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Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

The use of runes as a magical system reveals wide possibilities for effects on humans. With their help, you can call the whole range of feelings in a man you like: from easy interest and carnal desire to passion and complete dependence and subordination.

So you can return a departed husband, get a rich spouse, or have fun with a fleeting romance.

The great advantage of this system is that it is easy to cancel a rune spell if the need for it has disappeared, so a rune spell is preferable from a moral point of view. If you use ready-made stavami, runic magic will be available exercise even for beginners.

Creating a working magic formula based on the runes is always done in several stages:

  • Choose the most appropriate pattern. Preference should be given to proven stavam.
  • Choose a carrier to taste. Any natural material will suit: stone, metal, wood, leather, bone, silk. Often galdrstav put on a photo of a person to be affected.
  • Apply the image of the stave on the carrier. This is done by drawing, engraving, carving, burning out. On the fabric is allowed to embroider.
  • Color the picture with your own or sacrificial blood. It is allowed to use paint of red and blue colors, but it is considered that the runes painted with blood work harder.
  • Activate the formula using the clause. To do this, you must say out loud the recommended spell or wish in a free form. The words of the clause can not contradict the meaning of the individual runes included in the tie.

The magic will begin to act immediately after activation and will work until the carrier is destroyed. If the color is washed away from it, re-staining and activation will be required.

To cancel a spell, it is enough to burn or in any other way destroy the base on which the bundle is applied.

If everything is done correctly, the man will have those feelings that were indicated when reading the slander.

Do not make any changes to the text used to activate, as well as to the image itself.

Not all staves are combined with each other, so if you want to give a new setting, the effect of the previous spell must be canceled.

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

"Hot bed": a variant of style.

The formula from the author Vinani consisting of four repeated runes of Berkan and Inguz and one rune Uruz contributes to inflaming passion, creating strong family relationships and the early conception of children. Helps to reveal sexual energy. The author herself recommends writing blood on paper and hiding a bed of love under the mattress.

The variant with a tracing on a cake is not without originality: the main thing in this case is not to cut it into pieces, but to eat it together with one dish.

It is not forbidden to draw this bundle in the photo of a loved one or embroider on his and his clothes. When activated, it is enough to appeal to Yngwie — the god of fertility and ask for passion in bed, strong feelings or healthy children.

In accordance with the wish formula and will work.

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

This bundle called "Female power" designed to transform the woman herself. Increases the level of sexuality, enhances psychic and witchcraft abilities, increases the level of internal energy. It consists of an Inguz rune framed by four laguz signs and Uruz inscribed inside it.

This becoming inflicted on the skin should only be wanted by any man, as magic will begin to make her more attractive for him.

You can cut this symbol on a piece of wood. The best is ash, linden or alder. The activation formula is:

"Fire and water, earth and sky, give me the power and gift of witchcraft, at the behest of the Wise, by the grace of Freya, give me the beauty of unearthly".

Wearing such an amulet should be on the chest, on a leather cord. If you intend to draw the formula directly on your body, you can choose any place, both hidden from prying eyes, and in sight.

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

If it is necessary for a man to madly want his partner, you need to take his photo and apply it with your own blood. "Lust". He not only causes the desire for sex, but also the desire for the girl who bewitches him, there is a willingness to change in order to please her. Consists of the following elements:

  • Gebo — frame spells, encourages partnership.
  • Kano, Perth, Nautise — one of the standard formulas for love spell.
  • Uruz — enhances the action of other runes, does not allow to endure and restrain their desires.
  • Teyvaz — push to bring out of balance.
  • Yera — Provides repeatability spells, so that desire arises time after time.

No spell is required for this spell — it starts working immediately after the mark. Becoming is suitable if you need to work at a distance, and is easily realized at home.

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

"My red rose"

In a combination called "My red rose" Only two runes are used — the central hebo is framed by four canos. As conceived by the creator, becoming more interest from the opposite sex and allows you to make a new acquaintance, which in the future will grow into a strong relationship.

May be applied to a piece of wood or leather. You can carry such an amulet on your chest or in your purse, because it is symmetrical and you do not need to fix it in an upright position.

You can paint both with blood and paint. The first option is preferable. To start the work will require reservations:

"The air inflates the flame, and the fire sways the air, the two elements, merging together, will make me beautiful for anyone who likes me at least a little".

