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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from August 27 to September 2

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from August 27 to September 2

Pavel Globa is one of the best astrologers in Russia and the CIS. His advice will help you overcome any difficulties and attract good luck, which is sometimes lacking.

Portal Woman` day shared with the readers the thoughts of an astrologer regarding this week. Pavel Globa notes that the next seven days can become very bright and unusual. Of course, your fate will be in your hands, but knowing about the influence of the planets, you will increase your chances of success.

Aries can become victims of intrigue and gossip. The most unfavorable day for Aries is August 30th. Most serious problems may have to be solved on Thursday.

Perhaps someone from the inner circle will ask for help. The whole week is great for sharing experiences, communicating, and getting new knowledge.

The most positive day of the week is September 2. On Sunday, it will be possible to start some important things or completely surrender to the rest. Unfortunately, only the last day of the week is suitable for relaxation.

Get rid of fatigue and apathy accumulated over the week, will help effective meditation.

The first two days of the week will be most favorable for those born under the Sign of Taurus. It’s time to find some new hobbies for yourself and start moving along a different path. The whole week is generally successful for holidays and rest, for household chores, for love and romance.

This week is likely to meet a soul mate. If Taurus is already in a relationship, then there will be a chance to strengthen them.

The most dangerous day of the week is September 1st. Pavel Globa advises Taurus to avoid fast driving, traffic violations and safety at work and at home. Inattention can lead to bad consequences.

For this reason, it is advisable to use whispers for good luck before every important business.

September 2 is a day on which you may have to ask someone for help. Do not be afraid of this, but do not abuse someone else’s kindness. The astrologer advises Gemini to shun people who annoy them.

Three effective ways will help protect you from the negative energy of others.

29 and 30 numbers luck will be on the side of Gemini in all spheres of life. These will be wonderful days for quiet rest, solving urgent problems, changing the situation. Saturday and Sunday are good for shopping.

Enemies and ill-wishers of Cancers can be activated this week, especially on 30 August. Specialists of the site dailyhoro.ru advise to use tips on how to put an unbreakable guard against the evil eye and envious. The more successful the Cancers are, the more negative they can attract from their enemies.

August 27, 28 and 31 are the best days of the week. At this time, the energy of stars and planets will be the most creative for Cancers. It will be a great time to deal with complexes and fears, for collective work, for romance and love, new acquaintances.

Financial activity is better to suspend a little.

It will be a great time for trading, costly acquisitions. Monetary signs for each day of the week will help the Lions to strengthen their position in the financial sector. All Leoes who will be engaged in work with numbers and money can smile good luck.

Also, teachers and trainers can become more successful. By no means does Pavel Globa advise Leos to borrow money.

This time is perfect for physical activity. You can safely sign up for fitness, go to the pool, play sports or start a cycle of exercises. This will have a positive effect on mood and physical condition.

Happy will not be those Virgins who will receive something from life, but those who will give something away. Specialists in bioenergy identify five things that you must get rid of in order to become happier. August 29 may cause headaches and malaise. Virgo is better to avoid stress on this day, as well as financial activity.

Shopping is better to postpone. It is also advisable to postpone household chores on September 1 or 2.

At the very end of the week, Pavel Globa advises Virgos not to miss the chance to change the situation. If Dev has the opportunity to go on vacation or a business trip, then such a road will only benefit them.

Weights primarily astrologer recommends creating a favorable energy in the house. To do this, you can get out, do household chores, help loved ones. The good mood of all family members will create a positive atmosphere in the house. Until August 29, it is better to have time to complete all the most important things at home and at work.

On the 29th of the day, the negative energy of planets and stars can bring Libra problems in any area of ​​life.

The best day of the week in terms of energy — September 2. On this day, Libra is better to be more fresh air and surround yourself with the closest people. It will be a great day for introspection, long walks and outdoor activities.

August 31 should use conspiracies from trouble at work. On this day, everything can go awry. This week will be important inspiration.

Without it, new business Scorpios better not to start. You should not refuse to travel, change the situation. This will help get new positive emotions and recharge your batteries.

Also, do not take to another person’s heart to heart.

The most favorable days of the week are August 27 and 28. These days, the energy of the planets will be creative for Scorpios. The beginning and the middle of the week are perfect for shopping, for analyzing mistakes and for self-criticism.

Sagittarius in the most dangerous days of the week it is desirable to use plots for good luck. This is primarily about August 28th. Possible deterioration of health, fatigue, increased stress at work.

People may become more demanding of Sagittarius.

To get the most positive emotions, Sagittarius will need to try to do everything in a team. This will help strengthen the love and friendship, lift your mood. It will be a great time to work together with your loved one. This week, you can improve relationships by freeing them from distrust and negative emotions.

On August 29 and 30, you can safely begin to make repairs, move and go shopping.

Capricorns may have problems with rest and sleep this week. The situation can change the meditation for a good sleep. Improve the efficiency of rest will be able to walk in the fresh air, moderate exercise.

The absence of disagreements with other people will also play a positive role in the formation of a good mood.

It will be a great week for romance, new acquaintances and bright emotions, for love adventures and out of the comfort zone. August 31 and September 1 are the brightest days, so Pavel Globa advises Capricorns to look bright and attractive too.

The coming week may not be easy for Aquarius. To minimize potential problems, you can use the morning rituals of luck. Aquarius needs to worry as little as possible over trifles, especially on September 1. On the first day of spring it is better to plan things carefully so as not to leave anything for later.

It is also better not to quarrel with anyone, not to blame anyone and not to blame something terrible, because everyone makes mistakes.

Despite the fact that the week will require caution, August 29 and 30 may be successful for Aquarius. The planets on Wednesday and Thursday will be constructive towards the representatives of this Air Sign in all its aspects.

The astrologer advises Pisces not to forget that teamwork can be useful for the common cause and for the personal growth of everyone who is involved in it. Exhaustion at the end of the week can have a very bad effect on mood, so it is better to stop heavy exercise for the time being. Closer to Sunday, it is desirable to limit spending, especially on those things in which there is no urgent need.

On 31 and 1, the energy of the planets will be especially favorable for Pisces, who can forgive their offenders. Pavel Globa advises to build communication on compromises and the desire to achieve maximum harmony. It will be a good week for reconciliation, for love confessions and communication with the second half.

To learn to better understand people will help tips psychics.

Remember that the power of words and thoughts will help you change the future. Pavel Globa recommends to think more often about your dreams, not allowing doubts to stand between you and your desires. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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