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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from March 19 to March 25

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from March 19 to March 25

Pavel Globa is the most famous astrologer in the CIS who, with his predictions, helps thousands of people tune in to the right wave. This is important at any time — week, month, year.

This week, the recommendations of Paul Globa will help you overcome any difficulties. Each sign of the zodiac will be able to increase their chances of success in love and deeds, to raise their spirits. Portal Woman`s day shared with us information about how to behave properly so that luck does not leave us. This is very important, because every day there are new events, everything is changing, including people.

In this cycle of emotions, words and actions it is sometimes very difficult to determine where the truth is and where it is a lie. This week, the astrologer advises all Signs to decide what place you occupy in this maelstrom.

Aries will have to get to know themselves better, especially on March 19, when the whole Universe will be against you. You have the risk of getting sick, getting hurt this week, or just getting tired emotionally. It is better not to take serious decisions at all, or to enlist the support of the most trusted people from the inner circle.

The rest may be mercantile, petty and just double-faced selfish.

You will be very restless until the very end of the week. A white stripe will begin on March 23, so dark thoughts will simply disappear, but you will not need to relax, because people will make it clear that you need to live by the rules. Someone will impose them, and someone will accept them, but you shouldn’t worry too much about this, as you can safely disengage from people at the end of the week and start your own projects.

This is a great time to catch up.

The universe will give you a weak supply of forces at this time, so you should not rely on the fact that you will accept all the blows of fate without problems. It will be a rather difficult time, during which you will have to think carefully about all your future steps. It is in the future that your gaze must be directed, and not in the past. Each new day will be a test for you, but you will successfully cope with them.

Stop waiting — act.

You can find your salvation in love, because your soulmate will have a very strong influence on decision making. The main thing — do not be afraid to relax from each other. Be more diplomatic, because you don’t always have to go forward.

Courage will help you in love, because it will have a positive impact on you from any point of view. There may be problems with sleep, so spend more time on the street. At home, it is better to do general cleaning.

Being overworked can have a negative effect on your good fortune in general. Your body should rest as long as possible after exertion. From 19 to 21 the number will be all right, but on March 22 your attention should not switch to something else. Thursday is the most dangerous day of the week, on which it is better to rest more.

Watch your actions and words this week, because it will be very easy to grieve a loved one.

Making business decisions will be easy, but in love you have to sweat. This suggests that you need to send all your strength to the business, to forget about love completely. If you are already in a relationship, you will have to reorganize in a working manner.

Let your heart rest. Dedicate yourself completely to work or creativity. The stars believe that you will have a chance to say a furore.

This will raise your confidence, which is sometimes so lacking.

You will be able to improve your energy this week if you follow the advice of Paul Globa in the field of love and finance. It is better not to spend money for no reason, but in love risky events will benefit you absolutely for sure. You can impress any member of the opposite sex.

Good luck on your side, use it in full. On Tuesday and Wednesday it will be possible to combine love and work, because March 20 and 21 will be the best days of the week.

Whatever you do, do not try to take risks. Stay in public so that in case of anything your friends and colleagues can pull you down. Excitement and the desire for simple victories can make you regret your choice. Communication with colleagues will be useful for you.

It will also be a great time for flirting, for finding the second half, for love in general. Romance is what you need right now.

The most important thing will be spiritual health for Lviv this week. The fact is that now the personal opinion of the people around you will be incredibly important to you. Consider the thoughts of those who love and respect you, because in the maelstrom of events there may be words that will become true for you.

Attentive Lions — happy Lions from March 19 to 25. At the end of the week it is better to start the negotiation stage with enemies and partners.

Pavel Globa warns you that this week will not be the most favorable for you, but this does not mean that luck will turn away from you. You can learn a lot, understand a lot, look at something familiar from another angle. In love and deeds, new doors will open in front of you, which may lead you into a stupor, but do not lose your composure.

New perspectives will be very bright. In love, luck and lonely lions, and those who are already in a relationship for a long time or recently.

It’s time to develop your talents. This means that you need to spend more time learning, rather than moving forward through decision making. It is very difficult to do when things are changing rapidly.

Not only that with health can begin big problems due to hypothermia or overwork, so also have to endure attacks from enemies.

Only at the weekend people will no longer annoy you with their claims and discontent. If your loved ones will say something to you, then try not to lose your temper. Now it’s better to just ask for forgiveness, and arrange the debriefing later.

