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Taurus — a sign of the zodiac and its characteristics

Taurus — a sign of the zodiac and its characteristics

Taurus is one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, ruled by Venus, the goddess of pleasure and love. The representative of the elements of the earth, Taurus knows how to use its benefits and is distinguished by a practical outlook on things.

Taurus is a sign of the zodiac, susceptible to everything beautiful and able to make dreams come true. Consider all the features of Venus’s favorites, their distinctive features and characteristics.

Taurus - a sign of the zodiac and its characteristics

Patronage of Venus

The goddess gives Taurus special sensitivity and taste for enjoying life. These are refined gourmets, voluptuary men and lovers of beauty in all its manifestations.

Among the representatives of this sign are many good musicians, actors, artists, engineers, cooks. Delight in harmony and beauty, grace and perfection — in the blood of Taurus.

If Taurus prepares food, he will always bring elements of beauty into his creation.

Since Venus patronizes finance, Taurus finds money very attractive. They love working with real estate in the same way as expressing their individuality through art.

In the house of Taurus you can find many beautiful trinkets or expensive antiques. If the financial situation does not allow you to buy expensive rarities, Taurus will enjoy them in museums or exhibitions.

In communication, Taurus strives to leave a pleasant impression of itself, knows how to present itself from the most advantageous side. However, being in an uncomfortable situation can bring Taurus out of balance or enter into a depressive state, since the violation of harmony is felt especially acutely by him.

In love, Taurus develops its own strategy — seduction. You will never see Taurus pursuing the object of his passion — he attracts him, sometimes he literally hypnotizes.

Romance in the soul, Taurus is alien to the manifestation of aggression in amorous affairs.

Venus gives Taurus exquisite sexuality, but for self-expression they need a comfortable and safe environment.

This sign carefully chooses a suitable partner who can satisfy his needs for sensual pleasures. Low Venus in the horoscope can create from Taurus voluptuary and smoothie, avid for the most incredible perversions.

This also applies to addiction to food and alcohol.

A born empath, Taurus feels aggravated emotions and movements of the soul of another person. With certain skills can be a good psychoanalyst, healer and even medium.

Taurus - a sign of the zodiac and its characteristics

Patronage of the earth

The elements of the earth endow Taurus with stubbornness, endurance and incredible hard work. There is no work that Taurus could not handle. Work and money for him are a source of worldly goods, therefore Taurus is very responsible and conscientious in his duties.

This is a silent persistent worker, cultivating land or controlling the movement of financial flows.

Among Taurus there are many bankers and economists, for whom financial management is a kind of meditation: in the silence of the banking office, Taurus feels the fullness of being. He is able to patiently observe the emergence of interest from capital, rejoicing in the fruits of his efforts.

If living conditions leave much to be desired, Taurus will patiently create his own world, waiting for the results of the effort expended. He will never quit the job, if he has planned to complete it.

Possessing intuition from nature, Taurus still knows how to calculate the situation and analyze what is happening.

Taurus is an excellent strategist and manager of his own life, not inclined to fall into illusions and soar in the clouds.

Calm and balanced, Taurus will never hunt for a chance to improve his life — he will wait for an opportunity. Day after day Taurus builds his own world, which must be filled with comfort and well-being — this is his goal.

Taurus will never fall to aferizm and frauds, considering it an unreliable thing.

Thoroughness, stability and integrity are the distinctive features of this sign.

Conservative in the way of thinking, Taurus does not like drastic changes and gets used to everything new for a long time. The earth gives him mighty health, under adverse circumstances Taurus can always fill the lack of energy from nature.

Surprisingly, the stronger the circumstances put pressure on him, the more power appears to overcome them. Nothing is impossible for a sign that is protected by the earth itself.

Taurus - a sign of the zodiac and its characteristics

Advantages and disadvantages

The description of the sign of Taurus will be incomplete without indicating positive and negative qualities. Any positive characteristics of a person can turn into negative if the harmony is broken.

Excessive love of pleasure and peace can play a cruel joke with Taurus, making them lazy stubborn. Love for beautiful things and money can turn into a passion for hoarding for the sake of the process itself.

The perverted forms of Taurus are the images of the Box and Oblomov.

Love for peace can turn into laziness, and love of money — into hoarding for the sake of hoarding.

With a rational approach to enjoying the beauty, Taurus can become a good collector; if you violate a rational approach to life, we will observe a skidium and a miserly knight. Incredible greed — the most unpleasant feature of Taurus.

There is no need for long-suffering Taurus, otherwise, from calm and balanced personalities, they will become violent warriors who are ready to take an opponent off the ground. This sign may not react for a long time to the attacks of opponents, but one fine moment everyone will be surprised to watch the volcanic lava eruption — Taurus can start a scandal over any trifle.

However, a trifle is just a reason for the eruption of an avalanche of anger, which for a long time has been contained inside.

Attacks of rabies do not often occur with Taurus, as they know how to control their emotions well, and the love of balance in everything does not allow them to be agitated. Where other signs of the zodiac can become hysterical, Taurus will not lead an eyebrow.

He is not inclined to mood swings, as this violates inner harmony.

The love of immutability in everything can turn into an obsolete tradition, turning Taurus into a fanatic of ethical norms. Dislike for change can turn into limited thinking and freezing in the same state.

If you add stubbornness here, then Taurus becomes unbearable in its limited framework of thinking.

Love for home can turn into domesticity. Tauruses are closed in their own world, which is localized in your favorite chair or couch (Oblomov). Love for peace and quiet may result in denial of contact with people.

Taurus may not be a homebody, if there is an unfavorable situation in the family — he seeks refuge in nature or in someone else’s house where he feels comfortable.

Love for delicious food can turn Taurus into a glutton. He will quickly gain weight and will not be able to stop.

The same goes for addictions to wine, cigarettes and amorous affairs. Taurus can become a slave to sensual pleasure.

As mentioned above, Taurus draws its strength from nature, therefore, have good health. However, they can get sick because of a sedentary lifestyle and poor air quality.

To be healthy, they need to move in the fresh air.

Common Taurus Diseases:

  • throat diseases;
  • back problems;
  • foot problems.

Taurus can suffer from excess weight, which further provokes diseases of the endocrine system and hormonal imbalance. Due to lack of activity, problems with the vascular system can occur, often expressed in varicose veins.

Due to excessive diligence, the representatives of the elements of the earth may suffer from mental and physical overwork, which can result in prolonged depression or even schizophrenia.

Love for home comfort and a comfortable environment can bring Taurus — lack of mobility and stale air provoke many diseases. To avoid troubles, it is necessary to get out of the house more often and arrange active walks in the fresh air.

Now we have learned all about Taurus, or almost everything. What else can be added?

Watch a video plot about this mysterious sign of the zodiac.

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