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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from November 27 to December 3

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from November 27 to December 3 of the year

The horoscope of Pavel Globa for the week will tell you how to properly distribute your forces in order to succeed in love, affairs, finances, and also not lose luck in the coming period.

In the next seven days, you need to be more attentive to the people around you. All problems and failures will come at the most inappropriate moments. There is a chance that the closest people will cause you the greatest problems because of irresponsibility. Portal Woman`s day shared the opinion of the most experienced and famous astrologer in the CIS.

These tips can help you avoid confusion or minimize damage from unforeseen problems of any scale. All on an equal footing — always remember this, so as not to think that fate has cheated you on something.

December 3, Sunday, will be the most favorable day for you. Aries will be filled with positive waves towards the end of the week. This will happen to you on Monday, but by Wednesday there may be difficulties. Do not be afraid to change the line of conduct.

Flexibility is now a salvation from all troubles, emotional and physical problems. Liver problems are possible, so alcohol and drug use are best minimized.

At work and in love your trump card will be easy communication. You, like no one else, can communicate without intrigue. Do not lie to close people so that the Universe does not leave you without its protection. Take on new business and do not be afraid of difficulties.

Everything is in your hands, and in any area of ​​life. This is your week, your time. Good luck, fulfillment of desires and success are nearby — you can feel it with every cell of your body.

Taurus in the coming period, you need to move from a hard offensive in the mode of observation. The only two days that you need and can go beyond the rules are Monday and Tuesday, November 27 and 28. The energy of the stars and planets will be in complete harmony. You can even overload the body to work longer, work out more in the gym and so on.

On other days it is better to rest as much as possible. The most dangerous day of the week is December 1st. It is better to devote his measured work.

Avoid energy vampires.

In love, you are waiting for special troubles in this period. The reason for this will be insufficient attention to detail in the near past. There is nothing that could change the past, but, unfortunately, the future is more than half already prescribed.

This week, especially at its end, everything that happens will be the result of your actions in the past.

November 29 and 30 are the most positive days of the coming week. You will need to stop going into the shadows, hiding from problems. Try to start moving in the thick of things, stop being afraid of troubles. Do not be afraid to take responsibility.

The main thing is not to forget about your capabilities and weak points in order to risk correctly. Your loved ones now need special support from you, so it’s time to accept the fact that there are not only pleasant moments in love.

Gemini needs to double check itself before making any important decisions. This week you need to work more with energy, to raise your spirits by any means. Pavel Globa advises you to do your favorite things in between work. This is the only way to maintain stability and a positive attitude.

Defeat yourself so that you don’t have to spend more time on the people around you.

Each of us has our own vices and weaknesses. You need to hide them as best you can between November 27th and December 3rd. People can be very cynical, so they will only look at everything from a “good-bad” point of view.

The reasons for your actions, few people want to understand, including yourself. In such periods, it is extremely difficult to make new friends and look for a soul mate. You need to focus on work.

The most favorable days for you are November 27, 28 and December 1. It is during these three days that the energy of the stars will be as creative as possible. Stop being sad for no reason and dress warmly.

Now you have the risk of getting sick in front of important things. You should not throw back your progress in business, otherwise it will be very difficult to go forward afterwards. It all depends on you.

Selfish people may revolve around you, but now you need to stop being those. Do not pay attention to what is happening around, because it does not matter. You need to make a breakthrough in your own worldview. We need to stop digging a hole for ourselves.

Be as demanding as possible for your person. People will respect you for honesty and courage.

The most dangerous day is December 1st. Advertise your abilities, but do not arrogantly and do not try to put yourself above others. If you do everything right, then you will be lucky in love and in financial matters. By the way, about money — you can spend it, but first it is better to consult with close people about the expediency of a particular purchase.

Do not be offended by those who will dissuade you. This is a clear sign that our plans should be postponed.

There are many things that rob us of financial success. For you this week, the most dangerous thing of this kind will be new beginnings. Take care of solving problems that no longer suffer delays. Take care of the most important chores around the house, at work.

The most decisive need to be December 1 and 2, when the stars and planets will favor you in everything.

