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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from August 20 to August 26

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from August 20 to August 26

Pavel Globa is one of the most experienced astrologers. His advice will help you to spend this week as successfully and productively as possible.

The portal Woman`s day shared the astrologer’s thoughts about the upcoming week, which can be successful for each of us with approximately equal probability. A look at many things can change several times a week, so you should not make hasty conclusions about people and events.

Aries luck smiles on Monday, Friday and Saturday. This does not mean that all other days will be dangerous: only Tuesday will be a day of energy dissonance. On the 21st, Pavel Globa advises Aries to fear selfishness, to give more freedom to their loved ones and second half.

It will be a very unfavorable day for couples and people who have been together for a long time. In the middle of the week in the family may have big differences. Negative attitudes will destroy any relationship.

This week will be a time of well-being, fun, noisy activities and pleasures. Aries better not to bury their talents and not diminish their merits in order to succeed in their work and promotion on the career ladder. If Aries doesn’t have any important commitments and tasks this week, it’s better to just enjoy the rest.

Three days in a row planets and stars will influence Taurus most favorably. It is about August 21, 22 and 23. This is the middle of the week, the height of the working days, so the business attitude will be mandatory. To attract success this week Taurus will help five simple steps to happiness.

These will be wonderful days for the transfer of relations to a new level — you can start planning a wedding, meeting the parents of the second half, a joint vacation. A special positive effect will have love confessions.

On the 24th and at the end of the week, Taurusians can expect problems with their well-being, sleep and relationships at work. It is better to be as honest with the team as possible, otherwise inevitable problems may occur, a series of troubles.

This week, Gemini will be able to find out if they and their other half fit together. Verifying love compatibility will play a very important role in establishing relationships. It will also be a good week for flirting, dating. Dating will be extremely useful for business and work.

On August 24 and 25, this will be doubly relevant, since these days the planets will influence Gemini positively.

August 20 is the most difficult day of the week. It is better to make decisions as quickly as possible and not be afraid to make compromises. If the Twins hope only for one good luck, then the best times for them may not come.

It is better to move forward, pre-planning cases.

Positive attitudes and affirmations of success will help Cancers overcome doubts and uncertainties. Start talking to yourself something positive Cancers should already Monday. Greed should be avoided at the beginning of the week, when negative energy will prevail over positive energy.

Sincerity and honesty — the best friends of Rakov for the next seven days.

Increased performance and the desire to move forward can make Rakov richer and more successful. In the financial sphere, the representatives of this Water Sign can be lucky at the beginning of the week, despite the negative background. Scheduled purchases and small purchases will be helpful.

It’s time to cheer yourself up.

The beginning of the week for Lviv will be very successful. We are talking not only about Monday, but also about a couple of days that are close to him. Many problems in the business sphere will be solved by themselves — it is important only to keep faith in yourself and move in the direction that the Lions have chosen before.

Additional motivation will be very useful for any business, so you should find an incentive to work more.

At the end of the week, it is better for representatives of this Zodiac to stop showing discontent to close people and colleagues. Moderate criticism will be useful, but even by slightly bending over the stick, it will be possible to suffer a fiasco and destroy relations. It is advisable to avoid negative energy from the people around them.

Protect yourself Lions help three reliable ways.

From Tuesday to Thursday Dev is waiting for a truly magical time, perfect for planning cases, for strengthening relationships and solving problems that need attention. Working in solitude will bring positive results, but a new relationship is not. Virgos should not go headlong into amorous adventures, if they have many unsolved problems.

On Monday, the only truly negative day, Virgos may display the worst qualities of a character. It is about tediousness, envy and irritability. The initiative is better to leave on other days.

On Monday, you need to be as careful as possible in everything.

Every household problem has its own spiritual reasons. This week will be very easy to understand. On the 24th and at the weekend, you can safely begin to plan a vacation or business for the future, go shopping, look for new sources of income, go on trips or business trips.

Pavel Globa notes that new acquaintances may end well on these days, so all Libra who are in search of the second half should be more careful and not be afraid to admit to their feelings.

Wednesday may be a time of stereotypical thinking. On this day, representatives of the Air Sign are better off getting rid of everything that can make them think flat and mediocre. August 22 will not be suitable for creative activity, but it will be possible to try to take a break from work, if there is such an opportunity.

Restrictions in physical work this week will not be.

Scorpions will be lucky to help three daily rituals. Hope that the universe will be favorable, not worth it. The fact is that these seven days will be very extraordinary and polar. Luck will come and go if the Scorpions do not tune themselves correctly.

The worst day of the week is August 24th. It is on this day that the most important troubles are possible.

From 21 to 23 August, problems may temporarily move aside. Even in these three days you will have to choose between home and work, but it is not known what this or that choice will lead to. The middle of the week can be extremely unpredictable, but, on the other hand, it means that success can come to the Scorpios overnight.

Changing the situation will benefit the representatives of this Fire Sign. This will be one of the ways to instantly bring good luck into your life. August 24 and 25, it is desirable to devote to work.

These days Sagittarius will be the easiest way to increase their credibility. You can also go to the sea or the river beach, to the country or just get out of the house for an active holiday. The astrologer advises Strelets Troops to be on their feet constantly, not to linger at home or at work these days.

Business trips will greatly affect the business success of Streltsov.

On Monday, it is better for Sagittarius to stay in solitude until the negative energy of the planets and stars is replaced by a positive one. Being overworked at work will not lead to any good either at the beginning or at the end of the working week, so always leave enough time for yourself to rest.

In the financial field, Capricorn is better to be more attentive to the little things. Monetary signs can save the representatives of this Sign from financial problems. 21 numbers are best to spend money as carefully as possible, because it will be the most dangerous day of the week.

Capricorns also should not be physically stressed at the beginning of the week. On Monday, something unexpected might happen. Adventures and risks can lead to irreparable consequences.

Toward the end of the week, namely by August 26, luck will return to Capricorn in full, so you can go in search of the second half or do business together with your loved one. On weekends, it is better for Capricorn to relax properly, but be prepared for the situation to change dramatically in one of the spheres.

Aquarius this week will help advice psychics about how to learn to understand people. The fact is that this week is possible deception by loved ones, colleagues and strangers. Unsuccessful acquaintance can lead to large financial losses and bad mood.

If Aquarius will know from whom to wait for good, and from whom evil, then with high probability they will be able to avoid trouble. The worst day of the week is August 24th. It is on this day that problems may arise.

In spite of the fact that danger may emanate from many people, solitude will not be a panacea. On the contrary, loneliness can have a very negative effect, playing as a catalyst for a bad mood. If something will interfere with Aquarius, you will have to give up on it. You should not repair what is already destroyed.

This applies to relationships, ambitions, plans, and so on.

Pisces can smile luck 21, 22 and 23 August. These days, stars and planets will be the most favorable for representatives of this Sign. It is better to focus on the most pressing issues.

It will be a good time for solving work problems, for financial affairs, but not for clarifying the relationship.

The 20th is the most dangerous day of the week, on which a lot of unpleasant things can happen. Old mistakes can remind of themselves. Pisces need to be careful in dealing with people: perhaps the envious will want to make a knight’s move.

To protect themselves from them will help strong conspiracies.

The best way to attract luck this week is to follow the law of attraction. Think good to make your expectations a reality. Pavel Globa wishes you success. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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