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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from September 18 to September 24

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from September 18 to September 24

Pavel Globa, being one of the most honest and experienced astrologers, always helps representatives of any Zodiac sign to feel at ease. This applies to any periods of time.

This week, the Woman’s Day portal again shared the astrologer’s thoughts on what awaits us in the next seven days. It is better not to let out the secret dreams of each of us. Do not tell anyone about your secrets.

Leave your ambitions in the shadows and do not shout about your plans for the future. This week will have to teach you restraint and caution, built to the absolute. Success will be with those who are not afraid to go it alone.

There is one simple way to make your dreams come true — this is their visualization and the desire to achieve more. Do not be afraid of your desires, but be afraid of the fact that you are not audacious enough to want something unique. September 18 and 19 are the two most powerful days for you in terms of energy, so have time to make yourself a pleasant surprise.

Keep the dynamics, do not sit still and think outside the box to confuse your enemies.

For financial and business success, you should look the right way. You do not urgently need to buy very expensive things — just look as neat as possible to attract the attention of people and make a good impression on them. Be easier to communicate, be attentive to details.

More often in the fresh air, especially in the morning. On the 24th, stay at home, and better in seclusion, as this will be the most dangerous day.

Your path to success will lie through simple desires, from which the overall picture of happiness will be composed. Start small, moving consistently to your biggest dreams. At the same time, do not forget to always look stunning and tidy.

You can buy new things if you have problems with self-esteem. Do not be afraid to spend, be afraid to spend wrong.

September 18 will be for you the most important day of the week. The highest concentration of the negative will be the 20th, so on this day, just try not to cross the line of what is permitted. On Wednesday, you may exacerbate health problems that bother you.

To protect yourself, try to follow the daily routine. The same applies to small Taurus. Give love to relatives, forgetting for a while about romance.

Sexual energy Taurus this week will be a big question.

Your character is what should disturb you during these seven days. September 20, 21 and 22 are the three most energy-positive days. This means that you will need to show your best side on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The astrologer recommends that all Twins go with the flow, especially during this three-day period.

The worst day is Monday. On the 18th, you will most likely need to throw a lot of energy into solving problems that are not related to you. To some extent you will need to become altruists.

In love, it is better to take a secondary position and not try to bend your line. If it seems to you that everything is getting out of control, just let go of the situation. No need now to take on any obligations, because then they will have to report.

Do not deceive those you love and do not harass these people with baseless jealousy.

As many as four days this week for you will be the most positive in terms of fortune. First, it is Monday and Tuesday. In these two days, try to tackle spiritual problems, especially with those who are much smaller than you in age: with children, brothers, sisters, nephews, grandchildren.

Further, there will be a big failure, as on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday health problems are possible.

At work, you will need to be open to new acquaintances. The more people become your partners, the better. This is a good time for privacy and for collective work.

In love, you will also have a choice — to go on a journey with the second half, to find new adventures together or to indulge in a home routine on the weekend alone. The choice depends only on you.

Listen to the intuition this week. More than once she will save you from a fiasco in the financial sphere, in love and everyday affairs. Your health will depend heavily on mindfulness.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be the most positive, so use these three days to overcome your fears. Failures do not appear by themselves — they are born in your head long before it happens. Now you need to understand this as quickly as possible.

There is no time to learn from mistakes.

Be strict with younger generations. Whatever happens, operate only with facts and do not show weakness in difficult situations. Do not be afraid to spend extra time on yourself, as well as extra money. In love, you will be able to see yourself from the outside, so take advantage of the opportunity to become better in order to overcome your insecurity.

In amorous affairs it is better to plan everything in advance. If you act on inspiration, you will most likely lose.

It’s time to unleash the chakras of wealth. Each person consists of several energy zones, each of which needs improvement, improvement and strengthening. September 23 and 24 are two of the most powerful in terms of energy of the day, when you should do your self-improvement and try to change the situation.

