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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from April 2 to April 8

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from April 2 to April 8

Pavel Globa is one of the best experts in the field of universal astrological forecasts. Try to take the advice of an astrologer as responsibly as possible, so that luck will accompany you in all spheres of life.

Good luck this week will largely depend on observations from the outside. Keep track of important details. If you do not want to lose success in each of the spheres of life, you will have to learn to be attentive, since the stars and planets will stand in such a way that their effect on us all becomes mysterious and inexplicable.

Any failure in these seven days can turn into something auspicious, but the opposite can happen. Be yourself and do not be afraid to fight for your happiness. As the astrologer told the Woman`s day portal, this week can be very productive, and can cause laziness and apathy in you.

Aries will most of all be driven on April 4, 5 and 6. These days you can safely change the situation, appearance, look for work, new sources of income, a hobby. Travel and new beginnings will also be good.

No matter what happens in your life, it will be of great importance for the future, so it’s better to look to the past in no way under any pretext. On the other days, it is better to work as carefully as possible, because fatigue will increase.

Do not strain too much when you work physically or intellectually. In no case can you sit idle, because the energy that will be concentrated in you can come out without your knowledge: a black bar will start or something bad will happen. For recreation there is no opportunity, no time.

Work as much as possible, or focus on love. If you prioritize this way, you won’t lose. Do not rely on signs — listen to your intuition and take into account past experience.

Trouble and problems at work are more than possible in these seven days. The fact is that the people around you will often pursue their personal goals. Greed will become the norm, but also you yourself will provoke people to such behavior towards yourself. To avoid this, you need to endure your nervousness, especially on Monday, the most dangerous day of this week.

Do not put yourself above others in the coming period. Do not criticize anyone, even if it is appropriate. This can provoke a serious conflict.

Limit your communication with people to the minimum. Take care of yourself and your affairs. Very soon the times may not come for you. Of course, this does not mean that you need to start to sound the alarm.

You just have to wait until the best time for action comes. Perhaps this is a weekend when the energy of the stars and planets will be very harmonious.

It will be necessary for all Gemini to establish harmony in the house, since it is in your own walls that the most luck will await you. Rest will become much more effective at home, so you should not rest outside your own walls. Try to invite close friends to your home, do business with your family.

It should be as carefully as possible to treat your health. There is a risk of getting sick, catching cold, getting physical injuries due to carelessness.

Changes are coming. They need to be felt, foreshadowed and predicted. Do not sit still — try to develop spiritually, mentally, physically. Spring is in full swing, so good luck will be with you in love affairs.

Show everyone your intellect, your charisma and sense of humor. You will succeed, because the opposite sex will be crazy about you. Lucky as a family Gemini, and those who are free and love to flirt.

A good dream this week will be the best gift from you to yourself. Observe the daily regimen, be more fresh and do not sit still. Beware of risks, because they prove to be hazardous to your health. High physical exertion will also be very inappropriate.

As for relationships with people, they can become very strained. If you live with your soulmate, then you should beware of clarifying the relationship. Conflicts with the closest people will be very dangerous.

You will have to give up all your strength to eradicate jealousy, fear, doubt. Talk to your loved one if something bothers you. Do not be impulsive now.

As for work and financial sphere, Pavel Globa recommends getting rid of debts of any type and volume. You risk losing luck because of greed.

The most dangerous day of the week for you will be Monday. Good luck days — April 4, 5 and 6. This means that you need to focus on work.

Important events will occur almost every day, so you will have to tune yourself in the right way before them. Do not give up all your efforts to solve problems — leave a little to relax and communicate with loved ones.

You may be lucky in the financial sphere of life, because you will find a new source of income. At work, try to solve problems with the help of creativity. Non-standard solutions will help you to believe in yourself with a new force and learn how to spend less time on various tasks. It will be a very positive time for work, love and everything that gives you pleasure.

Do not be afraid of difficulties — luck is on your side.

Virgos should beware of envious people who will be the source of all problems. They will infect you with negative if communication becomes close. Avoid contact with those who do not like you.

Also try not to break the rules and be punctual. If you responsibly approach the execution of all that is required, good luck will be waiting for you. If you do not respect the laws and morals, then you will have to fight not for life, but for death with problems.

Do not violate laws and regulations.