In order to avoid unpleasant incidents, one should not carry an amulet with this formula in places inhabited by men from an inappropriate social group..

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

Becoming is designed to attract a man, perfect for family life, and to be with him all his life. Once a partner is found, the magic will stop.

According to the author, the formula works only nine times for one person. The length of the action is nine days.

Deciphering the constituent characters:

  • Raido and Saulu — the path to each other is illuminated by the rays of the sun.
  • Otal — attracts family support: there will be no conflicts with relatives on one side.
  • Gebo — the main rune of partnership.
  • Evaz and laguz provide mutual attraction of lovers.
  • Triple teyvaz compels a man to become the head of the family — earner and protector. Merged with Teivaz Berkana provides cohabitation in harmony.

If you remove the points and the temporary condition of the clause, becoming will work until the runes are erased. However, this must be approached with caution: after the relationship began, the magic must be stopped, otherwise more and more new partners will be attracted to the family. Activated spell words:

"With this camp, I lead the roads and paths that lead me to the only beloved man and brings Him to me, wherever he is, making us a single whole, weaving the lifelines together, filling our relationship with harmony and harmony. Becoming a new understanding and level in our relationship, with ease and comfort for us.

This becoming protects us from alien envy and witchcraft, sheltering us from adversity and misfortune. Becoming working 9 times for 9 days".

When activated, it is necessary to light candles, 9 pieces, if the running time is set, and an arbitrary amount, if the formula runs for an unlimited time. The bundle can be applied to any item.

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

"Wind willow" — becoming a truce

It is becoming a truce that helps in case of a quarrel, forcing the guilty to apologize and start negotiations. It can be used both for themselves and for any two people who have quarreled.

It works best if you draw it in the photo, but it will also work if you put it on paper with the names of the quarreled. The clause applies as follows:

"Old relationships and problems will collapse at this moment and the door that we both locked will open. Let him take the first step to negotiate with me ..

May he need reconciliation with me".

This form works as follows:

  • Hagalaz — destroys the situation.
  • Turisaz upside down — opens the symbolic door separating the quarreling.
  • Nautise and Ansuz — make the culprit take the first step, force him.

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

This becoming ensures the restoration of love relationships, makes life together more joyful and happy. Consists of four bundles of gebo with vuno, connected in one large fleece hebo.

The agreement does not require; applied with blood on a joint photo.

It can also be used to improve relations between parents and children, business partners, since this formula does not have mandatory sexual connotations, but simply makes it more enjoyable to spend time together. Acts quickly and reliably.

You can mentally draw a symbol on the other person’s forehead — the conversation will run smoothly, since the person himself will be more disposed towards him.

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

For a way out of the crisis that has arisen for lovers and married couples, it is appropriate to become a relationship harmonizer:

  • Teyvaz and Berkan symbolize respectively a man and a woman.
  • Superstructures in the form of two Ansuz call upon the mercy of the gods on lovers.
  • The rune of hebeos unites in a strong alliance: quarrels cease, the man becomes stronger and more self-confident, and the woman is softer and more economic.

You can draw them in a joint photo or make paired amulets. The arbitrary clause is either:

"The husband is a warrior and the wife is the land, so it was commanded by the gods to merge into one love with them, to go always with hands woven".

For staining is suitable the blood of one of the lovers or a mixture of blood of both.

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

Another bundle to create a harmonious relationship. Makes a man to be faithful. Despite the complexity and the large number of runes included in it, the formula turns out to be very stable.

Gives quick noticeable results and is able to work for many years. Contains the following runes:

  • 2 hebo — to strengthen friendship and love, giving stability and fullness to relationships.
  • 1 teyvaz — destroys external aggression, which can interfere with love.
  • 1 soul — feeds the formula with the energy of the sun, adds warmth and understanding.
  • 4 Kanu — inflame passion, accelerate the action of other runes, promote understanding and quick relief from omissions.
  • 2 Dagaz — provide a breakthrough into a bright future, a transition to a qualitatively new level.
  • 4 evazaz — unite the family, stimulate empathy.
  • 2 turizaz — destroy psychological barriers between lovers, streamline feelings, remove emerging problems and negative.
  • 4 algiz — guarantee protection both from interference in the relations of strangers, and from negative energy impact.

