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That fate and the stars have prepared for Leo on December 2018

A fascinating horoscope for Leo on December 2018

Astrology began to be popular even with our distant ancestors. Short-term and long-term forecasts interest people today.

After all, very often they really come true.

In this article I am going to consider, on the basis of a horoscope for Leo for December 2018, how a month will pass for the representatives of the indicated constellation.

That fate and the stars have prepared for Leo on December 2018

What is foreseen for Leo at the beginning of winter

Having studied the starry picture in the sky, astrologers came to the conclusion that Leo would be able to fully relax in the specified period of time. He will completely forget about his serious image, and as if returning to childhood, he will begin to look forward to the upcoming holiday, dream of something, dream, make plans and sincerely believe that his wishes will certainly become reality.

And, it should be noted that a miracle will happen this winter!

Features of the influence of stars and planets on Leo in December

A series of mysterious coincidences of the month will be fully and completely provided to the Lions by their powerful patrons. And at the beginning of winter they become the majestic trio, represented by the traditional patron of the sign Sun, the wise Saturn and the romantic-minded Venus.

It is under the influence of the latter, the goddess of love and beauty, and also — the patroness of the sensual-emotional sphere. Lions will suddenly forget about their passport age. Venus will take care of you laughing louder, joking more often and as rarely as possible worrying about unsolved problems.

And Saturn and the Sun, for their part, will begin to solve unsolved problems of Lviv. Due to their support in your life, real miracles will start to happen.

So by the end of 2018, the stars promise unexpected wealth to Lions, unprecedented success in career affairs and the commission of a number of fairly expensive acquisitions.

But the Lions should be careful and not become impudent in that happy moment of time when Lady Luck smiles at them. Do not begin to tempt fate, demanding from it new and new gifts.

After all, thanks to this behavior, you absolutely will not achieve a positive result, and you can be left with nothing, by analogy with the Old Woman from the tale of the Golden Fish.

Characteristics of the personal life of Leo

Touching on the love front of Lviv in December 2018, it should be noted that it promises to be filled with rather strange events. For example, if you are in a quarrel with your regular partner and were about to part, then suddenly he may change his mind.

And during the whole of December you will listen to compliments and praise in your address along with the assurances that he will not find anyone better than you.

A single lion month promises to meet their second half and the beginning, perhaps, of the most dizzying novel in their lives. And you, most likely, will meet your chosen one in a place that is not very traditional for dating.

As a result, you can begin to prepare for a fairly serious relationship, perhaps even to marriage.

That fate and the stars have prepared for Leo on December 2018

What will please the health sector

By December 2018, the energy potential of Leo is noticeably increasing and this positive trend will continue over the next 2019 year.

New Year’s Eve stars are recommended to meet in the circle of their loved ones and relatives.

In the matter of cosmetic care now it is better not to conduct experiments with new methods and preparations. In this time span, your appearance will be greatly benefited by simple, simple and customary care, rehabilitation and treatment.

The most important rule is to keep yourself toned, giving up on any excesses.

Overview of the scope of money in December 2018

The financial position of representatives of the constellation Leo in December 2018 promises to be somewhat uneven. In the first decade of the month, there will be quite a few large expenses that will concern both the business sphere of your life, and children and close environment.

In the second and third decade of December, the situation promises to be calmer, but there will also be some financial spending.

Do not expect that you now receive additional cash bonuses. Therefore, it is necessary to plan your budget for holidays, starting from the amount of money that you can precisely manage.

Pay your attention to the fact that December 2018 will not be the most appropriate time to make household purchases — because you will remain dissatisfied with the acquired acquisitions. And for good reason.

But if the Lions manage to control their budget, do not make too expensive or large purchases, then their financial situation will be generally satisfactory.

In case your activity relates to other people’s money, taxes or loans — take care of yourself from excessive risk.

On the receipt of certain sums of money you can count in the period from the fourteenth to the sixteenth, twenty-third and twenty-fourth, and another — the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth numbers.

What will happen in the field of business and work in December 2018

The horoscope for Leo on December 2018 says that at a specified period of time representatives of the constellation described should try to live according to the principle: “go quieter — you will continue”. In addition, by the end of the year, the authorities will necessarily highlight your merits, which means that there is a possibility of strengthening their authority and professional positions.

But the first two weeks of December will be a stressful time for people-Lviv, and this will mostly relate to the financial sphere of life. Leo-entrepreneurs and bosses may have to spend a significantly larger amount to strengthen and expand their business than was originally intended.

Most likely, they even get involved in debt.

But closer to the second and third decade of the month, the situation promises to normalize and become more positive. At this time, you will find a common language with your colleagues and companions, plus you will receive an additional financial bonus, which will be spent on business development and the return of arrears.

That fate and the stars have prepared for Leo on December 2018

Relationships with partners living in other cities or even states are developing quite well. Unexpected business trips, establishing new partnerships and receiving very interesting offers are not excluded.

The long break is now ending, and most of the people in Lviv are starting to receive promising job offers. This mainly concerns those representatives of the constellation who are employees and for a long time are out of work.

Recommendations for December 2018 for Leo

  • In the period from the first to the seventh, take care of yourself from deception and dishonest behavior on the part of the fair sex.
  • In the period from the eighth to the fifteenth — stay in a waiting position. If possible, maintain inner harmony, do not concentrate on the same event, if it is to the detriment of all your other desires with responsibilities.
  • In the period from the sixteenth to the twenty-second of December — prepare for the fact that once unsolved problems will surface or an unpleasant personality will appear on the horizon. The most correct solution to the situation will be to close all questions so that you never have to find yourself in the same position again.
  • From the twenty-third to the thirty-first, remember that the rush can be very dangerous for you now. Therefore, do not rush and be led by all those who seek to manipulate you.

In such a palette of emotions and events promises to pass December 2018 for the man-Leo. At the end of the article we recommend you to watch an interesting thematic video material:

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