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Spring horoscope: how the Zodiac signs come out of hibernation

Spring horoscope: how the Zodiac signs come out of hibernation

Spring is a time of awakening, inspiration and change. The snow is melting, the birds are returning from the south. So the signs of the zodiac shed their winter fetters and rejoice in the spring days.

Each in its own way.

Due to the hot temperament, Aries wakes up after the winter one of the first. While the leisurely Virgin is preparing for spring general cleaning, and Libra is in doubt, spring has come or else to walk in a warm scarf, Aries already has time to remake a hundred affairs, and even fall in love at first sight. In the spring of Aries pulls on conquest and great accomplishments, and he will definitely master something before he comes to summer.

Taurus meets spring with feeling, sensibly, with the arrangement. And although almost all Tauruses pay tribute to material benefits, in the spring they are concerned not so much with the state of the wallet, but also with the search for warmth and comfort. It is in the spring that the Taurus, who is in a long relationship, will think about whether it’s time to go to a new level and play the wedding, and the family Taurus can fork out a large amount to revive the senses.

Eternal spring in the soul of Gemini reaches its climax by April. While other Zodiac Signs sleepily sleep around and look around, trying to determine whether it’s time to change tires or remove a winter fur coat away, the Twins are already taking their first vacation, arranging photo shoots with leaves barely turning on the branches, changing their image, organizing picnics, barbeques, trips for the city — in a word, Gemini does not have to be bored in the spring. Creative abilities awaken in them.

In the spring, Cancer spins like a squirrel in a wheel. Dolechit remaining cold from the winter, remove winter clothes, sort out the wardrobe, throw away the old, buy new, lose weight — the list of cases for Cancer is not limited. But active Cancer is better than Cancer, which has fallen into a stupor in the spring. The second type of Cancers only manages to observe how others are improving their lives with might and main.

The warmer it is around, the brighter the sentimentality of Cancer manifests. So spring for him is also a time of nostalgia, memories and, of course, meetings with old friends.

In spring, Leo prepares to conquer love Olympus and win hearts. And, perhaps, it is not surprising that most of his efforts are spent on the sphere of love. As you know, a lion is a big cat though.

And cats, since March, invariably delight the neighborhood with love roulades. It remains only to rejoice that in modern times the love serenade is not necessary to sing under the window, and poems can be sent via the Internet.

Virgo representatives spend spring in taking care of themselves and their health. In the spring, Virgo, like Cancer, is more likely to find avitaminosis, allergies or spring depression. Being one of the most practical Signs of the Zodiac, Virgo will compose a fortified menu and will attend to fresh impressions, because even pragmatic and sober-minded natures flourish in spring.

The Chalice of Libra in the spring, like many other signs of the zodiac, leans towards the love sphere. But Libra is not looking for easy intrigues, but for a serious relationship. Spring for them is time to bloom, as well as make some difficult, but important decisions. They need to attend to psychological comfort, so Libra pay attention to the internal state and mood.

This sign of the zodiac in the days of spring can even do meditation or yoga.

This Sign spring embodies his wildest desires. Scorpio’s eroticism and sexuality does not hibernate, so that he meets spring fully armed. Scorpio man reincarnates into a lovelace, and Scorpio woman reincarnates into a fatal beauty.

Spring and sensuality for them are two facets of one essence.

Many Sagittarius in the spring is filled with a thirst for change. Only in exceptional cases Sagittarius spring patches his nest and deals with current affairs. More often he is planning a summer vacation. And, dreaming, it does not soar in the clouds like Pisces, but develops vigorous activities around it.

For example, Sagittarius can change a few unexpected hobbies, learn to sculpt clay pots, professionally process photos and navigate the terrain.

Representatives of Capricorn try to ignore the spring awakening. And indeed, not to serenades under the window, when reports are not written, and things are not done. But spring also has an effect on Capricorn: here he gets his coat from the closet more brightly, but now he begins to plan his vacation carefully, reads about tourist routes and is puzzled by booking tickets.

Aquarius in the spring is in search of — or love, or himself, and in rare cases — the unrealizable ideal. For Aquarius, spring becomes a time of paradoxical decisions and unexpected events, fateful acquaintances and blindly made decisions. Whatever spring may be, it will leave a mark on Aquarius’s summer period, since many things are not revealed to him immediately.

And in the spring of Aquarius freedom-loving as never before, so one of the first to open the window after winter.

As a receptive zodiac sign, Pisces should beware of the spring depression and take measures so that the mood does not depend on the unstable sun. In the spring, the fish tend to change: those who are accustomed to fighting the current Pisces suddenly feel tired and rest for a couple of months, restoring strength. And the other Pisces, swimming before this in calm waters, suddenly begin to move actively, grab things, and they surprise both those around them and themselves.

Whatever your Zodiac, meet the spring with a smile, and the world will respond to you with happiness and joy — so says one of the laws of the universe. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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