It is possible that nothing will need to be disassembled, because at the weekend you decide everything. Just stay calm, because you will be blamed for all the problems if something goes wrong.

Finding harmony for Libra is always the most important thing. Caution will not be superfluous this week. If you suddenly fall ill, it is better to take sick leave right away and not try to exercise excessive heroism.

In general, the activity this week is better to lower a little in advance, so as not to lose a lot of energy to nowhere. Be extremely attentive. Even your enemies can do something for which they can say thank you.

You can find your salvation in measured matters. Clean the house, change the image. In love, you can and even need to adopt something new.

Do not be offended by people — try to understand them. The universe will give you a chance to put in order any relationship. The main thing is desire.

Enough offense in vain — you can not prove their resentment anything to other people.

Pay attention to your empathy. It is the ability to feel the anger, hatred, love or happiness of other people. She will be aggravated with you during this period, so be calm and do not forget to help other people. They will appreciate it very much, so do not hesitate to accept any gifts from them in return.

In this paper, you will need creative thinking and an unconventional approach to solving problems. Your intuition will tell you which choice will be right.

Stress can now cause great emotional problems. This is especially true for March 20, when the stars and the planets will be in great dissonance with each other. On other days everything will be more or less normal on this front. In love you will be waiting for big victories.

If you are already in a relationship, then you will have to solve problems together in order not to distance yourself from each other, but on the contrary, to get even closer.

Sagittarius must be remembered this week about the law of attraction of thoughts. Think of the good, then all the adversity will fade into the background. Avoid excessive alcohol and fatty foods. Monitor your health as best you can.

Oddly enough, but Monday will be for you the most positive day of the week. In financial terms, you will find a great success or at least a pleasant surprise in the form of an unplanned receipt of funds. Perhaps you can find a new source of income.

The most problematic day is March 22nd. On Thursday, quarrels with loved ones, with the parents of the second half and with friends are possible. Do not rush to hang tags and swear first. Now there is no need to attack — it is better to move backwards, think things over, put yourself in the place of another person.

Show patience and ingenuity.

Capricorns more than ever may need the help of intuition. Of course, not everything will be as simple as it seems, but in difficult situations the voice of your heart can become decisive. On Monday, this will be the most relevant topic for you — you will probably hesitate to make the choice of a wise or impulsive path. You will be able to succeed in the middle of the week in love.

If you, of course, will be ready to flirt and acquaintances. If not, then it is better not to try to make an impression on anyone. Start with a friendship, without referring to hints.

You can be used if you allow passion to rule you.

In love and affairs, especially financial ones, you should not make decisions too quickly. It may cost you reputation, success. Changing the situation will help you succeed in business. Do not give up travel and business trips.

This week will also be great for signing important papers and making serious decisions. Think carefully about your actions, but in critical situations do not be afraid to trust the sixth sense.

Aquarius will have to pull themselves together, because any manifestations of aggression can be the beginning of huge problems. Return success in which case you can only monitor their actions and work on the bugs. Learn as best you can, show interest in learning new skills. Do not rush to move to practice, because you can quickly overtake frustration.

Learn remotely by limiting the risks.

The week is good for shopping. This applies to more women-Aquarius, but men are also better to spend a little honestly earned money on your loved ones. Shopping will be a very good way to raise your spirits and self-esteem. Do not be greedy — give gifts to close people to make them nice.

Then this good will return to you twice. Do not be afraid to look happy and to be so in reality. Envious you are not a hindrance.

Pisces will have to attract positive thoughts into their lives, because people will condemn you and not really complain. It will be rather a problem time, rather than carefree and beautiful. Whole three days will be very positive for new beginnings — March 20, 21 and 25.

If you are afraid to start something new, then just refresh your mood with something extraordinary.

For love this time will be good, but only for those of you who are still in search. Windiness, excitement and craving for flirting are your best friends. Emotions will be provided.

But about the result of guarantees, no one can give, unfortunately. In order to somehow cheer yourself up, you can completely surrender to shopping. It is not so difficult to spend money.

It is important to do this wisely.

According to Pavel Globa, bad habits will be your worst enemy this week. Do not give them a reason to tighten you in a series of troubles related to health and mood. In these seven days, you will have to give up your weaknesses in order to protect your life from unnecessary problems. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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