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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from July 24 to 30

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from July 24 to July 30

The recommendations of Paul Globa, one of the leading astrologers in the CIS, will help you live this week so that your work brings maximum benefit. Try to allocate time and effort.

Portal Woman`s day shared information about what awaits each of the signs of the zodiac in the period from 24 to 30 July. According to Paul Globa, this week can be the beginning of something new and pleasant. The mechanisms of action of the universe will not be clear until the end, so intrigue will lead you from side to side, but do not be afraid to listen to your heart.

In no case do not engage in sports and do not overload your body on Monday and Tuesday. Otherwise, chronic diseases can be exacerbated. At the beginning of the week it is better to rest more, and by the end — gradually increase the load and set more and more difficult goals.

Pay less attention to the advice of strangers. This applies to any area of ​​life, especially love. But listen to what your loved one is telling you. Look at him and try to understand the language of his body, the voice of his soul.

If he has any problems or experiences, then help them heal, and not exacerbate the situation. The most difficult day of the week will be Friday, July 28th. On the last working day, it is better to be as careful as possible in everything.

The main advice for Taurus — in no case do not supercool, because this week you can expect serious health problems, the exacerbation of chronic diseases. Do not experiment, do not risk in vain. Be yourself, but restrain yourself at least a little.

This is especially true of the financial sphere of life. On Monday, you should not allow rash spending. The best working days are July 26 and 27.

As for love, lonely Taurus is better to see the world differently. Take care of household chores, distract from your loneliness and problems. If you are in a relationship, then this week will have to work hard to keep everything intact.

You will have to be attentive and empathetic.

Gemini this week promises good luck in business. If you set yourself on the right wave and will not be afraid of change, then everything will be very favorable for you. This week it would be good to go on a trip or a business trip, change your style.

Creative activity will help you cope with the blues. If your child is born under the sign of Gemini, then this week try to help him succeed in something serious. Do not let him go in free swimming, if it does not teach him anything good.

If you and your soul mate go somewhere, then it will definitely benefit the relationship. This week a very warm period may come in the affairs of the amorous, and if you are alone and the search for love is not in your priorities, then plunge into work. It will be a great time to solve the most important problems.

July 26, 27 and 30 will be the best days for Rakas. Your sexual energy and your strength in general will be noticeably higher than usual. These days it is possible to take off fatigue by water procedures. In general, at the end of the week it is better to relax more and give time to rest.

Observe the regime — especially for small Cancers.

In love and work you will need great care. New people will try to take advantage of you, so beware of charismatic personalities. If you communicate with you too softly and kindly, it means that people will need something from you. Do not lose composure.

On the other hand, new acquaintances can help you find a soul mate in the future, so do not distance yourself completely from people.

The astrologer advises this week not to pay attention to what is happening around you. If any business has nothing to do with you, then just skip everything past the ears and eyes. Concentrate on the most pressing issues for you. To rest and soul and body, the weekend should be spent outside the city.

Find a way to get away from the routine of big cities.

For affairs love is a very favorable time. On any day, except Monday, you will have great luck. You will be charming and attractive to the opposite sex.

Everything will be fine, so just believe in yourself.

This week, luck will be waiting for you only on weekends. The best day is July 30th. Avoid collective work, postpone romantic meetings for the next week and don’t trust people who will be too easy to start a relationship with you.

By the way, about relationships — give more freedom to your second half. Today it is better to simply give the opportunity to your loved ones to be who they want to be.

Do not impose your opinion on people and avoid conflicts — they can seriously knock you out of the rut, deliver a lot of problems. This week is good for introspection. But none of your surroundings should know that you are engaged in spiritual quest.

Let everyone think that you are the same who you were before.

Monday and Tuesday are the two most productive, most positive and best days of the week. So that luck does not leave you, you should not climb on the rampage and try to solve problems by force. Collective work, too, will not benefit.

Try to force yourself to be persistent. If you survive all the problems, they will not return to you anymore.

Do not overwork yourself and your body, follow the schedule of the day. In love, learn to think before you do or say anything. Only having considered all the pros and cons of a business, you can come out a winner. This week is very good for declarations of love, for romance, dates.

Be yourself. Each of you has chances to find happiness.

July 27 and 28 are the two most favorable days for you. The most negative days are Monday and Sunday. The most important area of ​​life will be love.

Especially important will be the solution of long-standing problems. Trust yourself, your inner voice. But do not ask anyone for advice, otherwise you can break the wood.

Favorite people will be able to come to the rescue in affairs and work.

Speaking of work. She will argue, will go very easily. That is why Pavel Globa advises all Scorpios to take up the work that you have postponed many times.

You can no longer run from their duties. If you feel a lack of strength, ask for help to daily affirmations.

The worst day for you is July 27th. On Thursday there is a risk of getting sick or catching a cold. Your support can be loved by family and friends.

Remember everything they have done for you, and then just tell yourself that you must pull yourself together and find the strength to help them.

This week will be very positive for creating a family, getting married, looking for love. All that concerns your joint happiness, should be carried out in a timely manner. Try to get out of town this week to retire to who you care about.

This will help recuperate and be filled with positive emotions.

Capricorn this time will bring a lot of positive emotions. So that your health does not suffer, be attentive to all possible dangers. Also, the astrologer advises not to give advice to people around you, because they will be extremely irritable towards you.

This week will be extremely positive in order to change something in life. Changing the situation will benefit your well-being and mood. You can also change the style, and the ways for this can be a million.

July 28 is better to be diplomats, because any disagreements can lead to the rupture of love or friendship.

Try not to ignore the advice of people who are dear to you. This is especially true of the second half, because no one knows you better. Do not be afraid to be among people, invite your friends to your home and let your Aquarius child do this.

Offer also help to close people. Collective work will have good consequences at work and in household affairs.

This is a good and calm week, but do not relax too much, because then it will be difficult to recover your strength. Stay true to your principles, do not trust in chance, especially on Sunday: July 30 is the worst day for you.

Pisces luck will smile almost all the time, but on Sunday she will open her arms especially widely. Believe in yourself and don’t let doubts sneak deep into your mind. Watch what you eat: fatty and fried foods will lead to poor health and malaise.

Pisces should remember that in love and in deeds one should not pay attention to desires alone. You have needs, responsibilities, important things. Concentrate on them, not on selfish beginnings. If you have not yet found your soul mate, limit communication with a potential partner.

Stay alone and gather your thoughts.

The Universe always knows how to influence you correctly in order to motivate or, conversely, protect you from harm. Believe in yourself, live in the present, and look to the future. Try to understand what you really want from life.

This will give you a special incentive. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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