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Tamara Globa’s horoscope for October

Tamara Globa’s horoscope for October of the year

In October, according to astrologer Tamara Globa, people will face a special restructuring of the body and energy in general. Following the astrological recommendations, representatives of different Zodiac signs will be able to make the coming month the happiest time.

It turns out that the positive effects of the planets can be enhanced. This will help you certain talismans and amulets that suit you on the sign of the zodiac. With their help, you will have access to all the good opportunities that you bypass every day. The main property of any talisman is the renewal of energy and the attraction of positive flows to the owner.

As long as the creative energy circulates freely, good luck will not step back from you.

In October, the Moon and its changeable energetics will act as your mentor. In itself, its impact on you is negative. However, this rule applies only if you do not know how to use the lunar phases for your own benefit. It is time to abandon all pressure and downward relations.

Begin to actively get rid of all emotional bindings — you will succeed without much difficulty. The secret is simple — it is people who depend on you, not you from them.

In early October, wait a little with serious decisions. Look at people and the events of life. After the 12th, the activity of the moon will subside. At this time, you will be prone to independent and independent behavior.

Start preparing the ground for not cooperating with negative people. The best time for personal initiatives is October 13, 14 and 15.

The destructive energy of Neptune will affect you in October. This planet throughout the month will draw strength from the constellation Pisces. Stars report the beginning of a very difficult period.

Life events, like relationships with your loved one, will become unpredictable. Your personal life may be on the verge of breaking. In addition to this, all past unresolved issues can fall on you at once.

It is time to get all your talismans and protective amulets.

The whole point is that Neptune will do his best to lead you astray, pointing out all the flaws and weaknesses, touching on your bare nerves. This has its plus point — you can face fear.

In October Jupiter will become an active planet for Gemini. Until October 9, he will stay in Libra, which will make the first nine days more positive. But finding a cosmic giant in the constellation Scorpio from the 10th will complicate your life.

Tensions will arise literally from scratch, until you understand the main thing — you yourself cause problems, or rather your thoughts. The law of attraction works like a clock, and you will experience it for yourself in October.

First of all, it is necessary to get rid of negative programs. The character of Jupiter is destructive for you, so you should not wait for easy victories. The stars will try to help you, but this will require attentiveness and readiness for change. Free yourself from the opinions of others, relying only on your own world perception and intuition.

In October, you will need to show considerable restraint in order to maintain the delicate balance that binds the present and future.

The beginning of October, like the month as a whole, is colored for Cancers in negative colors. The source of destructive energy will be Mars. This warlike planet will allow all the insults, doubts and anger to escape.

It’s time to get together and tame your emotions. Do not allow your impulsive impulses to affect loved ones.

The most dangerous period on the horoscope — 1-22 October. At this particular time, the meeting of Mars and the Virgin will prevent you from finding harmony. In this position of the planet, you will feel extremely uncomfortable.

After the 22nd, Mars will give up their position, losing all their strength due to the transition to the Sign of Libra. It is the last 8 days that will free you from the shackles of negativity. Plan all the most important at the end of the month.

In October, the Lions will be deeply impressed by the effects of Venus, the patroness of feelings and emotions. Your antagonist until October 13 will stay in the constellation Virgo, which does not cause unnecessary problems with your mood. Fear is worth the period from 14 to 30 October.

At this time, Venus will gain strength and increase its activity, personal problems will arise on the horizon.

Leos will have to prepare for the fact that their will will stumble upon obstacles that they did not expect at all. Try to keep calm before the tricks of Venus. Your chances of winning are still high, it just takes more effort than usual.

It is advisable to consult with reputable people for you — they will help to cope with the fact that you still can not do it.

Uranus, which will back up, will become the planet that determines your luck. In October, Dev may have psychic abilities. In any case, the intuition will definitely work for you. Do not stand still, move the course set.

Stars promise to remove some of the obstacles.

A hot topic in October will be the establishment of contacts. People will reach out to you and try hard to help. Forget about commercialism, arrogance and selfishness.

Give thanks to every person who gives you a helping hand. If you reciprocate the world, you will be expected to make a significant breakthrough in matters that are on the first step in importance.

In October, Libra will have to reckon with Mercury, which will change your view of the world. The impact of the planet, which knows the material side of life, will be positive for you. Even its transition from Libra to the Sign of Scorpio on October 17 will in no way affect your energy industry.

Changes will begin inside. Mercury will substitute your desire for harmony for a more sober calculation and planned tactics. Emotions subside, giving way to common sense, and you can look at everything with a fresh look, free from all that is superfluous. A problematic topic will be laziness and lack of desire to change anything.

Do not give in to the provocations of your own consciousness. Change your life.

For a month, annoying little things will pester the Scorpion. In general, the astrological picture for October is made up for you successfully, except for the influence of Pluto, enhanced by the constellation Capricorn. This planet will contribute to the coldness in relationships with people.

The irony of this period is that it is through interpersonal relationships that you can get through all the thorns ahead to the dream.

Scorpios will have to show how they need the support and care of loved ones. Caught in a dead end, do not hesitate to ask for help, exposing your vulnerability — you will cope with all the problems. Just do not waste time, energy and energy on the affairs and people that concern you indirectly.

In October, Streltsov is expected to have a positive period. In many ways you will owe the sun. Your patron will light up the path to happiness, carefully helping to overcome all difficulties.

The priority should be personal, social and business life. There will be plenty of time to resolve all troubling questions. Until October 22, solar energy will not weaken, providing you with all the necessary resources.

After the 23rd day you will be left without tangible support from the daytime luminary. The sun wastes its creative energy completely by going to the Sign of Scorpio. Left one-on-one with problems, do not rush to make crazy decisions.

Act gently, calmly and slowly.

Saturn will act as your cosmic patron. Thanks to the influence of this planet, luck in October will become your faithful companion. The universe will give you tips to help reduce the road to personal success. The only obstacle on the way to the dream will be the incorrect prioritization.

Listen to your inner voice, do not ignore your gut feeling.

In October, you will like business activity, learning new things and realizing your potential. Hurry to implement all the new ideas and new plans. Do not go against your desire to become better, smarter, more successful.

In your hands is a powerful weapon — ambitions, so allow yourself to satisfy them.

Aquarius, no matter how you would like to remain in the shadows in October, experts of the site dailyhoro.ru do not advise doing this. The active planet for you will be Saturn, which means that you will have to focus on knowing yourself and your destination. Laziness is a common autumn syndrome that needs to be addressed.

A happy pill will be a motivation that will come again and again, pushing for action.

Stars advise you to look at yourself and the events of your life from a different angle. You will have to answer the main question — are you satisfied with your fate? You will find a solution quickly.

Fear is worth only unexpressed energy, so be creative, sports and search for new hobbies.

On the events of the coming month, Pisces will have its original look. Your energy patron will be Neptune, who is in full control of your Token. This means that losing luck will be almost impossible.

The energy of the planet will work on your interests. So do not listen to anyone: you are able to do everything alone.

Strengthened Neptune in symbiosis with Pisces will accelerate events, remove obstacles, clear the road to the fulfillment of the desired. You just have to decide: to do everything at once, or to approach the implementation of plans in stages. Only risky stocks are undesirable.

Tamara Globa has long established herself as a leading astrologer and master of her craft. Her astrological forecasts have incredible accuracy and guide people along the right path, which the Universe itself has determined for them. Live life to the fullest. We wish you success, great mood, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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