for you, so spend all your time on solving urgent problems and cases that can no longer be postponed. Keeping promises do not give anything new yet. Hold your ambitions.

Do not let them go ahead.

If you are overwhelmed with problems this week, do not stay alone with them. Do not hesitate to ask for help from friends and relatives. You will interact with people at a new level, so use it while you have the opportunity.

You have every chance to find your love, but at any stage of the relationship it is worth looking into the details, because they will have tremendous weight. If you feel that the relationship does not bring you good, break them.

Do not disappoint people this week. This applies to love, and business, and work. You can find new sources of income, new opportunities. Now the horizon is clear for you.

Therefore, it is worth going only forward. August 24, 25 and 26 will be the most positive days for you. Use this time with maximum benefit for yourself.

Take a look around you and think about who you would be most comfortable with right now. Do not overstrain and do not stay close to those who you do not like. Take care of your mood and health. If you surround yourself with hated people and affairs, then the forces will leave you very quickly.

August 27 is the most positive and powerful day in terms of energy. Prepare for it as it should.

At work and in love duties come to the fore. Do not move to a new stage in the relationship and do not rush to make serious decisions in affairs. This week you should rely on your own strength. Set priorities in a new way and look around — luck is somewhere nearby, but too well disguised.

Trust the sixth sense to be sharpened.

Pavel Globa recommends that each Zodiac Sign adhere to a clear plan of action this week. Try to quickly restore energy and strength in the evenings. Do not work for wear and do not try to love someone just because it is necessary.

Listen to your heart more often. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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