A full four days will be extremely successful for you: April 2, 3, 7 and 8. These days, you can safely trust your intuition, your gut. Creative individuals born under the Sign of Virgo, you can not rush to solve problems.

If you are not constrained by time, then it is still more positive for you. In relations with people, it is better to be as polite as possible, because your enemies will not miss the opportunity to annoy you.

Possible crisis in a love relationship. This means that you have to learn to act openly and bravely. April 7, you can quarrel even with those who support you in everything, because your emotions will be explosive. Fix it can be rest.

7 numbers and Sunday rest as much as possible. During working hours, try not to make too serious decisions.

Do not demand too much from your colleagues and friends. At work, you will be constantly distracted by various trifles, which on April 2 and 3 can lead to serious disagreements. Do not trust your fate impulsiveness.

Your flexibility and ability to put yourself in the shoes of another person are ideal traits that will help solve problems this week.

Saturday and Sunday will be the best days for you. Of course, not only because it is a weekend. Planets and stars will be in perfect balance with each other in order to help you become better in all senses. Monday, by contrast, will be a day of scandals and troubles.

Only faith in yourself will help you to attract love and success in these seven days. Take care of your health in order not to lose the last bit of hope for a bright future. You may not like what the Universe has prepared for you.

It is likely that you will get some debt back this week. You will also need to remember your obligations to people and fulfill them as soon as possible. Disorder in the team and in the family is now useless.

Be as careful as possible with words and deeds.

Strelets Troops Paul Globa recommends these seven days in solitude. At work, on the contrary, it is better to incline towards collective work so that changes begin for the better. Teamwork will help everyone achieve their goals and become closer to each other.

It is very difficult for those who are accustomed to do everything on their own, but everything happens for the first time. The best day of the week is Monday. Stars and planets will stand in such a way that April 2 is perfect for dating, romance and declarations of love.

You should not be overly ambitious, because common sense should be present everywhere and always. Set yourself feasible goals and objectives, solve them, and then set new ones. It should not be so that you set yourself overwhelming tasks, throwing all your strength at accomplishing them, and in the end, even if you are achieving something positive, you have no more “fuel” in stock.

Learn good habits from people who are an example to you. This will be the best way to grow this week. From Monday you can start to go on the offensive, because April 2 and 3 will be the most positive days in terms of energy.

The only area of ​​life in which even the beginning of the week will not help you get out of problems is finance. It is better to take the money very carefully, carefully. Do not waste too much, because it can lead to big disappointments.

If you feel that your health is weakened, then in no case start to drink medication without thinking — go to the doctor immediately. Change your surroundings, do housework. Visit parents and close friends who have not been seen for a long time.

This will help you cheer yourself up. Everything is in your hands, remember this. Do not rely on condescension from the authorities.

Changing your life in a week is quite difficult, but you can get it. The stars will be completely on your side, so you should not deny their participation in the development of your luck. It’s not worth risking anyway, but in cases that are routine for you, you can succeed quite seriously. April 4, 5 and 6 will be the peak of a positive impact from the stars on you.

You can safely hold interviews, negotiate, sign papers and enter into transactions.

It will be a great week for dating love, but love itself will arise sometime later. Do not rush things — enjoy the freedom and choice. To confess your love is not worth it, as well as offering your hand and heart.

Flirt and intimate relationships will be very useful — they will help you to abstract from problems. You can simply surrender completely to work, if you doubt the need to look for a soul mate.

For the Pisces, the Universe and the stars will make it clear that life will change soon. It will not be a joke or a hint. This will be a direct change in course and mood. Many representatives of this Sign were very much waiting for such a moment, so they will have to act as openly as possible.

To change the course you will have four positive days — Monday, Tuesday and weekends. April 4, the energy of stars and planets will be very doubtful.

Invest your time in knowledge and experience. This will be the best investment on your part. Watch your health, because it is simply impossible to hurt now.

If you have time, then on the weekend you can safely go for expensive purchases, and they do not have to be planned in advance. In love, luck and those who are in search, and those who have already found their happiness. This is your week, your time.

Use it to the fullest.

Even if you have to endure parting, it will not mean that life has stopped. The same applies to workers’ troubles. They should not confuse you.

Pavel Globa recommends that serious problems be regarded as the possibility of changing the path and introspection. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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