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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from October 30 to November 5

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from October 30 to November 5

Pavel Globa as no one else knows why it is important to understand the mood of the stars and planets. The life of each of us depends largely on the state of space objects. An astrologer will help you become more successful this week.

New week has begun. Energy stars and planets will not be positive for everyone. Astrologer’s advice will help you stay afloat in any area of ​​life.

The Woman`s Day portal shared with us the thoughts of Pavel Globa regarding the distribution of the moods of space objects from October 30 to November 5. This week can be a powerful source of positive for many of us. The main thing is to be ready for dramatic changes and not be afraid of mood swings.

Aries attracting good luck is not needed. Try to follow your instincts, your desires, especially towards the end of this week. November 5 will be the peak of the whole week, the apogee in terms of energy.

November 2 — the most dangerous day, energy pit. Do not lose your motivation on Thursday. Problems and troubles are better just not to notice.

You will be capable of much, especially on weekends. Dedicate them to love and romance. At the beginning of the week, you will be overwhelmed by troubles and problems, but you can get out of this abyss pretty quickly. Even if you are opponents of parting for a while, it is better to find a reason to rest from the second half.

The same goes for your best friends, colleagues. In financial terms, you will need to be cautious, because new debts and large expenses will throw you far back in the affairs of money. Do not borrow yet — let the storm calm down.

Dress very warmly because your biofield will not be able to protect you from hypothermia. A lot of things will depend on your well-being — your sexual energy, good luck in general. Do not tease the fate of their loved ones and friends, as well as enemies. Be at peace with all people.

Show everyone that you are ready to compromise and do not want «bloodshed». The easiest way to establish contact with any person will be through a small gift.

Not worth this week, according to the astrologer, to arrange scenes. In love, it will be important to maintain diplomacy and show your loved one that you know how to listen. Everything that you will do now will have the strongest influence on you in the foreseeable future, at the beginning of winter, for example.

You will not see the fruits of your labors, but there is nothing wrong with that. Know that everything will come, but not now. Monday and Tuesday are the most productive days.

November 3 is a dangerous day.

November 1 and 2 are waiting for you to win, good luck and many new emotions. But on October 31, it is better to close within yourself so that the external negative does not leak into your life. Each sign of the zodiac is unique, as is the mood this week. Everyone will have a different view of the world, a different vision of the future.

Gemini should focus on the present. You may begin to experience problems in love due to improper prioritization. Think for two and take care of the relationship. Look for common classes.

If you are alone now, then the search is better not to start. Enjoy the solitude.

At work already before Tuesday it is better to try to complete all the tasks that pull you to the bottom. Stop postponing important projects for the future. The authorities may be unhappy with you, but do not be discouraged — this is a temporary phenomenon.

Show everyone that you do not miss, that you can count on. Do not break the promises made earlier. This is the golden rule of early November.

You will feel good. Sometimes this lightness will prevent you from properly assessing the situation in affairs and in love. Help people relieve stress, not add problems. Most of all you will appreciate the ability to come to the aid in difficult times.

Do not ask for anything in return if you decide to help. More fantasize and think outside the box. Everything is in your hands this week.

This is a time of love and friendship, mutual help and inspiration.

Lucky for Cancers and in love. The most noticeable luck will be 3 and 4 November. These will be the most positive days of the week.

1 number of energy planets and stars will be destructive. You can devote this day to rest, but if the weekend is not, then just do not meddle in the thick of it. Avoid conflicts and do personal matters.

The most important day for Lviv will be Monday. The energy of the first day of the week will be very positive for you. November 1, 2 and 5 will have a similar power.

The whole week will be generally very positive. Pavel Globa recommends Lions not to eschew the advice of older generations. If you feel that now they themselves are already quite wise, then start a new business at work and in business.

Think of the future, but live in the present.

You can get bored this week and feel a pang of sadness, which is very bad for the love sphere of life. The second half will make a complaint to you about the fact that memories have rolled on you. Family life this week can be extremely unstable and problematic.

Everything will depend on your overall plans. Do not downplay the importance of family projects.

Finding love will be possible for Virgos this week. You need to open your heart and stop negatively looking at the world. Monday will be the worst day, and November 3 and 4 will be the best days of the week.

