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Taurus horoscope for April 2018 — health, work, family and relationships

Taurus horoscope for April 2018 — health, work, family and relationships

April will bring a breeze of change and a sea of ​​new impressions that will bring revival to the lives of conservative Taurus. It will be necessary to think about what is more important and significant, and leave the past in the past.

The Taurus horoscope for April 2018 will make lovers of a cozy sofa and a warm fireplace look at life from a different angle, and you will need to come to terms with it. What expects Venus wards in the middle of spring?

Taurus horoscope for April 2018 - health, work, family and relationships

General trends of the month

The month will be marked by inevitable changes. It will be necessary to get rid of past memories, relationships and affections.

Fate will put you before the choice to stand up for the interests of loved ones or stay away. At the beginning of the month, behind-the-scenes intrigues of the enemies may finally bring the balance out of balance, but this period you just have to wait it out and everything will be reasonable.

Also at the beginning of the month may be exorbitant spending and even robbery. Therefore, do not rush to buy expensive things — it is better to postpone the purchase at the end of the month. In early and mid-April, it is better to take stock and rethink life priorities.

Calm and solitude will be just the way. Close people will be able to support you in the crazy rhythm of spring turmoil, just with warm kind words.

In April, you should not plan long trips: they can lead to danger.

In late April, things will go slowly up the hill, the April Taurus will begin to celebrate birthdays. A new life coil begins, which will bring renewal and energy boost for the whole next year. Returned missing friends and even former loved ones.

Tauruses will bathe in the attention of people around them, enjoy emotional communication. The attraction of Venus’s pets will be so strong that no one can resist him.

Taurus horoscope for April 2018 - health, work, family and relationships

Love horoscope

The peculiarity of Taurus to be categorical and not to listen to the opinions of others always leads them to small and big troubles. Stars advise to become a little softer and more compliant, then Taurus will be able to make many useful acquaintances and get a lot of pleasure.

Men of other signs of the zodiac are fascinated by the beauty of the favorite of Venus, but they are scared away by the aggressive pressure of brilliant beauties. Try to slow down and not to dot the «and» when it is not necessary.

Girls Taurus may not wait for their prince on a white horse — youth and beauty will fly away on a horse. Do not waste time on carping towards men, learn to turn a blind eye to flaws and imperfections.

There is no perfection in this world, so you don’t need to strive for it.

Successful days in April — 3, 7, 17, 24, 25, 29. Unsuccessful days — 1, 5, 8, 9, 12, 15, 23, 30.

Stars offer romance with a long-known man. Do not rush things, go with the flow of life and be able to enjoy every minute.

Married couples awaiting renewal of feelings. Astrologers advise to spend time in solitude, without children and relatives.

Embark on a little trip out of town or rent a hotel room. Dinner alone, memories of past pleasant events of living together will help strengthen and renew relationships.

Work and business

In April, you can safely change your job if it is not satisfied for some reason. Patiently doing an unloved business is not the best way to make money.

If your heart is boiling, it is better to simply write a letter of resignation. In April, Taurus may find something to enjoy, even if it does not bring income. It is useful for mental equilibrium.

This month also favors opening your own business.

New Moon on the 16th is a dangerous time for making important decisions, so this day is better to spend in meditation or just to rest. Already on April 17, you can begin to take decisive and constructive actions, as the energy of the growing moon will help all undertakings.

However, to make big deals and manipulate real estate is not worth it.

In April, can be activated wishing to ride on your strong back. Learn to firmly say «no» to those who are trying to take advantage of your natural kindness and the desire to help everyone. Many people are capable of low actions, it’s time to take this into account.

However, one should not show aggression towards potential freeloaders, since negative energy tends to return. Try to keep the internal balance, not leaning towards excessive pity and uncontrollable internal negative.

Taurus horoscope for April 2018 - health, work, family and relationships

How will Taurus feel in April 2018? Closer to the full moon on April 30, nerve skin diseases may be exacerbated.

Try to keep yourself in hand and not take to heart troubles, otherwise you can enter a prolonged depression about the injustice of life and in general. Try to find pleasure in the little things.

During this difficult period, walks in the park will help, enjoying the beauty of the blossoming nature will return peace of mind and balance. Women Taurus can buy a beautiful flower in a flowerpot and admire its view.

The issue of nutrition should be approached very thoroughly — exclude all fatty and smoked dishes from the diet. This is especially true of women who are concerned about their figure. In April, you must give preference to fresh vegetables and fruits.

However, exotic fruits should not be carried away, because this period is dangerous various poisonings.

Astrologers strongly recommend not to self-medicate, but to consult a doctor. The spring period is deficient in vitamins in the body, so there is a danger of exacerbation of chronic ailments.

Remember that the treatment regimen of the same ailment is different for all people, so you should not be treated on the advice of girlfriends. Do not pull a visit to the doctor until the last — a timely course of treatment will be much cheaper.

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