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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from June 26 to July 2

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from June 26 to July 2

The weekly horoscope from Pavel Globa, an expert in astrology, will help you stay on top and achieve your goals. His horoscopes are distinguished by accurate data, which is based on the position of the stars and planets.

Woman`s day portal shared the forecast of Paul Globa for the week, in which you will find information for each Zodiac sign. Using expert instructions, you can avoid the traps of Fate and succeed.

In business Aries expects good luck. Tune in for success and do not turn off the path that leads you to material independence. This week you will have the opportunity to address the housing issue.

Postpone important business on June 30 — according to Pavel Globa, this day will be the most unfavorable. The most successful days for active activity are awaiting Aries on June 26 and 27. Use this time for active work and winning the heart of the person you like.

The health of representatives of this Sign is threatened only by inattention. Look at the sides when crossing the road, and in order not to experience the influence of low-quality products, pay attention to the shelf life of the purchased goods.

In love with Aries, not everything is as smooth as we would like. Your relationship can go astray. In order for feelings to cool, try to find a compromise and use exercises to reduce impulsiveness.

Your sincerity will help correct the situation. Couples who have children Aries, it is important to give them the attention and care that crumbs need this week more than ever.

In the work lucky purposeful Taurus, who are not accustomed to succumb to difficulties. You can get additional funding with the help of a part-time job. The most favorable days of the week, Pavel Globa calls June 28 and 29. Mobilize your strengths to achieve your goals.

Feel free to ask for help from close friends. Together you can find a way out. June 26 is an unfavorable day, so it is important for Tauruses to pull themselves together and not to succumb to weaknesses, so as not to miss a profitable offer.

In terms of health, Pavel Globa advises to take care of the body and eliminate hypothermia. There is a chance to catch a cold that is able to knock you out of a working rut.

In love, Taurus needs a shake. Dream with your partner about what you want from life. Feelings that these dreams you can realize together, will add enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Try to get out with your partner on an unusual date to increase feelings.

Pay attention to your Taurus child during the summer holidays. Joint pastime will help you understand his dreams and become the closest friend of yours.

Fruitful work will bring success to the representatives of your Sign. Use your skills and do not give up the opportunity to attend advanced training courses. New knowledge will help you to achieve the location of the authorities and strengthen their financial situation.

To implement your skills, use June 30 and July 1. Sunday is suitable to start promoting your own projects and ideas.

For health good food with low sugar content. Review your diet and eliminate plenty of muffins and sweets. On the horoscope of Gemini can bother the teeth and gums.

Do not delay with a visit to the dentist.

The worst day of the week is June 28th. At this time, refrain from conflicts and quarrels, in order not to harm yourself. Use the environment for exercises that bring emotions to harmony.

In the relationship plays an important role pastime. To strengthen your feelings, go on a date, arrange a memorable evening together, which will shake you up and give you the opportunity to look at each other from a different angle.

This week’s Gemini children should be helped to channel energy into a healthy channel. A great idea would be to help the older generation in the country. Fresh air and work will help the children to realize themselves, and you will get a well-deserved rest for recuperation and personal activities.

Cancer this week promises good luck in the business field. These circumstances work for you, so feel free to take the bull by the horns. Realization of internal potential, improved thinking and a course of success will help to achieve significant changes for the better.

June 28 and 29 are the most favorable days. Use them to leap forward. You can search for a better-paid job or go up the career ladder.

Take care of yourself July 1. Pavel Globa recommends to closely monitor health in this unfavorable day. Do not overdo it and do not break on the cry, so as not to damage the vocal cords.

Use breathing exercises to stay in good spirits.

In a love relationship, take care and attention. Surround your partner with caress, so that he forgot about his problems and troubles. Your wise advice and tact will help him to relax and feel protected.

Little Cancers need praise from their parents, but do not overdo it so that your child does not become excessively proud.

The astrologer recommends Lev to be careful in carrying out business tasks. The less you make mistakes in the work, the greater the success awaits you. Carefully read the documents before signing and do not rush things. June 26 is an unfavorable day.

Use this time to work on the bugs and do not file for provocations. The less invisible you are, the less problems await you. Successful for Lviv will be July 1 and 2.

The beginning of the month is intended for active activities, planning and implementation of their projects.

Do not neglect your health and pay attention to the signals of the body. A timely examination will help eliminate serious illnesses.

In love, the astrologer calls for caution. Playing with the feelings of a partner can result in a negative situation for you. Do not play the role of a person who is not, and dot the relationship.

If you do not see further prospects, just say so to the person who has sympathy for you.

It is important for Lions children to convey information that long watching TV and many hours of computer games lead to sleep disorders and aggression. Use your free time for active walks in the fresh air and outdoor games.

Virgins Pavel Globa recommends thinking about the future. Feel free to make plans and do not miss the opportunity to get new knowledge and skills that will be useful to you in the future. In order not to miss a good offer, carefully watch the changes happening around you.

On July 2, according to the horoscope, the most auspicious day on which you need to mobilize your inner strength to achieve success.

June 28 you will need caution in judgment and secrecy. Do not tell others about your plans so that your ideas do not become the property of envious people.