In love, separately worth noting flirt and dating. New people are not as important as those who have already become part of your life. Think of those who have forgotten you, with whom you have not seen for a long time. You should not wait for a counter step from the person who is dear to you.

Everyone has their own problems — someone is busy, someone has no time to call you. There is nothing easier than writing on social networks or calling someone who is important to your life.

Cash days are December 3 and 4. December 3 is the most positive day of this week. You will find a great success in almost everything.

The only problem is planning. You need to properly plan all your business for the future. If you do not do it on Monday, then you will regret it, because the chaotic movement is not the best choice. The most positive days for flirting, dating and romance — November 28 and 30.

The most dangerous day of the week is Wednesday.

Whoever comes to you for help, do not turn away from this person in any way. Subsequently, you regret your decision — if not this week, then next. Perseverance will be rewarded, as will pliability and diplomacy.

You will be able to see wealth and well-being. Spend more time in the learning process. New knowledge will not prevent you now.

Scorpios will need to get rid of negative programs that are densely prescribed in your head. Everyone has their own fears and their own problems. But now they need to be addressed. People will see your work and efforts.

This is the most positive period for those Scorpions who do not expect help from others, while they themselves go to meet everyone. Do not be afraid to sacrifice your time for the sake of others.

In the love sphere, this period will be very incomprehensible. It is not bad, not dark, but very ambiguous, because old love can remind of itself, and quite obsessively. It can only have a positive outcome for those who still want a renewal of relationships, but do not be too arrogant — it’s likely that they are just playing with you.

Enough of the experiences. You need to spend more time in the fresh air, to occupy yourself with something interesting. People can not see your apathy, because in this case, immediately activate all your enemies.

They will try to create unnecessary problems for you, so a period of nervous tension will come. This will not be useful to you for obvious reasons. Be proactive, especially on the most dangerous day of the week — November 27th.

Fulfillment of desires can occur with a high probability of 29 and 30 numbers. This will require a lot of positive thoughts and hard work. A special mascot for you will be someone of close friends or colleagues.

This person will constantly pull you out of the troubles, and you can not even guess about it. Do not withdraw into yourself — this is a good time to search for love.

It’s time to improve karma. All your wrongdoings committed in the foreseeable past will make themselves known later, so you will not notice the negatives from your actions. This week will be really dangerous for you. Everyone around will be mistrustful towards you.

If you justify people’s fears, then your relationship may crack.

According to Pavel Globa, the fear of all this is November 29th. This day will be an energy pit in which all your doubts, fears and vices will lie. Get outside by working hard on your consciousness.

Do not be obsessive, especially in love. Know your own worth, but constantly raise it for others. Do not be afraid to give more than take.

You should succeed, because you can demonstrate the wonders of responsible behavior.

Change the fate of stars and planets will help you on November 29, 30 and December 3. In these three days, everyone will favor you, so do not try to plunge into the routine. Of course, you need to work and rest, but this week will be perfect for a vacation.

Put yourself in the right position. Rest from everything and from everyone who is tired of you. People can be really intrusive.

As soon as you decide that you are ready for new victories, it will mean that the time has come. December 1, try to get rid of the head problems. The initiative will be punishable, therefore at work it is better to be engaged only in their immediate duties.

On other days, you will have to start bending your line, otherwise you will become mired in despondency.

Pisces can come up with some crazy idea or thought that will turn the whole inner world upside down. This week you need to think more about how to overcome obstacles, and not to get around them. Courage will be necessary for both men and women Pisces. You will be more respected, you will be listened to all around.

Now you should not chase two hares at the same time. Either love or work is one of two things.

The astrologer recommends to you on November 28th and at all to forget about everything except the most relevant. On December 1 and 2, you can relax, change the situation in the house and around you, go shopping. It will be your time that you can and even need to spend on yourself loved ones.

No one should stop you from enjoying freedom. All you need now is attention to yourself.

To gain strength, you need to spend more time on the air, to communicate more with nice people. Do what you want, but do not get too carried away egocentrism. Pavel Globa wishes you a truly happy week. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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