It is recommended to draw by standing on a joint photo with a felt-tip pen or a red marker, pronouncing the name of the runes and the expected action from them. In the process of drawing, it is advised to recall the best moments from the past, joyful events.

Free form agreement or such:

"Oh beautiful Frigga, Rune Lord, you are a spouse, Help me in love, let the magic thing happen. What is inscribed by force poured great.

All that is said will come true in the same instant.".

After the stipulation, it is recommended to recite the 17 songs of Odin:

"Dhat kann ek it seytianda, at mik mun seint firzrasit mannvinga manliodkha terramunti Lodhfafnir!"

Before you use "Flower of Love", it is necessary to conduct cleansing rituals to get rid of the negative, and after applying the stave — put additional protection on the relationship.

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

When you need to attract a man. who is already married, to be with him forever, it is useful to become "Love web". Often it is done on a rich lover.

To detect and remove such witchcraft will be very difficult.

Bundle consists of the following runes:

  • Stungin Iss — Icelandic black fleece of concealment interferes with the diagnosis and removal of a love spell.
  • Kano, Vuno and Hebo — cause a strong passion and love, the joy of relationships and dependence on them. They are used if it is necessary that a man be crazy about a woman.
  • Nautise — the suppression of their own will and coercion to submission.
  • Uruz — sexual attraction is further enhanced, so that a man madly wanted.
  • Ansuz in the background helps to better find a common language.

The drawing is applied in blood on a paper with the name of a loved one, using the words:

"I will hide my magical influence with the power of Stangin. May the power of the Gebo rune between me and (the name of the man) create a relationship that the power of Vuno will fill with joy and comfort.

May Kenaz ignite a fiery love in the heart (the name of a man) to me. Let him have an irresistible sexual attraction to me.

Let Ansuz bring mutual understanding. By the power of the runes, let the object strive for me, show tenderness, attention, generosity.

All action is forced".

The person under the influence of this spell very quickly becomes affectionate and obedient, wants to please his master, to give gifts. Becoming creates something like drug addiction in bewitched.

It is valid for two weeks, after which a new dose of magic will be required.

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

To become a favorite, to attract a rich lover, you can apply and bewitching becoming "Love fire"consisting of the following runes:

  • Mannaz, teyvaz and berkana as symbols of man and woman. A man is indicated by two runes to clarify on whom the spell must act.
  • Mirror Anzuz fills the plot words with magical power.
  • Nautise in the background forces submission and stabilizes the spell.
  • Ansuz and nautiz cause in the head of the bewitching person constant thoughts about bewitching him.
  • Yera ensures the continuity of work, runs the formula again and again.
  • Spliced ​​cano and laguas fill with passion; they are named "troublemakers" in the stipulation.
  • Vuno brings joy to this relationship, makes lovers happy.

This form was specially created for a specific spell:

"In the midnight hour, I will light the spring candles, I will call, I will wake up the firing sisters. You wake up, Sisters-Flags, as the streams of God flow from the east to the west. I will choose one of the seven brooks, fill it with flaksticks, the stream will flow like a river of fire.

And this river will carry the fiery firewomen’s sisters to the Mother Earth, and that scorching river, the fiery river, will rise into the soul of a man — my husband (name). Will damp his eyes clean.

A fiery fire will inflame in his chest, the zealous heart will be set on fire, his mind will dry up (name), so that he will think about me, he would miss me for day and day, he would not remember his father and mother of his relatives, he dreamed of me alone. In order for his thoughts about others to pass away — to scorch the dust.

As if his soul did not cry, did not fight back, let the fire burn in the soul, in fire, ardent, love fire, dry fire".

Activate the formula at exactly midnight. There are no restrictions on what to paint and what paint to use.

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

"Hook love and marriage"

This powerful rune spell helps to fall in love with a particular man. It was successfully used to ensure that the man finally left the old wife and created a new marriage.

Under the influence of magic, the bewitched himself will offer to be together.