In love, it is important for Virgos to remember their needs. The person who sympathizes with you is likely to be hopeless in a relationship. Do not maintain in it the illusion of reciprocity and just wait out this time while working on yourself.

In terms of health, it is important for Virgos to take care Do not spend all the time on his feet, so as not to earn problems with the veins. Use a relaxing evening massage and less likely to wear uncomfortable high-heeled shoes.

Little Virgos important parental encouragement. Give your child his opinion and praise him for his independence of judgment.

Work this week for Libra will be in priority. To achieve the well-deserved praise and reward, use all your knowledge. Good time for proposing innovative ideas will come on June 26 and 27.

In these favorable days fortune will be on your side. Strategically correct decisions will help you to leave behind competitors and to take a leadership position. June 30, the astrologer recommends to refrain from excessive spending and not to get involved in adventure.

An unfavorable energy day can leave a big gap in the budget.

Eat a balanced diet to avoid digestive problems. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly to eliminate the possibility of disease.

Personal relationships can be hurt by excessive impulsiveness. In order not to provoke a quarrel, take a break from your hobby. Reading the book and the time spent in quiet mode, will help to calm emotions.

Do not try to criticize your partner to avoid unnecessary clarification of relationships. Eliminate the possibility of the presence of a child in difficult moments for you. Baby love is important to both parents, and emotional shaking can cause sleep disorders and provoke moods.

Use this week to strengthen your leadership position. Your activity and desire to achieve significant success in your career will help you gain credibility among colleagues and bosses. Do not give up before difficulties and make informed decisions.

June 26 Keep your plans with you. The unfavorable energy of the day can provoke your envious people to gossip and intrigue. June 28 and 29 are the most successful days for realizing your potential and getting a well-deserved reward.

In personal relations, it is time to rethink and bring partners together. Feel free to dream together and support each other in everything. This week is ideal for marriage, which promises to be strong and financially stable. Build with your half far-reaching plans that you can implement.

This period is for happiness and love.

Scorpion babies need your support. Explain to them the simplest rules of behavior so that they can distinguish good deeds from unseemly ones.

In business, Streltsov expects changeable success. The astrologer recommends to refrain from financial expenses and save money intended for a long-awaited purchase. Reckless spending can knock you out of a rut.

Be especially vigilant on Wednesday, June 28th. On this day, the risk of loss increases. However, you can improve the financial situation in the near future.

June 26 and 27, as well as July 1 and 2 are days filled with positive energy. Use this time to realize your ideas.

Pavel Globa calls to save power and refrain from excessive physical and emotional stress. Overwork can turn into bad health and the inability to do everyday things to the fullest.

Your relationship needs a reboot. The astrologer recommends discussing the circumstances with a partner and finding a way for further development together. Speak what’s bothering you, and don’t hide from your favorite disappointment.

Together it will be easier to save the relationship.

Little Sagittarius needs your care. Have patience and stay in harmony with yourself if your crumb gets lost.

Every little thing is important in this week’s work. The astrologer recommends not giving up on small things in order not to lose everything. Use this time to lay the foundation for future victories. Support of close people and colleagues will not be superfluous.

Friday, June 30th is the most unfavorable day, on which it is worthwhile to exercise the utmost care and attentiveness to your duties.

June 28 and 29 are the most successful days. At this time, you have the opportunity to bring things back to normal and help your business partner. Accompany him to social events.

Your presence will make a pleasant impression on the environment of your second half.

Pavel Globa advises to take care of health and exclude fatty and spicy foods from the diet. Possible problems with the kidneys.

In adolescence has its own problems. Put yourself in the place of the fuzzy Capricorn scion and find points of contact with him. Remember yourself at his age, and it will be easier for you to capture the attention of the child.

Aquarius, it is important to join the work from the very beginning of the week. This period threatens you with checks and corrections of previously made mistakes. Watch out for betrayal on Monday. Spend this unfavorable day for measured work alone.

The astrologer recommends putting off new cases and completing ongoing ones for further business success. The period from June 30 to July 2 will be favorable. Plan for this time the most responsible affairs.

Deterioration of well-being is possible due to stress. Take yourself in hand and use the exercises to return a good mood and pep.

In love, it is necessary to understand that fading feelings are not a reason to give up. Remember the best moments of your life together and spend an unforgettable romantic evening with your partner.

Aquarius babies during this period can be damaged by drafts. Try not to muffle your crumb to avoid the possibility of disease.

Show yourself before the authorities and do not forget to talk about their achievements. Active position will allow you to establish yourself as an excellent specialist and climb the career ladder. However, be careful not to overestimate your own capabilities so that you do not blush for poorly performed work.

Pay special attention to cases on an unfavorable day — June 29th.

Fate gives you the opportunity to find true happiness. A worthy candidate will soon appear in your life. July 2, Sunday is the most auspicious day for developing personal relationships and taking initiative.

Child-Pisces needs new emotions. Go with him to visit relatives, where you can take a break from parenting, reassigning the baby to caring grandparents.

Pavel Globa recommends that you remain yourself this week, and to achieve success, use all your internal reserves. Start every day with positive attitudes to solve any difficulties in high spirits. We wish you success and do not forget to press the buttons and

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