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The horoscope of love Konstantin Meladze: the cause of divorce — a new love?

The horoscope of love Konstantin Meladze: the cause of divorce — a new love?

After it became known that Konstantin Meladze filed for divorce, the press reported that the reason for the producer’s separation was his new love. These rumors for most people were shocking, because Meladze never talked about his family and everyone considered him an ideal family man. However, conjectures that another woman appeared in Konstantin Meladze, the scandalous journalist Otar Kushanashvili confirmed.

Who is his chosen one and what does the love horoscope of the year indicate in this situation?

Konstantin Meladze is credited with romance with young singer Polina Gagarina. Otar Kushanashvili argues that their relationship lasts for more than a year. Moreover, the journalist himself witnessed their nascent novel, but he had to keep quiet about it, since the producer was against the publicity of this situation.

According to Kushanashvili, for several years now he has repeatedly noticed that the working communication of the producer and singer develops into a love affair. After the journalist saw the couple for the first time together, he immediately understood that it was not friendships that were connecting. But as soon as he gave a hint about his campaigns to the left, he immediately caused outrage from both Meladze brothers.

Recall that recently Konstantin Meladze announced his divorce from his wife Yana after 18 years of marriage. Yana and Konstantin have three children who will remain with their mother in Kiev after the divorce. Meladze himself has finally moved to Moscow.

After the dissolution of marriage, the former wife of Constantine will receive a mansion in Kiev and a car. In addition, he pledged to take all the financial responsibility for the maintenance of their children.

According to Otar Kushanashvili, even if Konstantin Meladze even marries Gagarina, their marriage will not last long. The journalist believes that those who exalt their status and call themselves above all will not be able to create a normal marriage. In other words, it’s difficult for two public and popular individuals to be together.

Sooner or later they will have to face the solution of the question «who will be in the shadow and who will shine on the pedestal of glory.»

The situation with the divorce commented astrologers. In their opinion, the fact that Meladze has long concealed his connection with Polina Gagarina is quite normal. Constantine was born under the constellation Taurus.

And Taurus men, according to a love horoscope, usually get married once and for the rest of their lives. Even if their feelings cool down, they are still not in a hurry to get divorced. Konstantin Meladze spent 18 years married to one woman.

For him, as for any Taurus, family, comfort and support were important. If he has long concealed his feelings for Gagarina, but this once again confirms his dislike for change. Love horoscope Taurus very controversial. People of this sign want stability and for a long period of time they can patiently be with a person whose feelings have already been extinguished.

But in their life there can come a moment that can turn everything upside down — this is a new love. In the case of Konstantin Meladze, this happened: he didn’t dare to change his life for a long time, but still could not resist the spell of Polina Gagarina.

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