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Suitable stone of Aquarius according to the horoscope

The ideal stone of Aquarius according to the horoscope

The Aquarius Constellation is one of the most extraordinary and eccentric in the entire Zodiac. Such individuals are characterized by non-standard thinking and rebellious spirit.

Extravagant temper is manifested in absolutely everything: in communication with other people, in work, in the choice of personal belongings (most of all, this item concerns, of course, girls-Aquarius).

The Aquarian Stone by default must be special, the same as its owner (owner).

Suitable stone of Aquarius according to the horoscope

Stones of Aquarius on the sign of the zodiac

When setting the most suitable gem for these bright individualists, one should take into account not only the constellation itself, but also the specific date of birth.

  • So, Aquarius, born in the first decade (from January 20 to February 1) — protects the goddess of love and beauty Venus. She gives her caretakers romance, but does not give them enough courage. Therefore, Aquarius of the first decade easily falls into depression, is prone to depression.

Accordingly, the stone-talisman should perform the function of a “soul warmer”, filling it with heat and energy. Of the minerals of such a plan, we can recommend: aquamarines, turquoise, tourmalines, amber, aventurines, amethysts, nephritis, obsidians, garnets and jasper.

  • Aquarius of the second decade (from 2 to 11 February) — stay under the auspices of the planet, responsible for money and business, — Mercury. They are distinguished by wisdom, wit, they have high moral principles and dream of becoming famous.

What gems should they choose? Of the most recommended stones, astrologers are called: turquoise, onyx, amethysts, lapis lazuli, charoites, and chrysoprase.

  • Those air sign people who were born in the third decade (from February 12 to February 18) — find protection and patronage of the night star (Moon). They are sometimes too modest and restrained, as a result of which they do not always fulfill their goals. But they always become universal favorites in any society.

The following crystals are ideal in this category: alexandrites, garnets, tourmalines, zircons, aquamarines, hyacinths, sapphires and chrysoprase.

Minerals by year of birth

In addition to the zodiacal constellation, the year in which Aquarius was born is also significant, according to the Eastern horoscope:

  • Rats (Mice) — with the help of jewelry with amber you will achieve greater sympathy in the eyes of others.
  • Bull — they are suitable for bright and massive products with lapis lazuli.
  • The tiger is a stone-talisman that attracts luck — agate (most suitable for girls). Gem pushes to the right decision in confusing situations, allows you to achieve your goals.
  • Rabbit (Kota) — need amber accessories. The strength of the amulet increases if it was presented by a native person.
  • Dragon — chrysolite will enhance diplomatic skills, plus add luck.
  • Snakes — thanks to the power of turquoise will fight for a leader’s place only by honest methods.
  • Horses — pomegranate and amethyst will help to strengthen the natural passion and fill with vital energy.
  • Goats — in jewelry with agate or onyx will look more attractive.
  • Monkeys — red grenades suit her personal life.
  • Petusha — in order to protect yourself from gossip behind your back and diseases, you should choose agates for yourself.
  • Dogs — pearls will help you find your soulmate.
  • Pigs — this sign is worth buying accessories with topaz. Stone contributes to the awakening of personal power, and also provides spiritual harmony.

What kind of stone does Aquarius have?

Quartz. Will assist in various problems: acts as a talisman, removes the tenth dear way any troubles, keeps the life and health of its owner.

If Aquarius dreams of adjusting his personal life and / or developing his creative abilities, one should dwell on the light colors of quartz. Pink quartz is very favorable: they add inner softness, eliminate bad thoughts from the head, liberate, increase self-confidence and remove from creative stagnation.

Suitable stone of Aquarius according to the horoscope

Sapphire. Sapphires have a positive effect on health: eliminate various sleep disorders, normalize internal organs.

Another function of the blue gems — protection from deception, unfair gossip and envy.

As for stones of other color variations, they will affect the inner world of the representatives of the constellation, enhance intuitive abilities, add attentiveness, wisdom of life and spiritual harmony.

Obsidian. Obsidians are useful in the fight against bad habits.

More jewelry with them will help if you have to solve difficult tasks, for example, you need to cope with a specific problem.

Amethyst. Aquarius can not be called a simple sign of the zodiac.

Although he has plenty of positive characteristics, he easily gives in to his negative qualities. Here amethysts come to the rescue.

Precious minerals will save from excess energy waste, from conflicts, help to cope with any difficulties in their path.

Agate. Will save unpredictable Aquarius from negative influences from the outside (evil eyes, damages, love spells and others), plus protect against energy vampires.

