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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from January 22 to January 28

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from January 22 to January 28

Pave Globa is one of the best specialists in the business. Astrologer’s tips will help you understand the secret meaning of each event this week and bring good luck into your life at the end of January.

The first month of the year comes to an end. Portal Woman`s day shared the thoughts of a famous astrologer on this subject. You will need to spend more time assessing how you were able to live one twelfth of the year.

It’s better to do it, of course, on Sunday, when thoughts will be deeper. If you are working on Sunday this week, it is better to postpone planning until later or make it early. This is exactly the week to devote to thoughts and spiritual development.

Of course, not everyone will be on hand, but to many.

Attracting happiness into your life will be possible by trying to take new peaks. If you want to become better, then you need to take up new things, and not easy ones, but difficult ones. More movement and dynamics will help you cope with melancholy and conquer the winter depression.

Do not stay in place. Now the Universe is ready to give you the changes that you have been waiting for so long, not only in deeds, but also in love.

In no case do not be fooled by close people and soul mate in particular. The fact is that even an easy flirt with another member of the opposite sex will be fatal. Try to make sure that no one calls your colleagues this week so as not to arouse jealousy in your loved one. This can be very dangerous, especially on the worst day of the week — January 22nd.

By the end of the week, the energy background will become more harmonious.

The astrologer recommends Taurus to strengthen the immune system in order to improve his mood, to apply the maximum amount of effort to solve any problems. Everywhere there may be pitfalls that act like a bolt from the blue. You seem to be engaged in solving problems, but then some kind of confusion emerges sharply due to negligence or for other reasons.

After that, it will be very difficult to regain balance.

You should not indulge in dreams in love, especially if you are in a relationship now. You need to know yourself better, so as not to offend your loved one either in word or deed. Even one rash word can put a cross on a relationship.

In friendship and love, prudence will be a key factor in peace. New acquaintances while it is better to postpone if your heart is not occupied by anyone.

Twins will need help on January 23 and 24 — two of the best days for you. The greatest danger is waiting for you on the 27th, so get rid of all the excess on that day. New initiatives will be very useful, but you need to monitor your health now, avoiding unnecessary physical activity.

Attract success in your life in different ways. The shortest of them — timely rest.

The fact is that this week will be very dangerous for those of you who do not know how to cope with stress quickly. Someone will have to live all week in suspense, but this does not mean that it will not be possible to derive any benefit from this. Someone will just have to try to avoid being around bad people.

All problems will be interconnected, so pay more attention to them.

Cancers are most likely to be on January 25 and 26. Tuesday will be the most dangerous day of the week, unproductive and gray. Try to take care of your health now, because you have the risk of getting sick.

Relaxation and rest will help you to get rid of problems. Everything will happen very quickly now, so look into both. Do not be strict with your children and younger brothers or sisters.

It will be a great time to search for the second half. If you are already in a relationship or marriage, then try to hide from common problems in your own world. Solitude will help you take relationships to a new level, to become closer. Come up with something unique.

Let it be a special place for a weekend, if you like. Maybe some kind of unique entertainment comes to mind.

Keep track of your motivation. Look for her everywhere, because you probably will not want to work. What is the worst is the lack of an opportunity to have a good rest, because problems will literally come from nowhere.

Unplanned or planned vacation can be a great solution. Do not freeze now, because you can very seriously and for a long time to get sick.

January 23, 24, 27 and 28 are the most positive days for you. In these calendar numbers you should not be modest. If you will say compliments, then do not need to shy away from and shy. This is not your style, so be confident, but not arrogant.

January 25 — the most dangerous day of the week for you in its energy. On this day, you should not share your thoughts, secrets, plans with anyone.

Virgins in the last days of January will bring small problems with money. Money affirmations will not solve the problem, because troubles will be born regardless of your actions. Do not buy anything expensive, do not go shopping just like that. There will be many temptations, but you need to suffer only these seven days.

At work, you will have to spend a lot of effort on recovering from past mistakes.

