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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from January 29 to February 4

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from January 29 to February 4 of the year

Paul’s Globa tips will help you succeed in love, business, finances this week. Each area of ​​life will be more clear, understandable. In any direction there will be a chance to take your own.

Portal Woman`s day shared the thoughts of an astrologer on how to properly behave in relation to yourself and others this week. The coming seven days may not seem to be the easiest. The reason for this can be only one thing — a small dissonance of stars and planets, which will give us little doubts about our skills and abilities.

Pavel Globa advises as soon as possible to learn to cope with their fears, otherwise they will prevail and will not give you the opportunity to succeed where you have long dreamed of doing it.

Aries luck will smile on the last day of January and February 1, but this does not mean that only these days it will be necessary to go beyond their comfort zone. Try to understand that luck works on a straightforward basis. People who are trying to succeed in something always succeed.

The astrologer notes that changes await you ahead, but their character will depend on many factors, visible and invisible.

Your knowledge will serve you well in the coming seven days. This means that you need to do important things that require the use of experience. It can be not only duties. In love, everything can go sharply uphill or fall into the abyss.

It will depend on your mood. Trust your heart and do not give up if there are impassable jungles of problems ahead.

Tauruses need to look for love more, and not strive for money and success, although such an alignment will also not be the worst. In a word, you can move in any direction, so that you can feel a little freedom, take a deep breath. The most dangerous day for you is January 31st.

To search for the second half this day is not suitable at all. Dedicate it to better shopping and sports. Physical activity will be very useful in late January and early February.

The most favorable days of the week are January 29, February 2 and 3. These days it will be helpful to start something new. You can start making repairs, make a move, apply for admission to an educational institution, or start learning new skills.

In short, now is the right time for a comprehensive work on yourself. You will succeed in everything.

Human abilities are almost limitless. The secret lies in our minds, because we can build for ourselves any future in our head, so that the most cherished dreams come true and everything we think about becomes a reality. You will be able to fully experience this on January 31 and February 1 and 4.

The best plan for the week is to change the situation by going on a trip or a business trip.

In order not to lose your position in business and at work, you need to become more diplomatic and flexible. Your perseverance will interfere not only with you, but also with everyone who works or studies with you. Escape from the burning concerns of romance will help you.

This is a good reason to revive the former passion in relationships or to find a new love. Now is the best time to solve complex problems and find compromises.

The strongest amulet for Rakov this week is a loved one, friend. It is necessary that the support from the closest person is always near you. Of course, nothing just happens because relationship problems can begin in almost all Cancers. You need to give your loved one to express thoughts and opinions unhindered.

Do not judge him or her because of the little things. Learn to forgive and behave with dignity.

As for the money, it is simply impossible to spend now. You need to keep money as close as possible to yourself, save on almost everything. Do not borrow if you do not want to sign a sentence. If it seems to you that all life is one big problem, then try to find a person to whom you can talk about your difficulties.

You will soon realize that your problems are not worth your tears and worries.

The most favorable days for you are the weekend. This is especially true Sunday. On the last day of the week, you can and even need to invite close people to your home, create a festive mood, devote yourself to creating a holiday for everyone you love.

The whole week will be good for communicating with nice people. Avoid communication with enemies and opponents.

Do not buy anything super-expensive, do not spend money on something useless, do not make important decisions, do not borrow. Watch your health, because you can get sick. If you are tired of your work, then perhaps it is time to change it.

If the thought of this creeps into your head, then you should not hesitate — start scanning the Internet for the presence of something of interest to you. Do not burn bridges — be careful to attract happiness and keep it close.

Virgos need self-confidence more than ever. This will be a special week. You will have the chance to step far ahead.

January 29 and 30 are the most positive days of the week. These days you will be able to feel the approach of something very pleasant. It will be a strip of luck, new acquaintances, positive events.

In all areas of life, you will be overwhelmed with enthusiasm, a desire to go forward.

The most dangerous day of the week is February 2. You may get tired much faster than usual at work. On other days, even the most intimate Virgos will be able to make a step towards another person in order to find love.

