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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from October 23 to October 29

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from October 23 to October 29

Pavel Globa is one of the most famous and respected astrologers in our country. His forecast for the week will help representatives of each Zodiac sign to find the right path in life.

To make you happy every day in the week from 23 to 29 October will help you warmth. Be kind to those who are dear to you. Try as little as possible to feel envy, anger and jealousy, do not be callous. You must be creative in order for the world to be fully revealed to you.

The portal Woman`s day talked about how to behave correctly in order to attract maximum success in these seven days in any of the spheres of life.

Monday and Tuesday, October 23 and 24, will be for you the best days of the week. Watch only for good omens, communicate only with nice people. Forget about everything that can cause you a negative reaction.

Give yourself a little bit of freedom, do what you like, not what you should do. Because of a little scattered attention, you can hurt yourself. Be careful with electrical appliances, on the road, dress warmer.

At work, try not to put your conditions on anyone who is taller than you in office. Diplomatic attitude will solve all your problems and not create new ones. The astrologer’s general advice for this week states that jealousy must be killed in itself by any means.

This is especially true for you. Gusts of jealousy can destroy even the strongest relationship. If your relationship is passionate and passionate, then adventures await you.

Family Aries will enjoy peace and harmony.

To make money and luck in love does not depart from you, it is better to be kinder to people. Making enemies during this period is the easiest. Empty promises will also deprive you of good luck, friends and support. Your lies will be seen per kilometer, especially on October 28.

At the same time, three whole days in a row will be very positive for you. On the 25th, 26th and 27th of the day, force yourself to do a great job, without excuses and without setting conditions. Pure hard work will pay off in full later.

Taurus girls will find it a little easier to find their other half, weeks for men, but men will have a better mood. More precisely, it will be more stable. This is good news for all who are not used to adventures.

In already established relationships and in marriage, Taurus is better not to relax for a second. Be smarter: a little flattery will not interfere in difficult times. Just do not overdo it.

For harmony with themselves, the twins will have to try to fulfill all their duties and not be lazy. Discipline will help you not only to stay afloat, but to increase your strength, to achieve what you want. Health problems may prevent you from doing so, but caution is never superfluous. Go to bed early.

More fresh air, especially on October 24 — the most negative day for its energy.

October 28 and 29 are the most powerful and harmonious days. Devote them to love, like the whole week. It is possible that new troubles will disable you and make you worry, but you just need to change the situation.

You need a novelty, new emotions. It will be a great time for romance, relaxing time together. Be yourself, do not lie to your loved ones and do not use their kindness.

Your good luck talisman for this week is a creative approach to solving any problems. Act on inspiration, because the stars and planets are on your side today. Try to plunge into the affairs of the head.

This time is perfect for learning. Do not overload your body only. Allocate resources sparingly and do not make important decisions on a hot head.

At work and in business you have all the cards in your hands.

October 29th is the best day for Rakov. Devote him to rest and love. New acquaintances, flirting and dating will solve your problems with your mood.

Maximum caution will need to be shown only on October 25, on the most dysfunctional day of this week. People can be cruel on Wednesday, and your mood can often change for no reason.

The embodiment of a dream — that is why it is worth living and never give up. October 23 and 24, you can come close to your dream. Abstract from all superfluous, concentrating on the problem, on the main task.

You just need to be closer to your soulmate and family. A lot of positive things will bring you close people — brothers, sisters, parents. Do not bring them up to date — just be closer to them and feed them with love, giving them part of yours.

29 numbers, on Sunday, you are waiting for great difficulties with affairs and well-being. That is why you should redirect all your forces in the right direction, having rested properly. You can go shopping, notice something for yourself and plan your purchases for the near future.

On weekdays, it is better to pay more attention to work and affairs, without neglecting your family.

To remove financial negative programs, use special meditations this week and try to spend more time at work, more often think positively. Companion of luck in all areas of life will be your positive thoughts. Build the world around you through creative thinking. This will be especially true on October 24, on the most negative day of the week.

Solving problems lies on the surface — you just need to be a little more attentive.