Hyacinth. All members of the constellation who love to travel, do not hurt to have in their jewelry box with hyacinths.

They will also be useful in case of serious life changes: they will provide peace of mind, will give a clear mindset, unclouded by no means.

Lapis lazuli. Will lead its owner to success, plus save from negative impacts.

Astrologers say that lapis lazuli are able to protect the gentle Aquarius from any unclean plans against them and other harm to their person. With this gem you can not worry, being in all circumstances of life.

Garnet. The stone of rich red color is suitable for extraordinary, active and hardworking people of the mark.

With his energy, they will always be at the peak of their activity, they will be able to easily recuperate, will be protected from stress factors, fatigue.

In addition, the pomegranate improves the communication skills of Aquarius: it will help to communicate with others more effectively, make it easier to establish contacts with strangers, and relatives.

Amazonite In astrology, the Amazons make their owners forever young, give them an unrealistic amount of vitality, retain their charming appearance for many years.

Suitable stone of Aquarius according to the horoscope

Stone-talisman Aquarius for women

Let us now find out which stones are suitable for Aquarius women according to the horoscope.

Topaz. This natural mineral has different valuable properties.

One of them — protects girls from unreasonable anxiety, bad thoughts.

Passionate, too nervous personalities will also receive help from topazes, since its main properties consist in calming, harmonizing and purifying thoughts. The stone teaches you how to cope with your emotions, makes your thoughts more transparent and clear.

It stands guard over the mind from negative thought-images, melancholic states and feelings.

Aquamarine. It is impossible not to touch this gem, because there is a great inner strength hidden in it.

For example, aquamarines change their shade, adapting to the mood of their owner: if the crystal turns light blue, then Lady Aquarius is in a good mood, and greenish hues indicate the opposite.

In love affairs, aquamarines descend the representative of the dreamy constellation «from heaven to earth,» add to the idealist-Watergall more sensible practicality.

Amber. Solar mineral will fill with vitality, activity, increase faith in yourself, make the girl more liberated.

Chrysoprase. It symbolizes the new beginnings and the successful completion of what was started earlier.

Chrysoprases are very much shown to career women who dream of taking a higher and more prestigious position. The crystal will make the weak half of the constellation purposeful, clearly thinking, workable, will give the ability to act faithfully in all situations.

Pearls. Since ancient times, pearls are considered symbols of purity, loyalty, chastity and financial abundance.

Therefore, the presence of such a valuable mineral in the arsenal of jewelry girls-Aquarius. Pearls will contribute to the preservation of the marriage union, eliminate quarrels, scandals and reproaches from family life.

Plus, it will add to its owner more femininity, softness, and more — pliability and tenderness.

Rhinestone. Jewelry with crystals of rhinestone will be a source of positive emotions, save from negative outside.

And besides the listed properties they are used to clean the energy field of mental dirt.

Now you know which stone is suitable for the Aquarius woman. Further I propose to consider those gems, which, on the contrary, should be discarded.

Unacceptable stones

Pets of the eccentric and extraordinary planet Uranus cannot be bought and used such gems:

  • Diamonds. Diamonds are very complex stones that do not fit well with a no less complex constellation. They will add to Aquarius unhealthy stubbornness of the already present arrogance. The weak half of the diamond constellation provides internal coldness, rigidity, contempt for others. In addition, diamonds cultivate such negative qualities as selfishness and self-admiration.
  • Citrines. These beautiful golden stones affect the Aquarius ambiguously. On the first hand, they contribute to enhancing positive characteristics, add openness, purposefulness, develop and improve thinking.

Suitable stone of Aquarius according to the horoscope

But from the second side, the crystal in the same way affects negative character traits, bringing them to the maximum degree of manifestation. That is why astrologers recommend to be careful with citrines.

And more correctly — to exclude them from their jewelry.

In conclusion

Finally, I offer useful tips for wearing talisman stones:

  • Aquarius should opt for such jewelry metals as silver or platinum — because they enter the element of this sign.
  • The use of stones included in the fiery element: diamonds and citrines is not recommended. Also undesirable, though in exceptional cases, the following minerals are allowed: onyx, emerald, carnelian and sardonyx.
  • The constellation Aquarius is most suitable for blue, blue, pale pink and other delicate color variations.
  • Choose for yourself one particular gem and wear jewelry only with it. It is undesirable to combine different minerals at the same time, because they will begin to affect each other, which may be unfavorable for Aquarius. In this case, the initial benefits of stones will be reduced to zero.

In conclusion, I propose to view an additional video on the topic:

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