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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from April 30 to May 6

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from April 30 to May 6

Begins the last month of spring. This means that everything around is becoming very incomprehensible, ambiguous. From April 30 to May 6, a lot of interesting things can happen.

As the astrologer told the Woman`s day portal, these seven days for people of all ages and gender can be crucial. Everyone should look at his life as if from the outside. Self-analyze and do not be afraid to admit your mistakes.

Aries do not need to worry about the problem with money and with work until the uncertainty in love and in a happy future, as regards feelings, is gone. Spring is doing its job, so the first thing you should pay attention to this week is love and love compatibility with your partner. It is possible that you do not quite fit each other.

If everything is not very smooth, then try to tell your partner that you are not comfortable in a relationship. If you are in search, then do not be afraid to get acquainted and do things that did not allow yourself before. This is the very period when you can fall in love with anyone.

As for the money, you do not need to keep them next to him. Buy something that you have long wanted to buy. It will be difficult for you to keep from buying something too expensive, so you have to be wary of money, be careful.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be for you the most successful days. There will be days when you can find out the future by divination or simply with the help of the sixth sense. Intuition will fail you only in that case. If you place all responsibility on her for the events and actions.

Do not be afraid to act, but do not always move through life this week blindly.

On Monday, plan your business and stick to the plan. As for work, everything will be fine until you start being lazy. Do not shift responsibility to other people.

So you will not get rid of the problems, and get their new dose.

To avoid trouble will not work if you are too long and will often be among people. Try to give preference to loneliness, but productive. 2 numbers are better to set yourself a feasible goal. Try not to drive the horses.

A little more patience will definitely not hurt you now.

The problem this week is that it is not so good for work. This is not the only problem, because luck in love will also temporarily turn away from you. Common sense is the only thing that will connect you inextricably with a bright future. Keep your principles, but do not change the laws of morality now.

Watch your image — it should not let you down at a difficult moment. Do not waste money if you can.

Your dignity is your family, work and strength of mind. April 30, try to stick to plans and start looking for yourself in new areas. Creative attitude will show you the right path even in love. DO NOT be afraid to bring something new to your family life, to business.

Excessively powerful experiments can make you go through fire and water, so do not forget about common sense.

Beginning of the week will bring you success at work, because it may turn out that all your previous actions led you to something special. Do not forget that nothing is impossible in this world, that all limitations, which can be in general, are only in your head.

Leos do not need to be vindictive and vindictive now, because, by delaying the negative within you, you are moving away from a bright future. This will be especially true for April 30, May 1. Possible this week, a certain decline in affairs of love and in relationships with people in general.

This can happen because of anything: different goals, bad mood, lack of sleep, nerves.

Get ready to use all your charm, all your resources, if the situation in love or at work demands. Be on alert 24 hours a day. If you are completely gone to work.

Then try to give a little time to friends and soul mate. If you, on the contrary, allow yourself to be lazy, then it’s time to take yourself in hand.

It’s better not to change your life principles yet. Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday will be the most productive days. Which is better to use for its intended purpose.

This means that in the first two days of the week it is better to do work, important matters. Money issues can also be dealt with safely at the beginning of the week.

At the end of the week, it is better to spend money, to give presents, to buy tickets for a train, a plane, to go on long trips, to rest body and soul. In love, this week will be equally favorable for those who are already in relationships and for those of you who are still alone. Do not worry — everything is ahead, the black bar will change to white.

A wonderful week for the manifestation of creative abilities. First of all, those of you who can see the world differently than other people will be lucky. This is important because you have to trickle through the thorns to the stars.

In no case do not give up what you started, even if it seems to you that everything is over, everything is lost and it is impossible to return everything to normal. Concentrate on intellectual work. Physical overwork is better to exclude.

As for love. Then you need a lot of patience. After all, you are likely to be jealous. If you are not «sawed» for your sins and shortcomings, then it will be done because you are too boring, too calm.

In short, close people will find something to get to the bottom.

Your vices and weaknesses will be felt in full. Someone does not like the fact that you are not like everyone else. YOU differ from most people in that. What you see the world otherwise use this advantage for their own purposes.

Take from the surrounding all good. This concerns the advice of people you trust. Combined with your experience, the tips will be incredibly helpful.

It’s all about work, but on the love front it’s a little different.

Now in love for you there comes a period when everything happens spontaneously, quickly. Common sense will now be superfluous. Listen to intuition, because only it will help you at least get a little closer to understanding what is really happening.

Sagittarius will need to pay attention to the signs of fate, on a variety of small things. Pavle Globa recommends choosing a path in advance, and then maintaining your motivation. Do not do anything just because you have to.

Do everything on the basis of desire, because everything will be built precisely on your interests.

In love, the routine will also become very dangerous. Spend more time with the second half, so that both of you like what you are doing. If you are alone, it is better to just flirt and do not hope for anything.

Build no expectations. If you leave everything in your love life as it is, you can regret it.

Capricorns succeed in fulfilling a desire in love with a high probability. To do this, you need not to let everything take its course, but to start thinking creatively. You may have been very tired in the last weeks, so try to relax properly, change the atmosphere.

Clean up and relax. You will succeed.

Stop living as if everything revolves around problems. Constant thoughts about money, school, work and worries incinerate your mind and deprive you of all the brightest. The world does not look like it really is.

If you want to stay afloat and change everything for the better, then try to get rid of all the excess.

Your condition and emotions can now bounce back. On the other hand, at work and in personal life everything is very unstable now. Almost nothing depends on you, so do not bite your elbows or tear the hair on your head because of troubles. This will not help the cause.

The case will only help the support of close people with whom it is better not to go into conflict. Also the case will help the conservation of energy and its moderate consumption.

Learn to rest properly. Intellectual work and physical activity should be limited. Try to learn to meditate.

Need to relax every hour, every day. You are now very vulnerable to a variety of problems with which it will be very difficult to live in the future.

Clear your home of negative energy, because it is at home that the greatest success in business, in love, in work will await you. Your home environment will help you make the right decisions. Solitude will not be such a noticeable minus compared to all other problems.

Unfortunately, right now you may have to go somewhere for business. This week will be a complete disappointment for you, but only if you let your expectations capture your soul. The only significant advantage of this week is ease of communication with people. You will be able to find your love and new friends, but do not force the events — everything will happen as fate will.

Just wait.

The nature of a person may change over time. This week you can lay the foundation for this change. Pavel Globa advises each of you to surround yourself with the aura of this aspiration.

Do not sit idle and do not think that stability is a victory. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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