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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from July 31 to August 6

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from July 31 to August 6

The astrological forecast of the leading astrologer of Russia, Pavel Globa, will help you to correlate personal plans with the changeable influence of planets and constellations and to achieve maximum benefit and prosperity.

The Woman`s Day website contains astrological recommendations for the period from July 31 to August 6, compiled especially for you by the famous astrologer Pavel Globa. According to the expert, the upcoming week will be associated with the release of powerful energy flows and their intense expression. To track the influence of planets at the level of individuals is quite difficult.

It will be about large-scale events for individual members of the zodiacal circle.

For Aries, the upcoming week will be related to personal issues. Complications are expected in love and business relationships. You may encounter unexpected negative circumstances.

The most important thing is to radiate confidence, activity and showiness.

It will be a good time for creative individuals: there is an increase in hidden talents and inspiration. According to the astrologer, it is necessary to achieve the set tasks in stages, without overloading your body with large loads. Success awaits you in matters requiring mobility, enterprise, and quick response.

The most favorable days are August 2 and 3.

The upcoming week will be ambiguous for Taurus: do not rely on harmony and stability. There will be a ground for sharp contradictions and painful questions. Personal well-being will be under threat. The idyll in the family union from July 31 to August 6 will be deceptive.

It is possible that you overstate your own bar.

It is advisable to think about improving the comfort of life. The most favorable financial matters related to real estate. Purchases and sales will be successful, if you are not too lazy to discuss all the conditions.

It is recommended to refrain from overeating and sit for a few days on a wellness diet. The most successful days, according to the forecast of Pavel Globa, are August 4, 5, 6.

The week will be marked by gambling behavior regarding money and love. The astrologer does not recommend engaging in risky actions, otherwise the case may take a negative turn. Waste during this period is the most dangerous enemy of your material well-being.

Gemini can seize the desire to completely seize the attention of the opposite sex. The pressure and violent temper can frighten a potential partner. You can provoke a deterioration in the relationship.

In the business sphere, business related to the study of the market, business trips and the introduction of new ideas will be the best.

A frivolous attitude will prevent representatives of the constellation of Cancer this week. Family and emotional background are problematic topics from July 31 to August 6. You will be able to lay a firm ground for a happy life, if you do not act based on your own preferences.

Good time for new acquaintances and initiative decisions. You can follow the emotional impulse, yielding to sensuality and romance. In the financial sphere, there will come a period “from hopes to action”.

It is useful to tune in to discipline and self-organization. Favorable days — July 31 and August 1.

This week, Lions should rely on their own experience. Events will be directly related to your past mistakes. The period from July 31 to August 6 may become culminating.

A happy present will depend on how you understand the lessons of the past.

To avoid empty fuss, you should set yourself specific tasks. Favorable time for large acquisitions and gifts to close people. Regarding career, you should aim more at the image of the company, doing advertising or promotion.

During this period, it will be easiest to show your professionalism and purposefulness, which will increase the chances of obtaining a more promising position in the near future.

According to the horoscope, Virgos will survive a period of uncertainty. Lay high hopes for the upcoming week is not worth it. According to Pavel Globa, it will be quite difficult to achieve success because of illusions, bad habits and changeable mood.

The best medicine will be loyalty to the principles and your enthusiasm for performing work.

In a relationship, things are not so sweet: Virgos risk being carried away by rampant and uncontrolled emotions. There is a desire for intrigue, jealousy scenes and violent quarrels. Unfavorable days will come on August 2 and 3.

At this time, it is best to work on controlling emotions.

A sharp increase in ambition and self-esteem will overtake representatives of Libra. Personal desires and demands may encounter resistance from family members. You have a difficult choice: to maintain a positive microclimate in the family or to achieve success.

Realization of their intentions is better to be postponed for successful days, which will come on August 2 and 3. A strong desire to achieve everything and immediately can be a cause of a nervous breakdown. It is recommended to set real and feasible tasks.

On a horoscope, Scorpios will be prone to excessive gullibility. Pavel Globa does not recommend resorting to frank conversations, especially with random people: it is possible to activate your secret enemies. In a relationship with your loved one, it is best for you to take a leading position for the time being.

Good time for advanced training, learning new, focused activities and the implementation of long-standing plans. Be ready to face aggressive resistance and defend your point of view. The most successful time will come on August 4, 5, 6.

Horoscope warns Streltsov about a possible outflow of funds. You should not leave money resources without control and let financial affairs take their course. You risk spending a large amount that puts you in a quandary.

Good luck will accompany you in matters of a personal nature. Trips and romantic acquaintances will present unforgettable impressions. Concentrate energy is best on solving problems.

Good time for your sign — August 6th.

Personal initiative in the period from July 31 to August 6 will be punishable. Capricorns should not wait for easy victories and show negative character traits: it’s better to temporarily slow down and go with the flow.

In relationships with loved ones, one should not go too far and demand strict obedience. Intensive head not allowed. Your union will hold first of all on mutual love.

Favorable days — July 31 and August 1.

The period from July 31 to August 6 will be associated with the undermining of secret roots and the activation of your detractors. It is not excluded an open struggle with competitors or colleagues. The horoscope does not favor the introduction of new ideas and the implementation of plans.

Defeat discredits you, causing irreparable damage to your reputation.

Distance and cooling of feelings are possible in a relationship with the opposite sex. Do not predict the future — live in the present. Give attention, but do not overdo it.

Your main task is to find a middle ground. Good days for you — 2 and 3 August.

An unexpected change of plans awaits the representatives of this Zodiac. Astrologers advise Pisces to quickly switch to other matters. Resolve and initiative — your ladder to Olympus success.

Successful days — July 31, August 1 and 4.

It is not recommended to provoke loved ones. This week you will be exposed to unbridled emotions that can control your behavior. Refrain from romantic dating.

Directing energy is best in creativity and personal hobbies.

The universe is trying every way to protect you from possible problems. The disharmonious impact of the planets notifies you of the necessary pause, while harmonious — pushes you to decisive action. Astrological knowledge will help you attract good luck in your life.

The horoscope of Pavel Globa says goodbye to you and wishes you a great mood and a productive week. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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