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The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from December 18 to December 24

The horoscope of Paul Globa for the week from December 18 to 24

If you already can not wait to celebrate the New Year and relax deservedly, you will have to suffer for exactly two more weeks. Tips Pavel Globa will help you solve immediate problems quickly.

Portal Woman`s day shared the thoughts of Paul Globa about the upcoming period. This recognized astrology specialist with many years of experience marks the influx of difficulties for all people due to general relaxation and energy dissonance. Stars are not against us, but not too creative so that you can get out of the comfort zone.

The astrologer advises representatives of any signs of the zodiac to stay away from trouble and adventure.

Good luck does not turn away from you now, it is somewhere nearby. Need to pay some attention to her search. This is not the best period for creativity, if you are not connected with a similar sphere.

Focus on something specific, so as not to worry about the result of the work. Your responsibilities are the most important thing. Everything else will need to be addressed later.

Learn more, communicate with colleagues, listen to the advice of superiors.

In love, married and married Aries await pleasant efforts, but romance and dating promise lonely luck. Do not sit at home idle — go out on a love hunt, meet people and do not be afraid to flirt. You really need to relax now and dive into this ocean to get away from the other problems if you are tired of them.

Watch your thoughts and actions, control your emotions, so as not to frighten luck.

Taurus will face some problems at work. Get rid of the anxiety — it is no good to you now. Do not communicate with those who are higher than you in rank — at least on December 21, on the most dangerous day of this week, you should not do this.

December 19, 20 and Sunday should be directed to prepare for the upcoming holidays. Now is the best time to choose gifts to those to whom you have not bought them yet.

Pavel Globa advises Taurus not to be in a state of complete relaxation and not to leave the city for a long time. Native walls protect you, and outside them you will be defenseless, subject to negative influence from the outside. Hide your secrets and plans from those whom you can not call friends and loved ones.

Do not encrypt too explicitly because other people might think that you have something to hide.

It is time to get rid of fatigue and depression, apathy, because this week will require a large amount of energy. Cash rewards are waiting for you at work, but in return you may be asked for a little more than usual. You may have to expand your remit for a while. Do not argue with superiors and colleagues.

Do not leave your partners overboard — be able to share the victories and fruits of common labors.

In love and in relationships with people in general, there may be some difficulties at the very beginning of the week. It may not be necessary to overcome them, but it is better to be ready 24 hours a day. The first two days of this week it is better not to appear to anyone.

Solitude is now for you can be a salvation from problems, as well as a cure for many emotional ailments. Before the holiday, the mood is important, so tune in to a positive wave.

The most positive day of the week for Rakov is Tuesday. The most dangerous is December 24th, Sunday. Collective work will help you quickly overcome all the troubles at work and in business. If you act together with people, you will be able to meet the New Year in complete harmony with yourself.

Do not let go of your bad habits, which deprive you of vital force.

Now is a good time to make serious decisions. This is an excellent time for planning cases for the future, for the implementation of the previously conceived. Listen to your heart and do not forget about the wisdom of loved ones — they are also on your side, so their advice should not be ignored.

This week there is a high probability of getting sick — wear it warmer.

Monday, oddly enough, will be the best day for you this week. You often think about why problems arise in your life, but do not think about how to get rid of them. It’s time to take the bull by the horns.

This week will be perfect for a decisive breakthrough at work. In love, you can also try to turn everything upside down. Now nothing is impossible for the representatives of your Zodiac.

It will be a time of change, so you can apply for termination right before the New Year if you have already fueled another place. You can break up with people with whom relations have stalled. However, you can make a mistake in this regard, so look at people objectively.

Perhaps you are just missing something good.

The best protection against envious people this week is not to think about them at all. Pavel Globa notes that the world around us will notice your apathy, anger, aggression and impulsiveness, but will not notice good. It is better to do something pleasant, but covertly, than to risk so that everyone around you will hate you.

Just be a little more diplomatic and follow everything you say and even think.

Following the unfavorable Monday, two days will follow at once with the most creative energy. This will be the peak of your luck. On Tuesday and Wednesday, try to spend as much time at work as possible, because your working capacity will be almost maximum.