October 25, 26 and 27 are the most harmonious days for you. These dates will be the most favorable, but true happiness awaits those Dev, who will spend this time next to close people. The more you enjoy life and the more often you keep a positive, the more people will reach for you.

You can find your love, breathe new life into an exhausted relationship.

Stars and planets will help you find your motivation at the weekend — the 28th and 29th. October 25 will be the hardest day. Everything will be set up against you in advance.

Do not try to jump yourself this day. This week you need to eat better, rest more and start learning something new. Invest in knowledge and new skills — it all pays off in full, but a little later.

Any new beginnings will go like clockwork this week. This will be especially noticeable in the love sphere. New acquaintances can be easily transferred to a new stage of relations, to a higher level.

A little extra confidence will definitely not hurt you. In business, new acquaintances will also benefit you, because each person will be a source of new information for you.

Scorpios need to pay attention to the protection, despite the fact that for three days in a row the energy of the stars will be the most constructive and favorable for any business. Your protection should be based on proper planning of cases. Prioritization should be based on your capabilities, not ambitions.

This is especially true on October 28, when the energy of the stars will be as negative as possible.

October 25, 26 and 27 will be great days for finding love, new work and creative activities. You can make plans, you can devote time to flirting and dating, and you can spend it on work, having gone headlong into business. Physical activity this week will only have a creative effect.

It’s time to show everyone their hidden opportunities. Finding them will not be very easy, but the events that will happen this week should reveal some of your talents. It will not be easy, that’s for sure. Persistence is your forte, so going through the difficulties will be a top priority and not the most difficult task.

Try to keep a good mood — this is the key to your good luck and success this week.

Monday, October 23rd is the most dangerous day for you. It is on the first day of the week that it is better to activate all of your internal resources for effective protection. Do not overstrain and do not squeeze yourself until the very end, if you do not want to suffer a fiasco in love or at work.

Try to solve all problems peacefully, quickly, on time.

Each of us has our own illness of a psychological or physical nature. This is the absolute norm, because no one is perfect. On October 25, your internal problems will come out and begin to reach not only you, but also your surroundings. Try to be more careful in communicating with those who are dear to you most.

Listen to the advice of people with whom you work and live together.

This week there may be serious monetary losses, big upheavals in all spheres of life. In love you can expect emotional problems. You may want to give up all your strength and time to resolve the troubles in a relationship, but now the astrologer advises leaving everything as it is. Let everything flow and change as the universe needs.

Stay a little bystanders. This is useful for you, given that there is little to change this week.

Luck in work for Aquarius is often more important than anything else. This is normal, but for now you need to hold onto your ambitions for a bit. Try to look more closely at the future and cling to opportunities, but not spend all your arsenal on it. You need discipline in these seven days.

Only she will allow you to stand against your enemies and troubles. You can relax a bit only on Monday or Tuesday.

Pavel Globa notes a rather high probability that there will be some kind of conflict between the love sphere and affairs. Fate may not be very favorable to you, but sacrifices are sometimes simply necessary. This alignment is quite favorable for you, despite the need to choose.

This week will harden you, teach you something new, especially on the most negative day of all — October 28th.

October 25, 26 and 27 are the most favorable days of the week for you. 23 number will be, on the contrary, the most negative day. On Monday, it is better to exclude from the diet of fatty foods and alcohol.

Do not overwork too. Dedicate yourself to finding new friends, acquaintances. Open up to anyone interested in you.

Chat with people, be diplomatic. Changing the situation now will benefit you, so you can leave the city for a while.

It will be a great week for romance, search for the second half. Love will give you good luck and in work. One will complement the other.

Your business can and should be completed now, not later. Try to do everything as if this is your last chance. Of course, this is not the case, but fighting spirit is very important in such periods in order to succeed.

Every person can attract money, love and prosperity into his life, because we are all slaves of our thoughts. If you learn to manage emotions and thoughts, then the Universe will repay you with luck. Look to the future with a positive. Pavel Globa wishes you a successful week.

Try to go beyond what is possible. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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