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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from December 25 to December 31

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from December 25 to December 31

Pavel Globa is one of the most famous and respected astrologers in Russia and neighboring countries. His predictions will help you to plan things right and overcome troubles this week.

The astrologer spoke about his thoughts on the last week of the outgoing year to the Woman`s day portal. Success is waiting for those people who will not rush things. The main problem now is a mood that may not be.

In this case, Pavel Globa recommends not to wash dirty linen in public. Leave a negative in yourself, so as not to infect the people around you. You need to think a little more about others than about yourself.

Selfishness is now a luxury. Your care and kindness will return to you with interest in the new year, but for now you don’t need to be reckless.

Aries luck will bring the last two days of the year. These days you will be inspired, vigorous as ever, because work and business will be left behind. It will be necessary to concentrate on something pleasant and abstract. Rest, of course, is not the time, because the New Year will be on the nose, but the Yellow Earth Dog can be met relaxedly, because you deserve it.

Tuesday will be very dangerous for you in the afternoon, because laziness can suddenly come unexpectedly.

Perhaps you will find a promotion and financial promotion. You should not be too callous and angry with friends, colleagues, the second half and close people. This can end badly for you. Do not forget about congratulations to distant relatives.

If you do not plan to buy gifts, then make people nice at least with a kind word.

Tauruses will have to finish all the basic preparations for the New Year by December 28. On the 28th and after it there will come a period of strong energy dissonance, which will have a very negative effect on your success as a whole. You will have three whole days this week in order to do all the most important things in advance. Do not leave anything for the very last moment.

If you have not bought gifts, then do it until Thursday. The same applies to your business at work, at home. Put the dwelling in order.

In no case do not take up a new job. Pull up tails in studies and in affairs. Apathy and laziness will need to be chased away by rest, especially in the second half of this week. The astrologer advises not to abuse alcohol before the holiday.

You may have many reasons to watch your health as well. Less nervous if you do not want extra problems.

The most unfavorable day of the last week of the outgoing year is December 30th. On this day, you should be extremely careful in everything. Jealousy, envy, anger and resentment — this is what can turn your life into one huge problem in a matter of minutes.

In the past two days, do not allow such feelings to capture your mind in any way. Take a break from all external stimuli, rest properly. This will help you improve your mood and get rid of anxiety.

Life is too difficult to understand. To get closer to understanding its secrets will help the planets and stars on December 26 and 27. These will be the two most positive days for Gemini.

Your task at this time is to complete important tasks. The search for the second half for single Gemini on Tuesday and Wednesday can also be crowned with success. You can be completely consumed by feelings.

Cancers will have to understand for themselves why problems arise in your life. Three days out of seven for you will not only be positive, but very successful. On December 25, 28 and 29 you need to pull yourself together and complete all the most important household and work affairs.

You can go shopping these days or stay at home and relax. The fact is that on December 30 and 31 there will be no time for rest. Take the initiative on all days except December 26th.

It will be an extremely difficult day.

Do not be afraid to work in a team, because alone you will not cope with most of the tasks of financial and working. Compromise and diplomacy — the best way to harmony and good mood. Free time try to spend on loved ones.

Watch your health especially closely, because you can get sick. Dress for the weather.

Leos this week will need the support of loved ones, especially on December 28, when the stars turn away from you. December 26 and 27 will be the peak of positive stellar activity, so these two days will be the most positive. The universe will test your strength this week.

Something may not go according to plan, but do not have to get upset. These are little things.

The main thing is that you can adapt to these changes and understand other people. Before the holidays do not argue with those who are dear to you. If you allow yourself to loosen your grip a little, becoming others for a while, then everything will remain in its place after the coveted transition to the year. Negative thoughts are your worst enemy for this seven-day period.

You risk a lot if you allow yourself to think about something bad right now.

Virgins will have to finish the year at home. To clear it of the negative, put things in order, throw away all unnecessary trash. If you had plans to meet a year away from home, you still need to make sure that everything is in perfect order when you return.

In the middle of the week you can feel that time seems to stop. This is quite normal now, so continue your journey without any special experience.

The most dangerous days for you are Thursday and Friday. December 25 is the strongest day in terms of energy, which will provoke you to generate new ideas. This will be useful in order to unite yourself with the people that are dear to you and to cheer up everyone.

