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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from September 25 to October 1

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from September 25 to October 1

The forecast for the week from the most famous astrologer in the CIS will help you to spend time with maximum benefit. The end of September is the time of weather changes, so it is very important to maintain a good mood.

Woman`s day portal shared the thoughts of Pavel Globa on how to live these seven days correctly, in order to preserve the success achieved earlier and strengthen our positions in all spheres of life. A natural problem is the change in climate, the decrease in temperature and the global change in mood. With all this you can easily cope.

The main thing is to set priorities correctly, to make the right choice in advance.

The first three days of this week will be for you the strongest on energy. The creative attitude of the planets and stars will help you succeed in all spheres of life. September 28 will come a sharp «cooling» and a decline in activity, so that luck can turn away from you altogether.

Your greatest enemy in these seven days will be feeling unwell. From Thursday, fatigue will increase, and with it the risk of catching a cold.

Communicate more with close friends and relatives — from them you can get a good life spirit. If important things fail at work, and they are likely to do it, then just change your course without panic and screaming. There will be a time of quarrels in love, and the problem will not be in you.

Just endure the negative period — your soulmate realizes his mistakes a little later.

September 28 and 29 will be the most fruitful days for Taurus. What swinging the weekend, it is better to spend them among friends or distant relatives. Meet with those whom you have not seen for a long time.

Surprise someone you love. The most negative day is Monday, but not for the usual reason. The fact is that the planets and stars will enter into serious dissonance.

Beware of excesses on the first day of the week.

In love, it is worth being more romantic and devoting more time to the spiritual side of the relationship. It is better for Taurus to stay in a good mood a little longer so that love does not crack. If you want to strengthen or create love, then relax more together. As for the financial side of life, caution will not be superfluous — do not buy anything if you have not planned this before.

At work, too, do not jump higher than your head — take up duties, pressing gaps.

Weekend you should have a main goal this week. On September 30 and October 1, the energy of stars and planets will become truly creative. Survive everyday life will help reduce intellectual and physical exertion. Better not to overwork now.

Surround yourself with loved ones so that they feed you with confidence.

The main share of the negative will be in business and work, but in love it will be a pleasant time already since Monday. Give all your free time to those you love. Plan a joint trip, joint business. Do everything together.

More often you are among people, especially if you are alone and are looking for a soul mate. This week will be successful for new acquaintances.

Monday, September 25, will be the best day for you, because it will awaken the necessary emotions in you. Further, the energy of the stars will fall until it reaches a minimum of 28 numbers. On this day, it is advisable for you not to stop looking for yourself, but at the same time not to miss the opportunity to succeed in love.

The most terrible enemy of the 28th will be your self-doubt. Thoughts are material — this is the main law of the universe, so do not doubt yourself at the end of this week.

At work, the astrologer advises you to try to abstract away from those who give you only negative. If you still overtaken the blues, take a break from this. Now is a good time for new beginnings, so look for a new hobby.

Avoid routine by any means, do not become disheartened. Don’t look too far ahead — you can get everything you need later.

Tuesday and Wednesday are the two strongest in terms of energy of the day. Monday will be the worst and most difficult day. On all days, except Monday, you can expect pleasant new acquaintances and a change of scenery. This can be useful for the love sphere.

Change yourself, buy yourself a new one, go to a hairdresser, get creative.

In work and business, as well as in business, you will need more action. Stop sitting — it’s time to take the initiative. It is better to keep the presence of plans, that is, not to act recklessly. The second half of the week will be stable and favorable for Lviv.

Everything will depend on you, not on the will of the case. Try to bring a drop of variety into the routine.

Water treatments will be the best way to relax during these seven days. When you gain strength, try to do general cleaning in the apartment or house. You will need to get rid of trash this week.

You will also need to get rid of trash in your head, from unnecessary thoughts and doubts, from fears and unnecessary ambitions.

Collective work will be an excellent way out of difficult situations. Virgins astrologer advises to resort to the help of friends, colleagues and partners. Do not seek to show everyone their independence. Now it is too much.