The base consists of the following symbols:

  • Nautise — breaks the will and forces to act as ordered.
  • Vuno — causes spellbound euphoria.
  • Soulu — fills the ligature with force, makes the relationship warmer.
  • Uruz — inverted — deprives of strength to resist the effects, direct — increases the attraction.
  • Teyvaz — accelerates the desired.
  • Eyvaz — removes all obstacles.
  • Kano — kindles lust, causes the desire to have a partner.
  • Gebo — causes friendly feelings, the desire to help and care.
  • Inguz — makes a woman irresistible in the eyes of a man.
  • Algiz — protects against the attempts of other people to interfere in relationships, protects both from magical acts, and from any other.
  • Turisaz — breaks all barriers arising in the process of building a marriage.

"Having become softly but compulsorily, the rabbit takes action to possess me and conquer me, showing me all his feelings, which he hides in himself — love, care, warmth, gentleness, and therefore all resentments are forgotten and differences and contradictions smoothed out. . In addition, the rabbit gets hooked [Nautyz + Eyvaz] from which he can no longer jump, but comes to my family for marriage".

Becoming dragged with his blood on the photo of a loved one, at the level of his heart. Magic begins to work immediately, but goes to full capacity within three days.

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

"According to my desire"

Very strong galdrstav, removes all obstacles between partners, is able to ensure the return of the man, if he fell in love with another, and restores love, if it is extinguished. Includes a variety of characters.

  • Mannaz — Personification of the object of impact.
  • 6 Nautyz — hard coercion to thoughts of bewitching, a feeling of discomfort when she is not near.
  • Inverted Nautyz — gives rise to a clear belief that this woman is necessary + Eyvaz — she becomes the meaning of life.
  • Ansuz — only thought about bewitching.
  • Vuno — the joy of communicating with the hostess.
  • 2 Lagusa — self-control of the object is blocked, and the impact itself is masked from other diagnostics.
  • Raido — provides a constant desire for his beloved + Yera — the impact is repeated every day.
  • Dagaz — an explosive change in attitudes towards the bewitched: from complete indifference to adoration.
  • Gebo — causes the desire for partnership, encourages care and help in everything.
  • Kenaz — inflames passion + Soulo — causes tender love.
  • 4 Thurisaz — a constant desire for sex and a desire to have children.
  • n — softens the love spell, eliminates side effects.
  • t — enhances the magic of the formula.
  • g — harmonizes relationships.
  • f — causes love, passion and worship before the beloved.

Disclaimer is recommended to create your own. If not, you can apply the following:

"You will not live in peace! I will dream at night, a little dressed girl. Your dream will be my home, very sweet and familiar.

I will become your obsession, the unconscious vision. Circling and cast a spell on your heart. I will return you again in your arms, you will not find an antidote!"

Put on the photo men. In the process, you can drop one drop of blood.

Strong, proven runic stav, to like men

This bundle is suitable for different purposes. Depending on the slander, it can be used to incite passion, if feelings are stilled, for a quick marriage.

Applied on a photo, paper with the name of the beloved or a piece of wood for permanent wear.

  • Dagaz — the awakening of the senses.
  • Kano is a burning passion.
  • Saulu — warm feelings.
  • Laguz — witchcraft will work.
  • Vuno — happiness from the fact that together.
  • Gebo — a sense of mutual understanding and partnership.
  • Ansuz — causes the right thoughts.
  • Yera — looping action stav.
  • E — causes passion, subdues;
  • K — makes a woman irresistible;
  • L — makes you yearn and desires to meet
  • S — enhances desire;
  • U — forces the bewitched to go on to active actions: call yourself, confess your love, offer to enter into marriage.

The text for the activation of this stave is compiled only independently. It is not necessary to pronounce separate runes, the whole pattern is drawn entirely and everything that needs to be pronounced is pronounced.

It is recommended to make something for elves — to collect alcohol, delicacies and decoration in a bag and carry them to the forest.

Despite the fact that many runic bindings work more carefully than ritual bindings, they do not cease to be a magical controlling influence. Staves meant to be liked by men are also love spells.

From the fact that a person is forced to behave unusual to him, he eventually breaks down the psyche. The impact of magical energies on bioenergy is also destructive.

Over time, side effects occur:

  • nervousness;
  • alcoholism;
  • impotence;
  • apathy;
  • cardiovascular diseases.

Any love spell is a sin. If a person adheres to the Orthodox faith, he will not practice magic in any form.

The use of love spells is immoral, since they are violence against the person. However, it is up to each person to choose what behavior to follow, as well as each will receive a karmic retribution for any of his actions.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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