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Taurus-Libra Compatibility: Friendly Relationship and Marriage

Taurus-Libra compatibility: union of unrelated souls

The pets of Venus Taurus and Libra are under the auspices of various elements — earth and air. That is why astrologers advise not to hurry with the creation of a long-term union. What is the compatibility of Taurus-Libra, can there be complete harmony between them?

Consider the issue in the article.

Taurus-Libra Compatibility: Friendly Relationship and Marriage

Patronage of Venus

The pets of the beautiful goddess of love have many common features — they love comfort and peace, they know how to enjoy beauty and lead a measured life. However, different elements endowed them with distinct character traits.

Taurus in anger becomes like a raging volcano, Libra rushing by a hurricane in a fit of excitement. The earth gives Taurus a practical approach to everything, it does not go beyond the established limits.

Scales, as representatives of the air element, are more flexible and non-permanent.

If Taurus has an innate sense of responsibility for every little thing, then Libra makes every effort to avoid any responsibility.

Therefore, Taurus becomes the leader in the union, which is absolutely convenient for the sign Libra. On this basis, you can build a harmonious relationship in any area of ​​vital interests.

Taurus in the role of leader always behaves nobly and does not try to suppress, therefore Libra feel quite comfortable and cozy in his society.

Taurus woman and Libra

Astrologers consider this union to be unsuccessful, because the woman Taurus feels insecure in him. The beautiful representative of the earth element needs stability and a reliable shoulder.

Scales can not provide it neither one nor the other. Scales, too, love beautiful things and beautiful life, but are categorically not practical.

Libra man does not care about tomorrow, so today he can spend all the money intended for living for a month.

For Libra, Taurus woman looks too down to earth, and Taurus Libra man seems frivolous.

Scales can not be in one place for too long, they need a constant change of impressions. Taurus girl is a homebody for whom no secular party can replace a cozy time spent on a cup of coffee.

If a loved one is near, a Taurus woman needs nothing more for happiness. A Taurus woman is completely uninterested in small talk about anything, she prefers to spend time either at home or in a circle of reliable and trusted people.


Nevertheless, Taurus and Libra can get married, although they cannot become one. They are so opposite in their opinions that they are even afraid to share plans for the future with each other.

Libra man is more inclined to acquire spiritual values, Taurus woman sees material value.

If Libra can spend a significant amount of money on a concert of a famous opera singer or wave to an overseas tour to get impressions, then Taurus woman sees it sensible to spend money on an apartment renovation or pay off a bank loan.

Such differences will be permanent, and they tend to accumulate and be stored in memory. At one point, this all will result in a storm and a hurricane along with a volcanic eruption.

What is the compatibility of spouses in bed? Although Venus favors both, sex compatibility is unsatisfactory. Libra constantly needs a change of impressions, they are inclined to experiment in erotica.

Taurus woman approaches sex traditionally and does not want to innovate. The wife of Taurus will seem over time boring and uninteresting, and the woman Taurus will consider her husband as an eccentric.

Here and before treason is at hand.

Libra and Taurus will be able to live together until old age, but they will never be congenial.

Taurus-Libra Compatibility: Friendly Relationship and Marriage

Male Taurus and Libra

Taurus with its solidity and steadfastness represents a strong wall for every woman. This is a reliable and economic husband who knows how to provide his family with everything necessary today and not forget about the future. What else do you need for women’s happiness?

The Libra woman fully recognizes the significance of Taurus for family happiness, but cannot get rid of her habit and immediately drop everything on the fly. This is somewhat annoying Taurus, consistent in his reasoning.

He considers Libra frivolous and untenable in everyday life.

Uncertainty of Libra’s demands literally knocks the ground out from under the feet of Taurus — he cannot figure out what is required of him?

Scales rush through life simultaneously in different directions and find the meaning in it. Taurus such a position is simply incomprehensible.

If the spouses want to save the marriage, they do not need to interfere in each other’s affairs, and hide the comments of the relative partner in your pocket.

Scales do not understand the slowness of Taurus, Taurus does not understand the chaos in the thinking of Libra.

Family life

What good can there be? Libra is attracted to the outside of things, Taurus is looking for reliability in everything. The first quarrels between spouses will arise on domestic soil.

Weights will certainly need to buy a thing that is elegant and quite impractical from the point of view of Taurus. They can not agree.

And so in everything.

Libra loves to shine in society, Taurus prefers rest in solitude. Again mismatch. If the spouses agree to spend time in different places, this will be a way out.

Taurus can not be lured to some whimsical party, and Libra categorically refuse to spend free time in the family circle.

If a couple is able to get used to the peculiarities of each other’s lifestyle, over time, the differences will cease. However, this will take years.

Taurus-Libra Compatibility: Friendly Relationship and Marriage

Friendly communication

The couple is too different interests to be together. Scales soar in the air, Taurus stands firmly on the ground. Scales love to chat about anything, Taurus needs reliable information.

These people will never feel intimacy, even if they have known each other for many years.

In partnership, a harmonious union is possible, because Taurus and Libra complement and replace each other.

Taurus can sit in the office and work hard on the reports, at this time Libra travels around on business trips and enter into lucrative contracts.

If Libra succumbs to the obstacles, then Taurus is selflessly and purposefully prepared to overcome any mountain peaks and descend to earth with a victory. This will allow the tandem to successfully develop their business and increase capital.

The goal pleases both, because Taurus and Libra adore chic life and luxury.

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