Perhaps you will figure out how to make the New Year more interesting and more emotional.

There are things that cannot be discussed with outsiders, especially now, on the eve of the New Year. You should keep your plans secret from those who have nothing to do with them. The most positive days of the week are December 30 and 31. It will be a magical time, because you can feel yourself stronger and more courageous, as well as ready for any changes.

These will be the perfect days to put the final touches on preparing for the holiday.

In love, try to stay the same throughout the week. You may be so inspired that it will seem like it’s time to take the relationship to a new level. This is not so, because now your loved one is waiting for you just support. He does not need to think about something next to you, because he wants peace.

Family Libra is waiting for a lot of pleasant troubles.

Avoid energy self-destruction. Your negative thoughts are stronger than ever because of a decrease in the overall level of energy. The weakness of your biofield will be most apparent on December 28th.

On this day, it is better to just relax, to be in solitude. On other days, you can and even need to change your environment. You may have to go to another city for business.

If you do not need to do this, think of a reason for yourself not to sit still.

Monday is the most successful day for work and love. Then the creative energy of the stars will decline. On Tuesday and Wednesday, it will still be possible to change something, achieve something, but then it may become very late.

So that everything is good, do not postpone anything for later. Pavel Globa advises Scorpios to look further and feel better. Listen to your heart.

Intuition will leave you for some time, but on Tuesday 26 or Wednesday December 27, it will return to you with a new power. On Saturday there will be a dark time for you, filled with large gaps of a love nature. It is better not to force friendship and love relationships once again and not to test for strength once again.

Try not to overload your body with physical exertion and do not work excessively.

If you get a substantial cash bonus before the New Year, then do not rush to spend it all at once. It is better to save a little, because there is a risk to spend everything on things or services that will disappoint you. Expectations this week will often be different from reality.

Rid yourself of these expectations, because you simply do not need them. Act, do not delay. You need courage now.

Capricorns will have to end relationships with problem people to avoid the trouble they can bring. It is better to be in solitude than in a company in which you are not comfortable. Monday, Thursday and Friday will be truly positive days for you in terms of energy.

This is a team work time. Many people will see you as a leader because you are wise beyond the years. But do not rush to give advice, until you turn to them.

It will be a good time for physical exertion, for long-term planning. If you have any interesting idea about the upcoming holidays, then hurry to share it with your loved ones. Do not kill the enthusiasm. Now is the time to trust your ambitions.

December 26th is the most dangerous day of the week. On Tuesday it’s better to just be observers.

Clean up your energy and get rid of failures will help you a timely rest on December 28 and the maximum activity in all spheres of life 26, 27, 30, 31 numbers. These four days will be extremely favorable for you. Pavel Globa advises to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions. To tune in to the holidays, you need to stop thinking about what makes you worry.

Do not make important decisions and do not try to think about them.

Even in love, the astrologer advises not to rush, because hasty decisions can lead to a fiasco. Breaking up relations before the New Year is not the best case scenario. Thanks to your ability to quickly calm down, you can gain yourself time, and consequently, new opportunities.

Lonely Aquarius can find their love, but do not need everyone to talk about their search. Be modest and quietly wait for your happiness.

Money is one of the most important topics of the year. Negative attitudes prevent you from getting rich. It’s better not to think about money than to think in a negative way. Monday can upset you greatly in financial terms, so don’t waste a penny that day.

On other days, the astrologer advises you to deal with debts and credits. Start planning for the future on December 28 and 29. These will be the most positive days for you.

Do not think about why you are sometimes so unlucky.

The astrologer advises Pisces to spend the New Year in a different way. If you celebrated it noisily, then try to be alone with your soulmate. If, on the contrary, you met him calmly, at home, with champagne and salads, then it is better to get out into the city for adventures or to go far beyond its limits into the rural wilderness.

Do not be afraid to experiment.

In the last week before the New Year, you can change the past and improve the future. This is a magical time, which, according to Pavel Globa, simply cannot be ignored. Try to realize all your dreams.

They will help you to become better, stronger and more devoted to your most important ambitions and principles. Stay yourself, but do not miss the opportunity to cultivate. Good luck to you, successful completion of the year, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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