If you feel bad, you should not miss it. It is possible that these will be echoes of serious problems, excitement before the storm. January 25 and 26 are the best days for you.

In love, you will have many opportunities to catch up and regain the palm. You will have a chance to part with loneliness, but you should not sit in the trenches. In this war, you will need to go ahead bravely.

Bad habits will interfere with your working mood and proper distribution of financial and physical resources. All the worst should happen on Monday, so don’t be discouraged. You can shoot off on the very first day of the week, and then relax a bit.

January 27 and 28, at the weekend, you need to keep active, but not overload the body.

Labor in Libra will be a better currency for exchange. Work for yourself and those you love. Do all your tasks on time so you don’t have to postpone everything until later and save up duties.

During these seven days, it is possible and even necessary to devote time to your home, your abode. Dreams will start to come true and in love too. The main thing now is not to rush things, because everything will come in time.

Scorpios will need to look for motivation on January 25, when a time of serious dissonance in the energy of stars and planets will come. Watch what you eat and drink, because pounds can be gained very quickly now. Also, the 25th day is to postpone work with securities and documents.

Perform simple and non-responsible tasks if you can afford it.

There should be no empty promises on your part. Until you feel internal strength and confidence, do not take on important matters and do not talk about the future. The strongest and most important day of the week is Monday. It is he who will help you to tune in a warlike manner in love and in deeds.

Do not hurry this week — do everything measuredly and carefully, so that there is a sense of harmony. Wait in the wings.

If you are tired of work, you just need to change a bit the situation. Business trips and business trips will be very useful for you, especially at the end of the week, when stars and planets will no longer support you. The first three days of the week will be the most productive and most positive. This will be seen not only in work, but also in love.

Relationships will develop very quickly. This is a productive week for all who are in love with each other.

If you are in search of the second half, it is better to devote not much time to this, because Pavel Globa advises you to pretend that you do not care. Let the people around themselves show themselves, and you will already choose. With all the positivity of this seven-day period, it will not be the easiest, because there will be constant minor annoying problems with you.

You may not succeed in stopping the flow of failures, but you will succeed in reducing the influence of negative emotions on your life. Try to say “thank you” more often to those who help you to go through life without loss. The balance between physical activity and rest should be permanent. This will be especially true on Monday, the 22nd.

January 25 and 26, try not to miss anything important past your ears.

At work, attentiveness will be paramount. A sense of responsibility will also help you. You must wake up the desire to help everyone around.

Show and prove to everyone that you are not a stale person. In the near future, everything will be returned to you twice. A special set of positive emotions will bring you financial activity.

You can buy new clothes or household items.

Energy causes of problems will be apparent now. The worst day of the week is January 25th. Thursday. It will be like a litmus test, because it will show you where you are wrong, where you stumbled and started the wrong way.

Set the right tasks for yourself, and then immediately start working on yourself. You will have as many as 4 very positive days for this: January 23, 24, 27 and 28.

Now you need more than ever, according to the astrologer, to concentrate on your fears, because they can begin to control you. Of course, your spirit is hard to break, but it’s better not to play cat and mouse with fate now. In love, luck will be on the side of those Aquarius who will throw all their strength at its attraction and at stabilizing the precarious position in relations.

You will have a chance to start your journey to happiness through summarizing and starting new cases. You may be able to find a person with whom you can share your experiences and problems. You will have the opportunity to get close to who you like. So far, to confess love is not worth it.

Romance is also not yet the best choice for you.

The astrologer advises Pisces to keep a close eye on their health. It may soon come through setbacks on this front due to changing weather. Dress according to the weather and do not risk in vain. If you are sick, then do not self-medicate, do not delay the trip to the doctor.

Spend more time with your family in a pleasant home environment. Avoid hypocrisy and jealousy for your part.

Energy vampires will again cause problems to those who cannot resist helping others or are not able to control their emotions. Leave the good people with you, and repel the bad ones. But be diplomatic even with them, because a large number of people can take up arms against you.

Pavel Globa wishes you success. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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