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Stone Horoscope: Your Zodiac Mineral

Stone Horoscope: Your Zodiac Mineral

Even in antiquity, it was noted that precious stones are able to exert the strongest impact on a person. Each Zodiac sign corresponds to its own mineral, which brings good luck to the owner, enhances its positive qualities and helps to achieve success in life.

Aries corresponds to citrine. Citrine concentrates solar energy in itself, therefore it has a beneficial effect on the signs of the fire element. Citrine increases energy, clarifies thoughts and helps find the right way to solve problems.

A stone has the property of attracting luck to its owner and providing a cash inflow, so in ancient times it was appreciated by amateurs of gambling: it was believed that the stone would tell the right move and provide a big win.

Stone Mascot Taurus — pomegranate, a symbol of dedication and constancy. In ancient times, male warriors wore it in order to protect themselves from injury and injury, and girls — to attract love. Pomegranate increases the energy of the owner, brings good luck in business, and in difficult moments of life helps to overcome difficulties. The stone has people to its owner, protects it from detractors and envious.

Pomegranate cheers up and even contributes to a way out of deep depression.

Twins good luck will bring topaz. Topaz stabilizes the mental state of the owner and helps to choose the right path in life. No wonder the sailors consider him to be their talisman and believe that topaz is able to calm the storm and help orient in a dangerous situation.

Topaz adds seriousness to a person and helps to get rid of the frivolous attitude to life, to find harmony with oneself and with the outside world. Gemini stone will help to overcome impermanence and windiness.

On Crayfish Opal will have a beneficial effect. This stone relieves from bad thoughts, fears and mistrust. Opal gives the owner patience and the ability to understand the feelings of another person well, and therefore has long been considered a symbol of strong love, trust and sincerity.

The stone protects against the bad effects of other people, protects against disease and failure. Opal will help Cancer to overcome their weaknesses and distrust of people.

A rock Lion — amber. Amber is a powerful talisman against energy strikes. In moments of moral exhaustion, he gives the wearer strength and increases his vitality. Amber helps to see more sharply the connections between the phenomena of the world, the motives of the actions of other people.

The mineral is able to exacerbate the intuition of the owner so that he can predict the consequences of the events. Amber protects Leo from thoughtless steps, attracts love and helps to achieve goals.

The virgins corresponds to the moonstone. The soft glow of the mineral perfectly reflects the calm and soft energy of the Dev. The moonstone protects against negative feelings, stabilizes the emotional state, helps to see the truth and enhances insight. The owner of the moonstone is difficult to mislead.

Mineral helps in resolving conflicts and gaining personal happiness. In ancient times, it was believed that it protects against people with negative energy.

Libra Amethyst suit — the embodiment of harmony. This mineral helps its owner to gain faith in himself and his strength, to easily overcome the hardships of life. Amethyst helps to achieve success in career and love, and also protects the owners from the manipulation of other people.

With a soft-hearted and gullible Libra, the stone will help you to love yourself and stop sacrificing your interests for the sake of other people. It is also believed that amethyst has anti-aging properties and adds attractiveness to the wearer.

Stone Mascot Scorpio — aquamarine. The ancient sages considered aquamarine one of the most powerful stones. This stone saves the owner from the destructive passions, helps to direct his energy into the creative channel, strengthens the “sixth sense”.

The mineral has the ability to influence the motives and actions of a person, suppress negative thoughts. Aquamarine will have a harmonizing effect on Scorpions, help them bring their feelings and thoughts in order.

A rock Streltsov — ruby. Ruby is a symbol of love and passion, dedication, strength and health. Ruby has the ability to strengthen the dominant trait of its owner, so this mineral should be taken carefully. Rubin brings good luck in business, protects against accidents and gives strength to come out victorious from the most difficult situation.

This mineral changes color if the owner is in danger. Ruby is the epitome of the fire element and is able to ignite the passion even in the most peaceful person.

Capricorn corresponds to rhodonite — a stone that in ancient times was associated with the Tree of Life, the creative forces of nature. It is believed that he is able to charge with energy and make him believe in the best even of one who is in despair. The mineral helps its owner to show his hidden talents and points the way to their realization.

Rhodonite ignites the love of life in its owner, helps to find personal happiness and create a strong family.

Aquarius well-being will bring turquoise. Turquoise allows its owner to concentrate on primary tasks, choose their own path in life, understand what they are striving for. The stone keeps a person from meaningless affairs, does not allow to waste power in vain.

Turquoise helps to achieve happiness in love, keeps the owner from infidelity and keep the world in his family. Mineral promotes career success.

Mascot Fishes — chrysolite. Chrysolite helps to find mutual understanding between people, favors friendship and love. The mineral protects the owner from envious people, conflicts and troubles, protects against rash acts.

The stone improves the thinking process, helps its owner to generate new ideas, climb the career ladder and achieve financial well-being.

The stone that suits you according to the Sign of the Zodiac will become a real talisman and a talisman that attracts good luck. We wish you success and do not forget to press the buttons and

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