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The horoscope of compatibility of the signs of the zodiac on the principle of «I and my reflection of» & raquo;

Horoscope compatibility signs of the zodiac on the principle of «I and my reflection»

Is there a person among your acquaintances who was born under the same Zodiac sign as you? How are your relationships? Astrologers say that two identical constellations rarely get along together.

But meanwhile, communication with such a person can give us a lot.

In the horoscope of compatibility of the signs of the zodiac principle «reflection» are the representatives of the same constellation. For example, Aries and Aries, Taurus and Taurus, Gemini and Gemini, etc.

Often the relationship between two identical signs of the zodiac develop difficult. Identical energy, similar character traits and views on life — at first, all this can attract, but then, both understand that they will look like in a mirror, and they will not be able to receive anything new from a person.

In various spheres of life such compatibility of signs of the zodiac manifests itself in different ways. In love and marriage relations of the same constellations in the horoscope quickly cease to please. Between lovers begin to arise quarrels and misunderstandings.

One sees the other in a problem, the other sees the same, only the other way around.

In work and business the relationship of two identical signs of the zodiac to no good, too, will not. Colleagues will constantly compete with each other, looking for the weak points of their rival, eventually forgetting about themselves and their goals.

In friendly communication such compatibility signs of the zodiac in the horoscope can be quite positive. In this case, both will be able to support each other and understand. Such friends, as a rule, have a lot of common topics for conversation, common ideas and desires.

Despite the fact that in most cases the compatibility between the same Zodiac signs is unsuccessful, astrologers still do not advise keeping “their reflection” at a distance. Your mirror Sign of the Zodiac will help you to see in yourself all the negative aspects of character, all your minuses, mistakes and misses. As they say, you don’t notice a log in your own eye, but you can see a mote in someone else’s — this is about the relationship of the mirror Zodiac signs.

If something annoys you in your “mirror” opponent, then you probably have the same flaw, but you don’t notice it yourself, but notice it in another person.

Your “mirror” Zodiac sign will help you to see yourself from the outside and will allow you to eradicate everything that prevents you from living and developing. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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