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Taurus man — characteristic in everyday life, love and marriage

Taurus man — love and marriage relationships

The pragmatic Taurus has certain qualities of character that allow him to achieve wealth and success in life. These are purposeful and hardworking people who rely on their intelligence and practicality. Consider the characterization of a male Taurus — what is its character, with which of the women is it compatible?

We also learn how to fall in love with Taurus, how to win his heart.

Taurus man - characteristic in everyday life, love and marriage

Features Taurus

This is exactly the person you can rely on in any situation. The Taurus guy is distinguished for his restraint, he always keeps his word and behaves honestly towards the people around him. Among them are not swindlers, swindlers and gigolos.

Taurus is absolutely independent and has a high sense of responsibility for everything.

Appearance in Taurus, as a rule, beautiful. Passions boil inside them, so the calm behavior of Taurus says little.

Taurus is especially disliked when they are being led and forced to do something. With the generosity of nature, they never forget about tomorrow, so they spend money wisely and carefully.

Taurus does not like the hustle and bustle, preferring a calm and measured rhythm of life.

However, this is the real owner, who will never yield to another what belongs to him. A jealous man by nature, Taurus can fall into indescribable rage, if this is a weighty reason.

But one should not think that Taurus goes berserk for any little thing — he values ​​inner peace more than anything else.

Love and relationships

What is Taurus in a love relationship? If you look at the horoscope Taurus, you can see the patronage of the goddess of love Venus.

This suggests that in front of you is a sensual romantic man who treats amorous affairs with special trepidation. The second most influenced planet in the horoscope is the Moon.

This means that the sensual sphere of Taurus is very developed and susceptible to the manifestation of the slightest nuances of the emotional state.

Taurus man - characteristic in everyday life, love and marriage

Taurus love is always pure and simple. He remains faithful and loyal partner, and requires the same attitude towards him. This is one of those men who will turn the mountains upside down to make their loved one happy.

These are incorrigible romantics who will give a million scarlet roses to her beloved and serenade under the window to win her heart.

A distinctive feature of Taurus is the ability to enjoy life and give pleasure to others.

Taurus is gentle in expressing feelings, knows how to enjoy touches and enjoy long passionate kisses. In bed with his beloved, he knows how to delight her with all shades of erotic feelings.

It is never rude and assertive, as it knows how to feel and appreciate the beauty of the moment.

Sex for Taurus plays a very important role in life, no less than the love of tasty and satisfying food.

How to understand that Taurus fell in love? It is quite difficult to determine, since the silent and secretive nature of Taurus gives the impression of being closed and somewhat awkward. However, the main signs of love can be determined by the following characteristics:

  • he will spend a lot of time next to the object of his lust;
  • Taurus will suddenly become frank and will talk about personal things;
  • discreet Taurus will try to make the darling laugh, will be cheerful and sociable;
  • if you ignore his person, he will persevere, but at the same time be courteous.

Remember that for Taurus the most important thing in life is romance of sex, so there is no close relationship with them outside of bed.

What women do not like the man Taurus? His annoying obsession, Taurus hates pressure from.

Also Taurus does not like the manifestation of levity and levity — these women he bypasses.

Compatibility with a woman in Taurus is subject to her beauty, developed soul, the presence of a specific goal in life. As a wife, he will take an economic, seasoned and intelligent woman, who will also be attractive in appearance.

It should be a tandem of a magnificent mistress and zealous housewife.

How to lose the location of Taurus? To do this, you just need to expose him as an idiot in the eyes of others and sharply criticize.

This is exactly what he cannot bear. Rude and tactless girl can never be the subject of sighs refined and romantic Taurus.

Taurus man - characteristic in everyday life, love and marriage

Taurus never rushes into love passion with the head, like a pool. He will long look closely to his partner, to get used to her features.

The marriage is not decided immediately, so do not expect rash actions from Taurus. If he chose, then on the basis of long-term reflections, he does not intend to leave his chosen one.

However, a woman should know that in family life a Taurus man will demand comfort and coziness. He likes taking care of his person, who must be sincere and constant.

In gratitude for this, he will give his darling the warmth of his soul, the right to dispose of finances at his own discretion and perfect devotion.

The description of Taurus will be incomplete without mentioning the propensity for laziness. A tireless worker, at home he is completely relaxed and can absolutely refuse to do anything. Do not blame Taurus for this feature: you need to provide him a comfortable rest at home.

A comfortable atmosphere presupposes the observance of the ideal order in the apartment, since Taurus can only relax in the harmonious atmosphere of a cozy home.

Chosen Taurus must immediately accept the fact that her life will not be different diversity and surprises. Taurus does not like to change the once chosen lifestyle, established habits and traditions. This is a homebody, hospitable host and loving father.

Predilection for food is expressed in love for feasts and big companies, but at home. Therefore, Taurus chooses his future wife according to the skill of tasty cooking.

Taurus categorically does not accept dictation from the outside, so you need to try on the role of an obedient wife in advance. All the fateful decisions will be made only by him, the wife can only adapt to his faithful and agree on everything.

Democracy in the relationship will not work.

With whom Taurus formed a harmonious union? With a woman who has a mature character, but not passive.

Taurus always needs a push from the outside to decide on something, and a phlegmatic woman cannot become his inspiration for feats.

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