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Snake-Rat Compatibility: Characteristics and Relationships

Snake-Rat compatibility: love and marriage

The union of the snake and rat astrologers consider strange, but possible. Too different temperaments in these signs of the eastern horoscope. If union is possible, it is only on the basis of tolerance and compromise.

Only a snake can suppress the aggressiveness of a rat, hypnotizing it with the look of a boa. Let us consider the compatibility of the snake-rat.

What is the key to their hearts?

Snake-Rat Compatibility: Characteristics and Relationships

Snake character

Representatives of this sign are distinguished by coldness and arrogance. Snakes are practical and purposeful.

If necessary, then turn inside out to achieve our plans. Snakes have a developed intellect and strive for the spiritual, they are educated and appreciate the beautiful.

However, snakes do not detach themselves from the earth and value the material side of life as highly as the spiritual one.

Snake men can make a brilliant career due to their perseverance and dedication. The snake woman loves to surround herself with luxury goods and lead a secular lifestyle. Snakes are secretive and observant.

Reserved in the manifestation of emotions, they can strike a sharp and lightning strike to the enemy. Some rancor and serpent inclination to despotism is balanced by parity and devotion.

Snakes have a strong will and strong nerves. If the partner is weaker in spirit, the snake will simply strangle him in his arms.

Sometimes a snake can turn into a boa and begin to hypnotize the victim with a look, manipulating its feelings. In rivalry, snakes are dangerous — their venom completely paralyzes the will of the enemy. There are legends about the insight of snakes — they practically possess the gift of clairvoyance.

To deceive snakes and cheat with them very few people manage.

Characteristic rats

The rat is distinguished by extravagant appearance and natural charm. They know how to charm and cast spells with invisible fluids emanating from their natural magnetism.

However, rats are distinguished by a wayward and complex nature, which not every sign can withstand. In addition, they are quite aggressive.

Rats are pragmatic through and through and build relationships only because of the benefits. If the interests of the rat do not overlap with another person, she will not make acquaintance.

Rat females are distinguished by their innate ability to stock up for a rainy day. A rat will always have a full closet or cellar. About thrift of this sign are legends.

Among the rats may be collectors or employees of antique shops — they are very attracted to old things.

In the house of the rat can be stored completely unnecessary things that she just feel sorry for throwing.

Rats can build a successful crankcase, stubbornly moving towards their intended goal. They will not always choose the shortest path, but it will be correct and hidden from prying eyes.

Rats make careers because they love money and hobby. This sign of the eastern horoscope will always have an impressive amount of money set aside for a rainy day.

Male rats are not always honest in achieving career growth. They can be called gray cardinals.

Often, their promotion on the career ladder lies through the merits of other people. Sometimes a rat can be so carried away with money that it becomes a real gambler and she is lucky.

However, in love, the male rat is sentimental and romantic. He likes to go to restaurants with his lover, enjoy the exquisite menu and good music.

Snake-Rat Compatibility: Characteristics and Relationships

Male rat and snake

This union can be successful if the female snake does not try to suppress and subdue the rat. Rats love moving, moving and changing impressions. The serpent can begin to show a sense of possessiveness on the verge of despotism and control every step of the beloved.

This rat does not like much — no need to limit its need for activity.

In nature, snakes feed on mice and rats, in the human world some parallel can be traced: the snake is always trying to crush the rat, feels it as its victim. The rat is trying to win independence, but sometimes it is not enough to do it.

If a female snake suppresses and restricts a male rat, he will simply flee from it.

Zodiac compatibility should also be considered, this explains the conjunctions of the two opposites. For example, pairs incompatible in the eastern horoscope are ideally compatible with the zodiac.

If we consider that marriages are made in heaven, the union of the rat with the snake is predetermined from above and is intended for spiritual enrichment of each other.

Snake-Rat Compatibility: Characteristics and Relationships

Female rat and snake

If a rat fails to escape the snake’s visibility zone in time, the last one will hypnotize it exactly. A cute rat will certainly attract the attention of a snake, which tends to appreciate the beautiful.

But for normal relations this is not enough: the snake should give the rat the necessary freedom for its vigorous activity. Otherwise, the rat will become aggressive and start biting.

A snake man should know that only the freedom of personal space and the absence of total control on his part can completely liberate a rat and turn it into an energetic and caring owner of the house.

Then he will be happy — in the house there will be complete well-being, order and a solid supply of the most necessary for all occasions.

A female rat is primarily looking for support and support in a partner. If a snake man gives her everything she needs, she will give him warmth and charm. Many complex issues of relationships can be easily solved in moments of marital intimacy — so harmonious is the sexual union of rats and snakes.

They are always welcome for each other and feel the need for a rapprochement.

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