The most important point — do not forget to plan everything in advance. By inspiration, it is better not to act yet, because you may be disappointed with the outcome of your labors, which will be wasted. Solve all your troubles calmly and alternately — you will succeed.

Getting rid of negative thoughts and emotions is not so easy in such periods. This week can infect you with a negative, so try to disengage from any business that annoys you and constantly prevents you from tune in to a positive wave. More this week in the fresh air, walk, go in for sports. You need to avoid stagnation.

The same goes for creativity, work, love.

In love, try to follow all the rules — written and unwritten. Do not defend your opinion too vehemently, otherwise a loved one might think that you do not value them at all. In general, people will be very jealous of you to work. Get ready for fiery speeches about what you think only about yourself and your business.

We’ll have to make some kind of present to our loved ones to show them that their guesses are unfair and wrong.

The energy of wealth and poverty are two different things. You can learn to radiate the energy of wealth, if you properly align yourself with respect to everything that happens around. Take care of your appearance. Wealth and success are like good looking people.

This does not mean that you will need to spend a lot of money — just find a specialist who understands you. The main thing — do not do it on December 21. This is the worst day for any undertaking.

On the 19th, 20th and 24th, you need to throw all your strength into proving to your superiors, partners, and colleagues that you deserve to be where you are. Unfortunately, career growth is not expected so far. In love you are waiting for trouble, so to devote more time to the second half will not be superfluous.

Free people need to be more in society, wait for a pleasant acquaintance.

Before you begin to do something, get rid of envy and anger. These feelings will lead you to a broken trough. Everything you did might be in vain. You should not aggravate your position now with unnecessary movements and thoughts.

Be content with what you have and try to avoid problems with your boss, with your loved one. You can be taken for an egoist, so do not be afraid to work for the good of the relationship, for the benefit of the whole team at work.

Do not retire. This, too, will not help you with absolutely nothing now. Focusing on the problems still won’t work out properly.

On the other hand, you only need to survive Monday. Then everything will go like clockwork. Listen to your sixth sense — it is unlikely to deceive you, but do not look away from the facts, from the obvious things.

Do not look for dirty tricks where they are not and can not be.

Tuesday is the most dangerous day of the week. Sunday, on the contrary, will be a day of strength. Avoid energy self-destruction — think positively.

This is not so simple, especially now, but you still have to kill the insecurity in yourself. Feel free to check yourself and ask people around you to point out your weaknesses, your blunders. Errors are now unacceptable.

In love and at work it is better to devote all your time to new acquaintances. New connections at work will help improve your financial situation. In love, new people, too, will not be superfluous. Even if you do not find your soul mate now, new acquaintances will serve you well as a source of useful advice.

The main thing is not to lie for your own benefit, otherwise the effect will be strictly negative.

December 18th will be the best day ever. On this day it is better to solve all the most difficult tasks. 21 numbers, on the contrary, it is better to slow down, relax as it should. There are things that can not be discussed with strangers.

Such things, for example, are plans for the future. Do not dedicate all in them, hoping to get approval. You yourself decide now what is good for you and what is bad for you.

Meetings with loved ones will benefit you. Old friends are also waiting for your attention. Do not offend anyone with your indifference.

Even if you simply do not have time, this is no excuse. Call the person who deserves it. You just need to pay a little more attention to all.

You are like a lucky talisman for most of your friends and loved ones.

To understand why you are drawing unhappiness, it is worth analyzing your own thoughts. The fact is that they create a reality around you, and at the end of this year it is better not to suffer self-doubt. You simply have no reason to be weak.

Now is not the time to rest, but the time to transform your life on all fronts, from love to work. Do not argue with relatives and superiors. Follow your errands and responsibilities.

Favorable days — December 19th and 20th. At this time, the energy of the stars and planets will be the most creative for you. These days you can relax noisy with friends and loved ones.

On other days, try to focus on business and only on them. Don’t let gossipers spread rumors about you — your luck may leave you at the most inopportune moment.

Timely rest will help you to save your strength. It is better to plan more things this week than to do everything. Pavel Globa advises in unfavorable days to put maximum efforts to those matters that you do not deliver much pleasure. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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