The universe will give you a lot of strength and patience, which can be distributed as you please. In love you will smile good luck if you try to find your soul mate. The initiative is what you need right now.

Your learning will be on top. It’s good to take exams this week, start your studies or finish it. Changing the situation can also benefit you now.

You can go on vacation or a business trip for a few days. Do not sit still, look for opportunities, change the picture around you. Work will be very effective, intellectual and physical activities will not be destructive.

The astrologer recommends Libra to take care of himself and his body during these seven days. Do not overload your body with physical training and do not stay up late at work. Try more time to relax and spend it with loved ones.

Human energy depends on many factors. At work, it was time to start improving our workplace, and at home it was time for general cleaning. Clean and tidy around you will attract the internal order.

Favorable days will come for you at the very end of the week. Starting Friday, start paying more attention to love, romance, flirting and searching for the second half. You will be expected to care and affection, goodness and warmth. Give it all to those who truly deserve it.

Do not force yourself to go against your principles, but do not bend your line. Everything should be in harmony.

For Scorpios, the most successful start of the week. The first two days is better to devote to business. An initiative on your part will help you overcome any setbacks. Concentrate on solving only your problems.

Stay a little selfish in financial and at work. In love, you will need cunning and foresight. Brave Scorpions can be much happier.

Start the week with task setting, planning.

Make yourself a gift, spend some money on yourself loved ones. At the end of the week it is better to rest without showing anyone your true thoughts. On weekdays and on working days, work non-stop.

Get out at home, do housework, but don’t be lazy. Rest only when you really deserve it. Only work will help to gain wealth and love.

Beauty and health for Sagittarius is most important. Your strength is charisma, attractiveness and leadership skills. All this from October 30 to November 5, you will need very much.

Most likely, you will be the most popular people in any team. The opposite sex will be crazy about you, but at the same time new responsibilities, new problems will come.

Think more often about how to cheer yourself up and not burn out at work and in love. In the affairs of amorous it is time to revise some of their principles and understand the problems. Think more about the causes of failures and troubles in love, and not about how to correct them, because removing the causes is the cure for quarrels and problems in family life. You are now deciding the fate of your entire family, as well as the fate of your love couple.

If you are alone, do not be in a hurry to associate yourself with anyone. Easy flirt will help you to forget, distract.

Capricorn luck is not needed as much as usual. Now all your problems can be solved by improving the energy at home. Clean, re-arrange the furniture, buy something new to create comfort.

October 30 and 31 will be good days for rest, reception of guests, relaxation. Immediately after the positive days, there is an energy decline. November 1 is a difficult and very difficult day.

You just need to force yourself to believe your principles.

In love can come a serious change. It is not so easy — to stay in the boat, which swings on the waves and swims along a strong current. The whole question is only where this stream will lead you.

It can be a safe haven or a bay in which war rages. Enjoy any outcome — do not demand too much from the Universe now.

The path to success for Aquarius this week is nothing but the way up, which is not so easy to follow. Constantly someone will want to pull you up, make you take the wrong step. Perhaps it can even be done, but do not be discouraged.

Problems will teach you something new. November 1, 2 and 5 will be the days with the best energy. Among them, hide a very dangerous day — November 3.

3 numbers try to show yourself only from the best side in front of colleagues and a loved one.

It will be a week of choice — you will need to decide which direction to move more diligently. If you choose love, it will be difficult to concentrate at work. If you go on the way back, then in love there will come a period of misunderstanding and discord. The choice is yours.

If your loved one and friends are disappointed in you, try to rehabilitate yourself at the weekend, catch up.

Monetary energy will prevail now. You need to collect all your will and all your strength in order to give them up to improve their material condition. Perhaps you need to think about finding new housing, finding new partners, friends, additional sources of income.

Send in business trips, if necessary. Cool as you can.

Now comes the white stripe for you in love affairs. It will be felt especially strongly on November 3 and 4. You will have a chance to find your love, but you don’t need to focus too much on it — everything will come by itself, you don’t even need to strike a finger.

However, despite this, in the case of the arrival of love, you will need to keep her. This is where your abilities will be needed.

Pave Globa notes that this week you may have a feeling of deja vu. This will mean that you are closer to happiness than ever before. You are about to become truly happy.

Every Sign of the Zodiac, every person, every family can wrest luck from the tenacious paws of a routine. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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