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The horoscope of dating: how will your relationship

The horoscope of dating: how will your relationship

Astrologers say that by the date of dating a couple, you can determine the future of relationships. We present to your attention a dating horoscope, which will allow you to learn about the nature of the development of relations with the second half. At the heart of this horoscope are the signs of the zodiac, patronizing one or another period of time.

Period Aries. If you met from March 21 to April 20, then your relationship will be unstable. In a pair of disputes will arise.

Partners will then reach out to each other, then move away.

Taurus Period (from April 21 to May 21). In this pair harmony and constancy can be observed for a long time. Partners will be sensitive to each other and strive for a common goal.

An important place in the relationship is occupied by material issues and sex.

Gemini Period (May 22 to June 21). In the relationship of this pair, all problems will arise due to differences of opinion. If you met your partner during the Gemini period, be prepared for treason.

Relationships in this case are frivolous, relaxed and unstable.

Cancer Period (from June 22 to July 23). In a couple who met during this period of time, there will be complete harmony, understanding and strong love. Partners here share real feelings and common aspirations.

They understand each other from a half-word, their communication is always trusting and open.

Lion Period (from July 24 to August 22). Relationships that originated in the period of Leo will be bright, passionate and sensual. The only minus — in the pair will always be present distrust of each other and jealousy.

When the feelings in such a pair fade away, only the birth of children can save the relationship.

Virgo Period (from August 23 to September 23). In the relationship of this couple will always be important little things and details. It can complicate things. But despite some tensions, the people who met these days can go hand in hand for a long time.

Often, partners are engaged in one business, striving for one goal or engaging in a joint hobby.

Libra Period (from September 24 to October 23). The relationship of this couple is strong enough, romantic and beautiful. Partners have strong feelings for each other, which most often leads them to decide to legitimize their relationship.

Period of Scorpio (from October 24 to November 22). Acquaintance during this period promises a long, passionate, but complex relationship. Feelings will fade away, then appear with even greater force.

Jealousy and evidence of infidelity of one of the partners can cause separation.

Sagittarius Period (from November 23 to December 22). Feelings in this pair will be strong. The romantic period, as a rule, lasts a long time. Relationships will not be boring, as there are always many third parties around such a couple.

In addition, both will have the same life position and go towards a common goal.

Capricorn Period (from December 23 to January 20). Relations in this pair, as a rule, are long-term and strong. But still the lovers who met during this period are not expected by the most bright prospects. Partners’ plans may be common, but they will rarely show feelings for each other, which can lead to alienation.

In addition, leadership problems may arise in this pair.

Aquarius Period (from January 21 to February 19). Relationships in this couple can be called strange. Partners will give each other a lot of freedom, and their feelings will manifest in original ways.

Yes, and sexual attraction will be at a minimum.

Fish Period (from February 20 to March 20). Relationships are based on a subtle emotional connection between partners. They will be kind to all that happens in a pair.

They will constantly lack a real view of things and a clear position.

The horoscope of dating allows you to find out the character of your couple and reveal all the disadvantages and advantages of developing relationships. In order to create a happy and strong union, astrologers advise also to use the horoscope of love compatibility. Then, armed with the necessary information, you can know what to expect from your soulmate, and what your union will be.

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