Events will evolve rapidly, so you have to not the easiest week, but one of the most productive in the last couple of months.

Only romance, positive attitude, activities that bring a lot of positive emotions will help to overcome the crisis of relationships, lack of desire to work and depression. Spend more time outdoors, play sports. You need now to keep a distance in relation to entertainment. It’s time to work, time to work.

Do not miss the opportunity to succeed in business or in affairs, even in household affairs.

Consider in advance all that you have to do in the future. It will be an incredibly positive seven days to properly prepare yourself for a series of changes in the near future. By the way, about the future — it will be very appropriate to plan for the next couple of weeks.

You need to pull yourself together and start acting.

Perhaps you will have a whole series of forebodings that will warn you about soon changes in your life. The sixth sense and intuition will work for you. On January 30, February 2 and 3, your life journey will change, but only with your submission, with your permission.

Do not be afraid to make decisions quickly and coolly. Too serious decisions can be postponed for now, if there is any uncertainty in you.

In these seven days, stars and planets can make you more quick-tempered, so watch what you say to people and how you react to their criticism. Take it all right, without harsh emotions. It will be easy to work in solitude and live in it, but any attempts to find your soul mate or to lift your spirits with the help of romance will fail, because only by yourself you can make yourself happy.

Love, money and luck, as always, will be where you are not, so try to move as much as possible. Dynamics is life, so keep the desire to stay always on the move. It will be a very emotional time filled with possibilities.

Do not be afraid to travel on business trips, because changing the situation will favorably affect the creative mood.

The most dangerous day of the week is February 3. It is on this day that it is better to stay at home and invite friends instead of going on a long journey. Financial affairs will best go January 31, as well as February 1 and 4.

These will be your days, your time. Do not try to distance yourself from worries and work, all the same it will not work so that problems will bypass you.

To Capricorns financial well-being and luck in love will come on February 2 and 3. More precisely, excellent conditions will be created for romance, new acquaintances and work. For love, it is better to leave only the evening.

Give gifts to the second half, children, relatives. Learn to distinguish between work and home, love and the affairs of others. Mix it all just can not.

More on the street, airing the burglary at home and at work, because your body will need energy.

At work there will be a significant advancement in business, therefore Pavel Globa advises to start thinking about promotion. If you can not show yourself, then at least do not worry about the little things. Try to talk more about your plans with your superiors and business associates.

Everything must be coordinated. The most dangerous day is January 30th. At this time it is better to focus on duties.

Aquarius does not need to know their future to be confident in it. It will be a great time to work, to make important decisions, romance and relaxation. Relaxation will help you replenish lost strength quickly and efficiently.

Your initiative should play into the hands of relationships, into the hands of your business. If you are single or have no interesting work, then this week you can safely move in any direction.

Communicate more with people, set feasible tasks, plan for the future. Everything is in your hands, as the stars and planets are arranged in a very good way. Will be careful only on February 1.

On the 3rd and 4th, an incredibly bright time will come when you will discover the secret of all failures, of all missed opportunities. Spend a weekend of introspection.

Pisces will need to keep track of the little things, because they will hide the secret meaning of everything that is happening around. Folk omens are the golden source of luck for many of you. Listen to the heart and mind.

Together they will help you become happier, correct your mistakes and shortcomings in work, in love and friendship. Dreaming will be of particular importance — they will also be able to predict your future, just do not take them literally.

It is better not to postpone the most difficult cases, but to solve them on Monday and Tuesday. Do not engage in any altercation with anyone and do not provoke anyone to emotions. Now any quarrel can be the cause of your defeats.

New acquaintances are also better to postpone. Do not take special initiative, be respectful to other people. Let everyone think that you care.

There will be a lot of good fortune this week, but the most obvious factor is your enthusiasm. If you have a mood, then there will be both motivation and luck. This is a great period that may seem magical to any representative of each Zodiac Sign.

Pavel Globa wishes you success. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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