This week will be more likely a time to solve financial problems, rather than love ones, but you shouldn’t completely abandon work responsibilities. It will be a great period for new undertakings of any scale — at least for repair, even for a search for a new job.

For three whole days you will be as successful as possible: September 26, 30 and October 1. Tuesday and the weekend will teach you something new. Friendship can become love these days, hate can lose love. Old and faded relationships can also make themselves felt.

Prepare to ensure that the past will constantly overlap with the future and the present. You will have to remember something not the most pleasant, but it is not so bad, as the old mistakes can be corrected this week.

This will be a conflict week, especially the 28th. Keep your thoughts in order, if you do not want to suffer a fiasco and destroy friendship and trust. Speaking of relationships. For love, this week will be extremely favorable, especially if you have not yet found your soul mate.

Avoid loneliness, it is now to you nowhere.

Do not be in a hurry this week to blame people for all sins and break relations of a friendly or loving nature without having understood the details. Yes, many people will behave as if the Universe itself wants to be no longer trusted, but this will be a provocation of the stars. September 28 and 29 it will be most relevant — the people around you will be in a difficult situation, so do not turn away from them.

It will be a great time for the return of debts, for building relationships and mutual assistance.

30 number will be the worst day of the week. Tune in to perform duties. Do not make empty promises on this day and do not get involved in adventures.

Adventures to you now to anything, no less than new duties. Be tactful and well-mannered, give up unnecessary demands. On the other days, it’s better not to run ahead of the locomotive either and not make mistakes.

Tuesday is a day of danger. All the biggest problems can begin on this particular day of the week. Pavel Globa recommends September 26 to disengage from problems and responsibilities. On other days, especially, on September 30 and October 1, it is better to start training, go in for sports.

Physical activity will help get rid of nervous tension.

At work, you should not start new business or take on something significant. It is better to just relax as it should. This week is good to start vacation, change the situation. Gain strength at the weekend, if the week fails to do this.

In love will come a very favorable period for all Streltsov. This week will be a time of love and romance. Even if you are married, try to get out of the house for a date, as if you were still in the initial phase of the relationship.

Capricorns will be able to solve old problems this week. On Monday, the 25th, you will have the greatest chance of success in love or in business. Thursday, by contrast, will be the most dangerous and unproductive day of all.

September 28, you may have problems at work, in love and all other areas of life. The mood may fall sharply, but only an occasional miracle can lift it. Monday and other days, except Thursday, are perfect for new beginnings at work or in business.

Visit the doctor on Monday, if there is such an opportunity. Do not engage in introspection. Failures and problems of various kinds can come precisely at such moments when Capricorns will think about the causes of their past problems.

If you have any disagreements with someone, this does not mean that they will last for a very long time — strive for peace.

For three days in a row, the stars and planets will be in a position favorable for Aquarius. On September 26, 27 and 28, try not to turn away from close people. Devote these days to the second half, to finding her or meeting with relatives.

The greatest chance of meeting the love of all life will be on Thursday.

On other days, try to postpone purchases and do the most pressing things. Speaking of purchases, they are best made as planned. In this case it would be better if they were committed on the Internet. Do not bargain with anyone, be tougher.

Bend your line at work and at home, but do not bring the people around you to the negative. This week, your enemies and detractors may become more active, so your nerves and troubles will be in their hands.

Pisces is better to avoid jealousy this week, especially on Tuesday — the most unfortunate and dangerous, according to Paul Globa, day of the week. Exercise, exercise and keep a close eye on your health. Do not overcool, dress for the weather.

On other days, especially, on September 28 and 29, you should start a movement towards happiness together in love. Do everything to succeed in this area. Perhaps you are waiting for a promotion or a great victory in the business.

It will be a great time for shopping and dating, but you shouldn’t believe everything that other people say. Your intuition will be more acute, so trust the voice of the heart, especially in such delicate matters as the choice of life partner. The initiative should come from you.

Trust the facts and your instincts.

Try to get rid of negative thoughts this week. Experiences are peculiar to man, but moderation is needed in everything. We must not allow thoughts to guide you, not your thoughts.

Pavel Globa wishes you the best self-control this week, as well as only positive thoughts. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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