A new picture before your eyes will help you to correctly perceive everything around.

On Monday, September 18, on the contrary, it is better to delve into solving urgent problems. Try throughout the week to start new business, meet people, look for inspiration for yourself. 18 numbers may come with problems with well-being.

On other days you will be on the rise. Share positive with those you love and cherish.

Try this week to improve the energy at home, not yourself. Concentrate on what surrounds you. The rest is not important. Selfishness does not solve your problems.

This means that by acting only in your own interests, you can empty yourself. So you just put away a loved one. Sunday, September 24, for love will be the best day of the week.

Use this time with benefit for yourself and family.

Be careful with the food you eat. This week the digestive system will be greatly weakened. Also, do not tell anyone what you are supposed to know.

Future plans and your ambitions should remain only in your head, so that the envious people do not interfere with their implementation.

This week will be able to tell you a lot about your karma. The fact is that you may have mood swings. Use moments of anxiety to dive inside yourself. Introspection can lead you to «clean water.»

The fact is that this week can be truly life-changing for you.

September 18 and 19 will be the best days for the victory over the routine, over the psychological problems. 23 numbers is better not to go into a routine in any case. And in love and in deeds it can be a fateful choice.

Stay strong, no matter how hard you try to break the circumstances. This week will open your eyes to everything that happens around, showing future prospects and chances for the fulfillment of your dreams. This is a kind of staging post that should be taken sensibly.

It may seem to you that the whole world around it does everything specially against you in order to annoy you. But do not lose self-control and succumb to impulses of anger. Everything goes on as usual, be sure.

These seven days will strengthen you, make you more resistant morally. Physically, it is better not to overwork. It is necessary to monitor your health, avoid hypothermia, because the weather is now dangerous.

In the financial sector and at work you should make a decisive and rapid leap forward, because the stars say that you are already close to victory. All your dreams are within walking distance. Obtaining new knowledge and analyzing past mistakes will help you to program yourself for success in love and deeds.

You may have to encounter attacks from enemies on your way.

Try this week to avoid people who are sick and can infect you. It is also worth avoiding negatively-minded individuals who don’t have to give you a trick. The week will start positively from Monday and Tuesday, and will also end on a powerful Saturday and Sunday. These four days will be the most successful for Capricorns.

You may be able to clear the karma and drastically change the course.

Perseverance is better to reduce a little. A diplomatic attitude will help you reach unprecedented heights in love. And it is absolutely not important whether you are in search or already in a relationship. At work and in everyday life, it is better not to be afraid to ask for help.

Yes, sometimes it is very difficult to force yourself to do this, but try to overcome yourself.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be the most successful days for Aquarius. To learn how to fulfill your dream, you will have to learn to ask yourself the right questions. Learn to engage in dialogue with yourself, setting the right tasks for yourself.

Do not enter into adventures and do not utter harsh words, especially on September 24. This can deprive you of love, the disposition of people around you.

The more often you will go against everything and everyone, the more problems you will have. In your free time, try to do your favorite things and go headlong into your hobby. Let the adversity be left somewhere behind. The rest is not important.

A major improvement is waiting for you in work and business. Financial spending can and can be done.

Do not break the previous promises, because otherwise you will be waited by serious problems in love, at work, in business. Suspend buying and spending for now. Dress warmer so as not to risk health. In love, do not be afraid to compromise — this is the best scenario.

Signing important documents transfer to the end of the month, as well as making important decisions in general.

Perhaps you will dream prophetic dreams, because the sixth sense of this week will be greatly exacerbated. The world will cease for some time to be one big secret for you. This is a time of spiritual take-off, the search for new motivation, new life goals and paths.

Stay yourself, but do not forget that you should always move towards your goal.

Fulfillment of desires is what we all live for. Only our dreams can make us more motivated. Do not be afraid of difficulties, because in some situations they can become good helpers.

Only difficulties make us stronger. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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